Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Boy Bryce

Okay, so I have had several people ask me if Bryce is really 15 lbs. At his 2 month appointment, which was a month ago, he was almost 14 lbs....and obviously he has gotten bigger. So, although I don't know if he weighs EXACTLY 15 lbs, he is close enough. He was in the 100th percentile for height and weight. Geez, he really is huge for a 3 month old baby! It's so funny because he looks older than he really is, but can't do anything. He will roll from his belly to back, occasionally, but usually he will just cry until I pick him up. He does love to talk to us and smiles all the time. He has just started laughing, so you can imagine Triston and Jackson will do all kinds of crazy stuff to get him to laugh. Babies grow up so fast. Before we know it, Bryce will be running after the other two!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Delicious Dessert

Today I had the most amazing dessert. EVER. (okay, really it was my lunch) Have you ever seen the giant apples covered in chocolate in the produce section at Wal-Mart? Well, I bought one. This one was dipped in caramel, then rolled in pecans and chocolate chips. It was topped off with a chocolate drizzle. OMG. Sorry, no picture...there is nothing left to show for it! So much for my diet! The makers of this wonderful delicacy added a little white bow to the stick. I interpreted this as, "Okay, I surrender. I will eat you, no use in fighting it any longer." Well, if we want to get technical, it was a serving of fruit. But hey, I walked 2 miles today pushing 2 kids in a stroller and a 15 pound baby strapped on my body. That counts for something, right?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Black Bean Soup

I have a new favorite soup! (thanks to Christy Astorga) I wasn't so sure when I started making it, but with one taste, I knew it was a winner. We added tortilla chips and cheese. Yum! Even the kiddos enjoyed it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

As we go about the day, many times strangers come up to us and talk to the kids. Mostly, though, it is during infancy when people approach. Now that we have Bryce, he seems to be an open invitation for communication from all. Not that we mind. Of course, with small children, I am always weary and on the lookout for creepies, but it is always nice when someone sincerely dotes upon my children. I always wonder what it is about children that attracts the attention from people who are busy with their own lives. What is it exactly that makes people stop, even if only for a few seconds, to notice someone who is half their own age, size, and smarts. As I gaze into little Bryce's eyes, I find myself questioning what it is that he knows. Does he only comprehend what is in front of him; what his senses reveal to him? Or does he have a higher understanding of the way things work here? Does he hold the key to unlock the conundrums of this world, yet his tongue is bound? What is little Bryce thinking when I am making silly faces and talking to him in a high-pitched tone? Does he really think his mommy is funny, or is he secretly thinking that it is absurd the way I am acting, and is only smiling at me the way I would smile at another child doing something immature. What do you believe attracts people to children and babies?
Triston and Jackson LOVE to play games. We are always making up little games throughout the day and they will beg Travis and I to play one of a whole host of children's games in their room. The problem with children's games is just that. They are for children! It is sometimes difficult to come out of the that mode, which enables us to multi-task kids, home, husband, bills, ect. throughout the day, just long enough to sit down and play. I will often start daydreaming during one of our escapades through Candy Land, to which I am jolted back to reality with a stark, "MOM, I SAID IT IS YOUR TURN!" The games have become easy enough to just go through the motions, and it still looks like I'm playing. Life is a little like that. Things start to get easy (and maybe comfortable) and people just go through the motions, while their thoughts are hiding elsewhere. Often, simplicity becomes confused, and before we know's our turn to play and we don't know where to leave off. The games children get to play vs. the games adults have to play are way better. I think I am going to start paying attention a little more.

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