Friday, June 27, 2008

Mommy Rage

Definition: "An incendiary moment when the pains and pressures of motherhood erupt in a torrent of grief, frustration, and flying tins of beans" (Allen-Mills, Times).

I like this quote. It's actually in reference to a mother who threw a tin can of beans at a car after it nearly ran her and her child off the road--breaking out the back windshield. But, I can totally identify on several levels. Yes--there are stupid things that people do that put our children in danger, that cause us to want to tear them--the stupid people, not our children--apart. But, there are also stupid things that kids do that make me feel absolutely bonkers. Bonkers like I could actually throw a tin can of beans and break out a window in my own house--something like that. Here are a few things that make me have "mommy rage":

1. Dressing my children several times a day because they refuse to keep clothes on their little bodies--it's even more distressing when I walk into the room and they are doing THIS:

2. My dear oldest child spinning endlessly in circles in our tiny tiny living room--hitting his brothers, running into furniture and walls, thus hurting himself, or knocking things over. This is after I have told him at least THREE times to STOP!

3. My blessed middle child opening the front door and then the glass door and coaxing Bryce to come outside. This happens ALMOST ALWAYS when I am indisposed. (i.e. using the bathroom, trying to get 3 pans off the stove at once, or when I have just run up the stairs to grab something)

4. Most recently, THIS:

You'll have to work with this--I couldn't get it turned right, but

you get the p icture....

Bryce, some would say, has discovered his voice. It is driving me crazy! He does the screeching all day long...especially when he is waiting for food. OMGoodness--and it's so loud!

These are just a few of the little things my kids do on a daily basis. ....and Travis wonders why I'm a little edgy when he gets home from work! Ha!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reasons We Love Dad

"He plays Boogie Monster with us"

"He lets us watch Scooby-Doo"

"He makes really good peanut butter-marshmallow-chocolate sandwiches"

"Daddy races with us"

"I like Daddy because I do" --Guess who said that one! (Jackson)

"I think he knows how to work good"

"Daddy teaches me how to take tests" (This is in reference to Travis being a student)

"And he can hit a baseball really really REALLY far!"

These are just a few. The boys are so lucky to have such a great dad! ...and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner to share the joys/frustrations of parenthood. We love you--Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Does it Take to Get a Picture...Seriously?!

Okay, so yesterday I tried to get some DIY pictures of my precious little children and some family shots. 50 pictures were taken and NOT ONE turned out!! Here are just a few:

I realize that the pictures wouldn't be that good anyway due to lack of proper light, but still--look at my kids! They are all over the place! Oh, and look at this one:

They are hilarious. We tried to get all 5 of the great grandkids on Grandmother's lap:

I am not even going to post the rest of the family pictures--they are all the same! Well, what can you do, you know? It's kind of fun to have these pictures. When the kiddos grow up, I can show them how it really was. So here is the one I settled for:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brycers, Brycey Boo, Bryceroni

What a happy little guy we have been blessed with! He has surpassed the 6 month mark, so I felt I should document this half-year celebration! Bryce is surely learning how we get down in the Clowers' house--just in the last month or two his personality has shown through. He is a snuggler--he loves snuggle up under my neck. He is a biter--he has 3 teeth in and more pushing though, so you can imagine he is chomping down on everything--and I mean EVERYTHING! He also grinds his teeth so hard, I am not even sure he will end up having them. He is a talker--He just started saying "Mama" and it's not just babbling. He calls out when in distress--hungry, tired, and in need of a saving from big older brothers. He also screechs. I guess he had to learn how to be heard around here. He is a mover--Bryce has followed suit with his brothers and started crawling at 5.5 months. He is now actually crawling after us. Yesterday everyone went upstairs and we left Bryce in the Living Room floor. I heard him calling, "Mama" and came down to get him...he had crawled to the stairs and was looking up like, "where'd everyone go?!" Well, we are so glad he is in our family. He brings a special dynamic that we needed. Happy half-year, Bryce!

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