Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Challenge

Has anyone noticed the cost of food has risen, yet again? I buy Totino's frozen pizzas just to keep in the freezer for a snack or an impromptu lunch. Back two months ago, these were 98 cents. A month ago, the price rose to 1.08 and tonight I bought them at 1.25. These pizzas aren't that good, and I refuse to pay any higher than 1.25. Travis and I decided to try to keep our grocery bill under 100 dollars a week. That is no easy task, as we have 3 little mouths to feed plus our own. But, we do have a few things going for us: we really like crock pot beans and Bryce doesn't count as a whole person yet. Crock pot Beans- what is not to like? (Amber, I am specifically talking to you!) I usually buy a 15-Bean mix or Baby Limas at Wal-Mart for a little over 2.00. Let's say 2.28. They are good, good for you, and cheap! We add sliced tomatoes, onions, bread and butter pickles and buttered bread or cornbread. Sometimes fried potatoes, too. So I have a whole meal for 4.5 that costs about 8 bucks. But, we don't have beans every night. I have been trying to make dinners that will have leftovers that I can use for another meal. My favorite: Pork Roast....slice it with pork gravy, add some mashed potatoes, and green beans. Throw in yeast rolls and you've got an awesome dinner. For the next day, shred the remaining pork, toss with BBQ, top with a little purple onion you've got pulled pork sandwiches. YUM-O! So, anyway...we haven't been complete sticklers about the 100 dollar a week challenge, but we've come pretty close. Anyone else having any money-saving tips for the grocery store?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bryce Gets a Treat

Yesterday, Triston asked me if Bryce could have a lick of his popsicle. I said, "sure" and walked out of the room. When I came back, THIS is what I saw:

Let me tell ya, he knew he wasn't supposed to be eating that, too. You can tell from the first two pictures how cautious he was when he saw me...but the last picture is what he did when I tried to take it....he laughed and slapped his hands so that I couldn't get it from him. Triston must have thought it was cute to, not to often does he give away popsicles! Needless to say, I let him have the whole dang thing.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Splash Park and Ice Cream

Triston, Bryce, and I met up with some friends at the Boonville Splash Park on Monday. It was the first time we have been there all summer. We met my good friend Brookeanne and her kiddos for a picnic and then to play in the water. Out of nowhere a big black cloud floated right over the park and we heard a little thunder in the not-to-far distance, so the water park got shut down. As we were walking to where we were settled, lightening came directly out of the sky pretty close to the park and the thunder that followed was deafening! The kids (and Brookeanne ;) ) freaked and ran for the car. Triston kept yelling, "This is NOT a party anymore!" But, we got to play for quite a while and afterwards went to Mickey D's for some ice cream. Jackson missed out on the fun, but he was having his own fun at Mamaw's house.

I just have to say that is truly is such a pleasure being with Brookeanne and her kids. They are so polite! ...and they listen! ....and they don't fight with each other! Oh, and they can eat ice cream cones without getting it everywhere....look: the cones, their mouths, and hands are clean!

compared to.....but we love him anyway!

One more thing...check out Snaggle-Tooth! He is so funny. Travis wanted me to document that tonight for the first time he "talked back" to us. He kept going for a light cord that was plugged in and we would tell him "no no" in a stern voice and he would get a little sad face. Then, while with his sad face on, he looked at Travis then to me and yelled some smack! Of course, I thought it was adorable and reinforced this bad behavior by picking him up and laughing at him. He looks weird in this picture, but I thought it was funny. He was laughing and trying to hide, but since he was in a highchair he had nowhere to go!

I am going to put my blog to private-mode on Sunday. Get your e-mails addresses to me by then!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Change...

I'm putting my blog on lock-down...going private. Here's what you can do. If you want to continue to read/look at my blog please post a comment with your e-mail address listed or you can e-mail me directly if you wish to keep your e-mail private. You will have to create a google account with your e-mail and a password, if you don't already have one. You will recieve an invitation to view my blog in your inbox. Upon entering my address in the search engine, or if you link from another's page, you will have to provide the e-mail and password. I welcome any and all readers--even those who just peek in from time to time--just no creepies! Thanks!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Everyday Food Storage

Someone in our new Ward suggested this site: everydayfoodstorage.blogspot.com

It is an awesome site about using food storage in everyday cooking. Loaded with lots of tips and recipes. Let me know what you thought of it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miss Loreli

This past weekend I got to visit with my best friend Amber, her husband Tim, and their little girl Loreli. Amber and I have been friends for a good 7 years I believe--but our relationship has existed mostly through phone conversations and photographs as we have lived in different towns since the beginning of our friendship. Amber also has a son, Elliott, who is Triston's age--so it's always a good time when we get together. Plus, they have a playroom full of toys my children don't have or don't think they have enough of....so they could be lost down there for hours! Loreli is 13 months old and on the brink of walking all by herself and Bryce took a special interest in her on Saturday night. In an attempt to "kiss" her, he knocked her over a couple of times. Once, he knocked her over and I dove across the room to save her head from hitting the wood floor--it was pretty amazing, if I do say so! :) Loreli, though, wasn't so sure about him. Here is a few pics from their interaction:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parenting Woes...

