Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today at the gym, I was working in the nursery, a family with one child came in. The little girl is 2 and cute as all get out. The mom says, "I put an extra change of clothes in her bag along with some extra diapers and wipes--she's been having stomach problems and I've had to change her clothes a lot." Immediately a red flag raises, because since I have worked there my kids have gotten snotty and we all had a bout of the stomach flu. So, I asked her if the little girl had a virus, to which the mom simply states--"yeah, I just don't know what it is" When I pressed her for a little more information I found out that the mom had had it (and just to be clear here--we're talking diarrhea, I would say of the chronic type--lasting for a few days!) a few days earlier. I told the mom that we really discourage parents from leaving their children in the nursery if their child has been sick within the last 24 hrs....but she still tried to leave her! I then explained that we don't want to expose other children (mainly mine--for they were the only ones in there and it was almost time to close.)...and she still was prepared to leave her! Finally, I got through to her--I think she got it after Triston called me "mom" why I was so concerned with it. Is this a problem moms face alot? I have quite a bit. There is always that one family who seem to have no regard for anyone else around.

In other news...if you have boys, you might know some pirate lingo--as in "Land Ho!" or "Yo Ho Ho" at the playground Triston and Jackson were playing pirates on this giant wooden ship. Triston yells, "Hey Mommy...look at me, ho!" Now--everyone else at the playground doesn't know that Triston doesn't know the word ho, like it's used these days, and they all turned to look at this kid who just called his mom a ho! I was really embarrassed! we approach bedtime--each night--my kids start going nuts. Jumping on the beds, singing rhyming words over and over, running into each other---oh, it just drives me crazy! Well, tonight I had all that going on from the older boys and Bryce was screaming AT THE TOP of his lungs at me while I'm changing a poopy diaper. In the background all I can hear is, "creak creak creak, from the bed that being jumped in--so I was trying to hurry. Bryce grabs at his "you know what" and gets poop all over his hand....I go to wash his hand off and he smacks me right in the face with the POOPY one! I remained calm, washed Bryce and myself, put all to bed and then cursed having kids and vowed to have no more all the way down stairs!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Random Post....

1. I am a free woman! No more nursing! Whooo-hooo! Little Bryce is taking a bottle like a champ!

2. I am single--for tonight. Travis is in Lafayette for an interview. Whooo-hooo! Party time for me! No-just kidding. I miss him immensely, and can't wait to see him tomorrow! I always make one of the kids sleep with me when Travis is gone...actually, last time I brought both of them in our room. You know, just in case!

3. My good friend Nicol (who I miss terribly) recently turned me on to this blog. A most amazing woman and family were struck with tragedy just a short time ago. It's a very inexplicable feeling to read someone's personal stories and feel a sense of familiarity with them--someone whom you've never actually met. I started reading a few archives and instantly became a fan of this little family. I became inspired by reading about her love and devotion to her family, church, friends, and readers. I became even more inspired when I read the out-pour of family and friends to help keep this family functioning during recovery. Read the link: I'll be hooked, too! ...and if you feel compelled:

I can't speak for them personally (since I do not know them), but I know if my family were ever in this same predictament, I would be eternally greatful. Greatful for the love and support of everyone who, not only donates money, but also to those who fast and pray and keep them in their thoughts....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Completely Random...

I caught the boys digging in to my leftover spaghetti noodles. Bryce was right in the thicke of it having a good ol' time with his big bros....he is happiest in their presence. He looks for them if they are not around and he watches with real intent everything they do. Oh boy!


is what my child does now when faced with baby food. I have ruined him. I thought it was cute to give him tiny pieces of whatever we were having and to see the delight come across his sweet little face. Any time I try to feed him anything with a spoon, he throws a fit. He wants chunks and he wants to do it! He will only eat what we are having....which is sad to say, but not always healthy--especially for an 8 month baby!

Triston is such a great helper. He helped me schuck corn a few weeks ago. We blanched it and put it in the freezer. The little guy didn't complain once and he got pretty good at it. I love seeing my kids do chores. Although, it didn't really seem like a chore with Triston around. It was a real delight to have him help me. He says some pretty funny things.

