Thursday, May 29, 2008

But, if they see me in here....

Triston after eating black icing off the graduation cake

Triston, undoubtably, is growing up. He is everything a 4 year old boy should be. He loves sports, super heros, his dad, causing mischief, ect. One thing I have noticed lately is that he really loves to be by adults and listen to them converse or he will pretend that he is some adult persona (i.e. a handy man, waiter, or doctor). Probably normal stuff for his age, but I always think, "wow, my kid is a genius! Look how grown up he is!" (Although, most of you who are reading this all know about the fits Triston gives! ...we love him anyway!) The other day, we took a family trip to Sam's Club. It is usually just me and the kids, so Triston has no choice but to walk or ride or do whatever I tell him. Since his dad was there, we took two carts and told Triston and Jackson they had to sit in the humungo cart with the double seats in the front. He eagerly tried to point out that he was a big boy and could walk. We were in a hurry and as all parents know, we just wanted to get on with our business and get the heck out of there--on top of that it was pouring outside, so we wanted to get home ASAP. Triston had to ride in the cart but kept saying he didn't like it and he didn't like us for making him sit there. Finally, his dad told him that if he heard another word about it--he would be in big trouble. Triston looked at me and said, "Mom, I need to tell you a secret." I leaned down and he whispered, "I just want you to know why I don't want to sit in this cart." Why, Triston? "If the people walking around the store see me in here, they will think I am at least 2 or maybe younger"!!!! I, of course, burst out laughing and told Travis who did the same. Triston didn't get to get out of the cart, but he did let us know several more times that he was very concerned about people thinking he was the same age as Jackson--or younger! When did he develop that reasoning?! Now, if only I can reason with him on why it's not a good idea to carry his baby brother around. Or, why it's not a good idea to beable to play out in the parking lot by his self--even though he is big enough to watch for cars. OR, why I can't just leave him at home when I have to take a trip to the store--even though, "he'll be really good and won't go outside by himself". Hmmm, when do those reasoning skills come into play?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Workin' Girl

I am back in the work force. After a 4-year hiatus from a "paid job", I now am working again. Oh, its not what you think though. I am working at a gym daycare, so the kiddos get to come along. So on top of being a "full-time mommy" to my own children in the daycare, I am also playing "mommy" to the kids whose parents are working out. But, it's great. Flexible hours and free memberships to the gym--it will get us by for now!

We LOVE Hooters!

Bryce and Logan

Okay Okay, maybe the "atmosphere" isn't the greatest....but there is something to be said about the greasy fried food they serve. Yum. Thomas & Macy joined Travis and I for lunch post-finals. Triston and Jackson got to play at a friend's house (Thanks, Christy!), but the babies had to come--and they even scored some loot from our waitress...who, by the way, was an extremely nice woman. This picture cracks me up!

Happy Graduation!

Saturday May, 17th 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


After a month of being "unconnected" from the Internet, we are finally back online. I felt totally detached from the rest of the world. We are not big TV people, so it was days later that I found out about the earthquake in China, and I haven't known what the weather is going to be like for weeks! It's funny how weird I felt not having it. What was our world like before the Internet? Can you remember?? I can distinctly remember my family getting our first computer, and learning how to use the Internet. But....since Travis has been in school, we cut the Internet to save some expense, so we hadn't had it for such a long time--then, we got it the last 6 months we were in Florida, and it turned into a "necessity". I will tell you, I had more time during the day--it's amazing how much stuff I get sucked into looking at--also, I think it's dumbing people down a bit. Instead of looking subjects up in an Encyclopedia, these days, you just use the computer--who knows if what you are looking at is even credible. I think technology is good. Obviously, there are a million reasons why the Internet, and countless other technological advances are beneficial for mankind. But--it seems as though our world--maybe not our whole world, but certainly our American culture--is highly attached to an intangible...something I personally don't want. Okay--I have really gone off on a tangent here! So we have been up to alot in the last month! I have lots to BLOG about! More to come....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are now Hoosiers! Well, Almost.

We made the big move, minus one. Travis is still in Sunny Jacksonville--and he is being missed terribly by all. The drive was great--my mother-in-law took the liberty of driving us there--almost the whole way (shout-out to her!)....the boys did fantastic! Triston got to ride in "the big truck" some with Grandaddy, and little Jackson sat in the back looking out the window, watching Scooby-Doo, and eating fruit snacks. Bryce got a little antsy at the end, but all was well. All the goody bags the kids received for the trip were very much appreciated--thanks!

We are moved in to the place we will call home for the next 6 months. 6 MONTHS--and then the whole process starts over. This time though, I am not unloading boxes which contain unnecessary items--like pictures for the barren walls, or purses to match the seasons. They can wait for 6 months.

Thanks to my mom for enduring 2 days with me in our new apartment helping me to sort and organize our belongings and for helping keep the boys busy! They were crazier than normal--due to lack of sleep, lack of schedule, and lack of dad.

Congrats to Travis on completing school! He is officially a "lawyer"--one who has all the tools necessary to practice law. Now on to officially becoming an "attorney"--one who can actually put into practice the skills provided by law school--he is taking the Bar Prep courses through July, and will then take a 2 day exam. Stay tuned for future posts regarding the outcome! He endured quite a bit throughout school and managed to do very well. We are so proud of him!

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