Yesterday, I had a DAY with the kids. All day long it seemed as though I was the bad guy. But then this happened: Last evening I took the boys outside to play at the little playground in our neighborhood. Once there, Triston asked if he could take his shoes off. I told him no because less than 24 hours prior he had his shoes off outside and stepped on a bee and got stung. Not to mention we live in an apartment complex...you never know what is on the ground albeit trash, dog poop, ect....but, the point is--I told him NO. Triston and Jackson both ignored what I had said and took their shoes right off--like I never even mentioned it. I know, it's not a big deal for their shoes to be off--think PRINCIPAL here, I told them NO, so I was mad at them and told them that they could play for a little bit but when we went home they had to go right up to bed for not listening. When we were ready to go home I called for the boys to get their shoes. Jackson came right over, grabbed his shoes and followed me and Bryce. Triston, instead, grabbed a handful of rocks and ran over to the pond (in the complete opposite direction) . He then ran over to catch up to us--without his shoes! I asked him where his shoes were and he says, "Um, on my feet!" It drives me crazy when my kids play dumb by the way--I tell him to hurry up and get the dang shoes--he runs back, gets the shoes, and then runs past us toward our apartment....HERE'S WHERE THE STORY GETS GOOD (or bad depending on how you look at it). Triston runs past us and we stop because our neighbors have some cute little puppies outside and Jackson and Bryce are going crazy to touch them. Triston is still running away from us, so I call out, "Triston, wait for us. Stop!" He never stops and I thought he ran around the building. So I am trying to get Jackson and Bryce together away from the puppies and then Jackson runs ahead of me and Bryce. He is about 10 feet in front of us when I see an unknown Pit Bull run out from behind a building!! A freaking Pit Bull--with no leash or owner around, just wandering around outside! So, I yell for Jackson to STOP! I yell a second time, a third time and he is just hee hee hee-ing it all the way down the side walk and this dog is watching him the whole time and I am thinking, "This freaking loose dog is going to attack my two-year old and I'm not going to be able to pull it off." I start running after Jackson (I just leave poor Bryce in the stroller on the sidewalk) and when I start running, the dog runs away....but it's body language is such that I think it is just being playful. It's tongue was hanging out and it ran away like I was chasing it having fun...I don't know--I just know I didn't feel like it was a threat anymore. I STILL don't know where Triston ran off too...and I see Jackson run to the back porch, so I huff it back to Bryce because he wasn't strapped in (I know, hang me for it later.). The front door is open, so I realized Triston must have went inside. I take Bryce in, let Jackson in through the back...and then the boys got in big trouble. I'll save the details since the grandparents read this! But...today in Wal-Mart, Jackson started acting up a little and I said, "Remember how much trouble you got in last night because you didn't listen?" He started acting better. So maybe something took hold of their little minds--they got a second round when Travis got home and heard what happened, so I'm pretty sure they got it.

After the one incident in Wal-Mart, they were extremely well-behaved, so I bought them a Scooby-Doo movie. The movie was more for me because with Travis studying all the time and not coming home until late--I just need an hour with no one crying. I guess I should have known when I paid 7.5o for a double feature that it was trouble. This movie was old school Scooby-Doo-one is called 'Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island' and the other is called 'Alien Invasion'. When I say "old school" I mean it's the kind of Scooby-Doo I watched when I was a kid, so the graphics aren't as good as they are now, and the whole culture (if you will) of the characters is just a little different. I remember getting scared of Scooby-Doo when I was little, but in hindsight I just thought I was a kid...but now, after watching a few parts of the Zombie movie, I realized that they really were scary. Travis was home for dinner and watching it with the kids and says, "Um...Jen, come in here a second". There were "real" monsters on the movie! Not people playing monsters to get away with something and then at the end say "If it weren't for those meddling kids, we would've gotten away with it"! This one was about real zombies and some kind of cat people and ghosts. When the gang (as I like to call it) figured out the mystery, the monsters melted into SKELETONS and then to dust and a hole with green vapor swallowed them all up. At the end, a pirate ghost thanked them and the gang went on their way. Travis and I just looked at each other in amazement that a Scooby-Doo cartoon had that much scary imagery. I really need to screen these movies I buy from now on. The boys were scared--they both had wide eyes and didn't say a word. But, of course at the end they wanted to watch it again. I think I'll be putting that one away.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Last 10 Days....

I just unloaded my camera from the past two weeks and realized there were too many cute pictures to not post a few things. First things first: Happy Birthday, America! (and to my two uncles Dan and Don!) ....almost 10 days too late! We let off a few fireworks on our back patio. The older boys got to watch the action from outside, but little Bryce had to stay in.

We grilled a little chicken, steak, and pork and had Michael, Danielle, and baby Reese over for dinner. Danielle made DE-LISH red, white, and blue cupcakes. Then we all went to watch the fireworks over the river in Newburgh. Michael and Danielle are so much fun, we had a great time hanging out with them.
Here's Reese with his patriotic shirt on...and in a milk-induced coma from his mama!

The boys love love love to be outside. Here is a few pics of them playing outside last week....

I can't ever seem to get a picture of Triston....he is too busy. If you look closely, you can see the blue kool-aid mustache around Jackson's mouth...thanks to Danielle and Michael--they brought kool-aid bottles for the boys on the 4th.

Finally, my Mom and Dad had a cook-out this weekend. Me and the boys had a lot of fun, but missed Travis immensely....and so did everyone else. (He is busy studying) We got to visit with extended family that we had not got to see yet since we've been back. It was great....here's a few pics:

Geez, that was so long. So tomorrow marks the 2 week countdown to the Bar Exam. Travis is feverishly working--putting in an average of 10-hour days. Keep him in your prayers! For those reading: Have a great week!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on the Screeching

I was just reading the last post and thought I should post an update. Bryce is no longer screeching! Well, not all day long anymore. I still hear a screech every once in awhile, but the bebe has calmed down and I once again have my sanity...well, almost.

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