Jackson is a climber. As soon as the kid could walk--he was climbing. As he gets older, he is a climber plus. A climber plus, in my book, is a kid who will climb, swing, jump, roll, fall, tumble, ect.That is Jackson. I just so happened to have my camera when I walked into the kitchen and saw this:

Yes, this is my child swinging on the freezer door. I am glad I walked in at this point, because Triston was waiting in line to try it out. The freezer door may not still be in place if this had occured.

This one is just for laughs. They love to go swimming. Aren't they cute?!

And how Travis and I spent our 5-year anniversary. We took the kiddos to a kiddie carnival. They rode some rides and got to eat a hotdog. It was cute. We all had fun. Happy #5 to Travis!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My New 100

I created a list of 100 facts about me---I have lost it...seriously, it was posted and then it just vanished. Weird, huh. Maybe I should change my here is a new list--it took me four days to think of 100 more things...some are the same. Enjoy!

1. My favorite season is Fall.
2. I lived on a island chain in the Atlantic Ocean for 3 years.
3. I am terribly afraid of sharks. Sometimes I get so much anxiety from thinking about a shark attack, I have to get out of the SWIMMING POOL! (Yeah, I know--that is super weird)
4. I am equally as scared of zombies.
5. I have said since high school that I wanted to mother 6 boys.
6. I love to debate conspiracies--I don't really believe them, but its fun to think "what if"...
7. I'm really afraid of strange dogs. When I was a senior in high school I was riding my bike for exercise and a dog came out of nowhere and freaking chased me. I was pedaling as fast as I could go, and although in reality it was probably only 20 seconds, it felt like 20 minutes. It ruined me for life.
8. I can watch old episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens that I have seen 20 times and still crack up laughing. Those two shows are the best!
9. I am a habitual chopper of my bangs.
10. I tell my kids that my food is spicy when I don't want to share.
11. I wonder at least once a day if I am "cut out for this".
12. With each pregnancy, My tail bone gets all out of sorts. It actually sticks out a little and hurts like crazy. I can't lay down on my back on the floor and get up very well, but goes away soon after the kiddo arrives.
13. Apparently, I have an inaudible voice in my house. Everyone but my very own children can hear me!
14. I hate drinking water.
15. I have a special place in my heart for Long John Silver's.
16. I am afraid of the dark.
17. I've finally come to terms with my love for tennis shoes and yoga pants instead of heels and dresses.
18. I changed my major 3 times in college, and then put it on hold so Travis could go to Law School.
19. I have 36 hours left for a B.S. in History.
20. I have three completed manuscripts ready for submission to a children's book publisher.
21. I loathe adult cartoons--not the dirty ones--well, those too I guess--but I mean stupid ones like the Family Guy.
22. My ideal vacation would be to travel down A1A from Canada to the Keys with all kinds of historical stops in between.
23. I hardly talk to anyone that I went to high school with.
24. I have spiritual dreams.
25. I always think Hamburger Helper sounds really good until I see the picture on the front of the box.
26. I am a quarter Italian.
27. Laundry is my least favorite chore.
28. I am going gray and I like it.
29. I would rather nurse a baby then use formula. Mostly because I hate to wash bottles.
30. I can't wait to learn how to garden.
31. I have really good rote memory. I can remember number sequences really well.
32. I have an awesome sense of direction. I almost never get lost.
33. I am an extremely bad driver...and I recently failed the Indiana written exam to get my driver's license here.
34.I let the kiddos "cry it out"
35. I am a registered Republican....although I view myself as an Independent.
36. I am passionate about history and politics.
37. I believe Travis is the funniest person I have met. He makes me laugh almost everyday. I also believe I have never been more mad than I have been at him. Ever seen the Chris Rock skit about being in love?
38. I don't like the way I look without make-up.
39. My favorite color is blue. My favorite color to wear is black.
40. I waste so much time on the Internet looking up things like, "whatever happened to Einstein's brain".
41. I like 80's hair bands.
42. I don't do romantic comedies.
43. My favorite thing to do on a weekend night is to curl up and watch a good movie with lots of good snacks.
44. Every time I tried to eat eggs when I was pregnant with Triston, I would gag.
45. I didn't like cheese or chocolate until I was pregnant. Unfortunately, that craving never went away.
46.I thought each one of my boys was a girl. I actually bought some girl clothes when I was prego with Jackson.
47. I usually try to stay up late enough to watch SNL, but hardly ever make it.
48. I despise Will Farrell--and most of the movies he is in.
49. I am a news junkie. I guess that comes from my second college major--Journalism.
50. I think arm sleeve tattoos on men is super sexy.
51. I talk in my sleep.
52. I have a deep reverence for the ocean, but will not go in it above my thighs....see #3.
53. I could eat PB & J everyday of my life.
54.I think about baby #4 alot.
55. One time Travis drilled me in the face with his elbow while we were sleeping--I only know this because he woke up and freaked out because he thought he hurt me--I had no idea.
56. A lot of people think I am pretty outgoing....but I would describe myself as introverted.
57. When I eat ice cream, sometimes I can't talk right because my lips get so cold it is hard to form the words...ha ha...that always cracks me up.
58. I thought for sure that each one of my kids would have black hair like me. I am still shocked that Triston was and Bryce is a little blonde baby!
59. I start thinking about Christmas decorations and shopping around September 1st.
60. I think I am bi-polar. Travis will agree.
61. I can always tell when "that time of the month" is upon me....I cry over everything!
62. I get jealous easily.
63. I have to have background noise....actually not so much anymore. If the kids are awake--they are enough noise--but if they are all asleep or not at home, I have to have the t.v. or radio on. I used to study in college with the radio on.
64. My toe nails are always painted.
65. I have really thick hair that sheds uncontrollably. It grosses me out.
66. I like watching Ultimate Fighting with Travis.
67. I don't, however, like to be used as a "practice partner" into submissions.
68. I am totally for gender roles.
69. I was engaged Travis.
70. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac.
71. I always fall asleep in like 5 minutes of the lights being turned out.
72. I have watched Desperate Housewives since the very first episode until I moved to Nashville and no longer get ABC. Booooo!
73. The sound of other people's children crying in public doesn't bother me one bit--but drives me absolutely nuts if its my own.
74. When I was in 6th grade, I sang an Elvis type solo in the Christmas play at school called "Bring My Baby Back to Me. I sang it so loud during dress rehearsal, teachers from the other side of the school came to see what was up. At the real play my voice did something crazy and everyone laughed....I never sang again!
75. I have a major sweet tooth.
76. I could live on cereal with a chopped up banana.
78. Changing other kids poopy diapers make me gag.
79. I think its really cute when babies get scared. The little sad face they make is so adorable.
80. I am not a morning person. Unless I or the kids have somewhere to be...our mornings are lazy.
81. I have no sympathy for my kids getting hurt when they are acting crazy. I mean, how many times do you have to tell them?!
82. I think I like to read children's books more than my kids do. There's something exciting about seeing a bright big book!
83. I tend to go through "phases". Sometimes I'll get in a really crafty mood--or a baking mood--it lasts a week or so and then I'm on to something else.
84. I was afraid of my bus driver when I was little. He was an old man named Oral. He would pull the bus over and yell at the kids if they were acting up.
85. It's really hard for me to tan. I hated it when I was younger, but learned to embrace my albino-ness. Hopefully, this will pay off when I'm old.
86. I am glad I have learned at a young age to say "no" and be fine with not offering an explanation.
87. I have recurring weird dreams about water. Floods, water leaking through ceilings, driving off bridges in Jacksonville and plunging into the river....they are always frightening dreams.
88. My eyebrows would grow together if I didn't pluck. They could probably be shaped a little better, but I refuse the wax.
89. I usually only get my haircut once a year! I'm just busy--and cheap.
90. I yell at my kids more than I should.
91. I hate to be late for anything. I am always at least a couple of minutes early.
92. I hate when other people are late also.
93. I rent books from the library about useless information. One great book was titled, "Why Do Men Have Nipples.
94. I have had to pay around 50 bucks in library fines over the last 5 years.
95. I had to pay a fine to obtain a library card here in Indiana from when we lived here before!
96. I have never liked colored ink. I stick with black.
97. I used to feel really anxious if I didn't get a good workout in every few days. I don't know what happened, now, I just complain that I don't get any good workouts in.
98. My favorite meat is pork. Mmmmm--bacon, ham, BBQ pulled pork, tenderloin sandwich, BBQ Ribs, Pork Chops.
99. I do crossword puzzles when I'm bored.
100. I am really good at Jeopardy--see #93 and #40.

....and now it's your turn. I want to read 100 things about YOU!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where did my 100 go??!!

I made a list of 100 compelling things about me just last night--and its GONE! It took a long time....

Friday, August 15, 2008

This week...

This week....
Travis sent out 80 resumes, and got an interview already!
I watched Mama Mia with Danielle and Macy.
The boys and I went to the Newburgh pool, only to find the water had been drained.
I ran 8 miles over 3 days.
We enjoyed the high 70s/low 80s weather.
We all went to play putt-putt.
We have enjoyed rooting for our new favorite swimmer.
We re-discovered how much we LOVE Lucky-Charms.
I found a hole in a tooth!
I pondered a scripture I read...Helaman 12.
It was a good week.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Craze Has Got Me!

At the gym where I work, there are very few little children to watch. It's mostly in the 5-12 girls range. Does everyone know what girls 5-12 love? The Disney Empire. Oh yeah, Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and Wizards of Waverly Place reign in the tiny little room where we stay. Once, Camp Rock came on and I thought these little chickys' heads were going to explode. But....the funny thing is--it's pretty catchy. Disney certainly knows what they are doing. At one time, I was making fun of the actors in High School Musical, the next thing I know....I'm staying a little later at work to watch it and downloading songs from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus onto my iPod! Even Triston is getting in to it--the other day he was making 2 of his Batmans talk to each other and I heard him say, "Are you a nice Batman?" the other one replied, "Yeah, I'm a Jonas Brother Batman!" Ha. The little girls at the gym are so much fun, too....they love to sing the songs from the t.v. shows and movies from Disney--so we host American Idol makes the 4 hours I work on Wednesday and Thursday go by a little quicker!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Week of Bargains!

OOooohhh, baby. I love a good bargain, and this week I got several. First--I found a fab skirt at gap for 16 bucks....regularly 40.00. Its a pretty awesome skirt....and the best part is that I got to hang out with my friend from high school and her cute little daughter! The very same night, Travis and I saw this odd commercial advertising I had seen billboards for it as well, so I told him to look it up. Lo and Behold, I have 52.00 dollars of unclaimed money from Outback Steakhouse from 5 years ago! So you have to do some stuff to prove its yours, but you send in a signed document and they return the amount of money owed to you! Wow! Then, on Saturday my friend Brookeanne and I hit a 22-block yard sale. We found all kinds of good stuff....Wilton Cake Pans, Dance Dance Revolution, Christmas decorations, bread machines, clothes that look brand new for the kiddos....that I only paid ONE DOLLAR for, and a few little toys! Plus, just getting to walk around with Brookeanne and nose through others people's stuff--it was great. THEN, we headed to the public library sale and scored some awesome books. 15 dollars for 15 huge, beautifully colored children's books. I think I like them more than the boys inspires me to pick up my own writing. All in all, it was a pretty darn good bargain filled week!

P.S.---Did this post seem to happy, for ya?! Ha ha ha ha ha ah

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Envy

Has anyone seen the episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where Debra and Marie are writing a Christmas Letter to send out to their entire family and friends? In true "Raymond" fashion, they end up arguing over what to write--mostly because everyone wants their paragraph to make them sound like they had a more momentous year than did everyone else they know--their job had more growth, their children were smarter, and their vacations were more enjoyable, ect. Does anyone else think blogs are a little like that?! I mean, not everyones kids are always the cutest and smartest, their husbands are not always the greatest, their lives are not always perfect, no? I should mention that the tone of this post is to be funny--not offensive. We all do it--usually talk about the good/funny things that happen to us. Who wants anyone to know that you were so mad at your husband you thought about changing the locks on the front door when he left for work?! Or, that you would do ANYTHING for a night that you didn't have to listen to little children argue over what story to read EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Okay, so these things didn't specifically happen to me--but they have before, and I'm sure they will again! So, the motivation behind this post is that sometimes I start to get a little envious when I read someones blog and their life seems so perfect. Talking to other people, the same thing has come up. "Oh, your friend so and so--she seems so happy." So, yes, I am happy and I am sure my friend is happy...but we can't judge people's lives by what is presented to us on a blog. I just want to be the first to say, that my life is great--I love my husband, I love my kids, I love our little life we are making--just not all of it all of the time!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just Call Me the Helpenest Doer

Today I let Triston help me with chores instead of take a nap with his brothers. He was very excited by this. We shucked, blanched, and cut corn to freeze, made some salsa, baked up some cookie dough, and swept the kitchen floor while the little ones slept. Triston kept saying, "Mom, you can call me the helpenest doer!" I asked what he meant by HELPENEST DOER (pronounced Help-en-ist Do-er) and he simply replied, "I'll do anything you want me to help with!" Wow! Well, we had a good laugh while we did the chores, and you better believe I will be enlisting the "Helpenest Doer" again soon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What am I doing up this late?!

It is nearly 1 in the morning, and I am sitting here blogging. I don't know why I am still awake. I usually can't even walk up the stairs by eleven, but tonight I have ample energy. Now, tomorrow morning will be another story, but tonight we're good. I have already nursed a sick baby, checked on some strange noises coming from the back door area, and told my husband I would be "just a sec". I watched horror stories on Shark Week and stalked a few blogs. Here's a few things for you to read:

1. Tonight I fixed my computer. I picked up some crazy virus a few days ago, and we couldn't figure out what to do with a computer that flashed ads every 2 seconds and processed so incredibly slow. I was ready to pay for a 300 dollar service that the geek squad at Best Buy told me I had to have. But, luckily with a little advice, I'm pretty sure I fixed the problem on my own. Which makes me think that maybe the Best Buy geeks really don't know what they are doing or maybe they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Either way, I don't like it.

2. Bryce is sick for the first time. He has been running a temp on and off with no other symptoms for 2 days now. I thought it was teething related, but the temp got up to 102. And then, I saw him tugging at his EARS! Ear infections suck. I feel bad for the little guy. I'm not really into antibiotics for ear infections, though. I tend to think that the more one uses antibiotics for whatever illness causes the body's natural immune system not to work as well on it's own. IT gets lazy. Plus, research has shown that 80 percent of ear infections go away on their own anyway. I also just read in a magazine that doctors have a joke amongst themselves that ear infections pay the bills!

3. We helped Thomas and Macy move this weekend in Murray, which means we got to hang out with Logan! He is so funny--and on the go! The little lad loves his mom and dad so much, his face and gorgeous blue eyes just light up every time they walk in the room. Him and Bryce got some good play time in together. It is funny to see them crawling down the hallway together or going after a ball at the same time. We also had the best pizza, ever. Matt B's--a local pizzeria. Thanks for the introduction, Thomas and Macy.

4. I caved and bought a freaking celebrity gossip magazine tonight. The cover: "New Mom Diet Secrets - How They Get Thin Fast". Complete with post-baby pics of these gorgeous celebrities wearing bikinis like 5 weeks after giving birth! WHAT?! I missed the instructions for that at my OB's office, I guess. Despite my recent running endeavors, I still have a baby jiggle in the front. I shouldn't complain though...I haven't been completely devoted to losing it all. I mean with the pizza and soda I ate/drank Thursday and Friday night, the cinnamon roll I gobbled up this morning, and the chocolate chip cookie I ate tonight, I could have done a lot better. Which is a goal--I am going to do better, starting right now.

Ahh, blogging has made me tired. See, Travis, blogging is good for something! Night Night.

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