Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do ya know?! My husband was able to come home, and I got a quick trip to the library to peruse and to BLOG. So I guess my posts will be spontaneous and sporadic. Now, I am not a technologically-able person, but I did figure out how to transfer pictures on to a removable disk....here are my sweet little boys on their 1st day of preschool:

Okay, actually it's their 3rd day of preschool (read last post's title...). Here is little Brycers on the same day:

He is just getting so big! He mimics everything we say. It's really quite funny, but don't all parents think their child is just over the moon, anyway?! Well...I don't know about you Floridians, but up here the weather is just superb. No temps over 79 for the week. Love it. That means my favorite time of year is in sight! I love everything about it...the crisp cool air, the colors, the smells, Halloween, chili and homemade soups, pumpkins, the fact that it's dark outside at like 5 in the evening...it's all welcomed! I couldn't resist any longer...on September 1st I got out my Fall decorations. I still need some pumpkins sitting by the front door, but I'm afraid some hooligans in the apartment complex will steal them. (Oh, the joys of renting an apartment...that is a whole other post!) The kids get extra excited, too. They talk about Halloween all year long. Happy Fall!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I must be a really bad mother...

The other day, Triston got in trouble and what did he say? Oh...what did that boy say?! He says, "Mom, I know you're a criminal. It's time to take the mask off". One would think he was kind of a crazy little boy unless you knew that my #1 and #2 are just in love with Scooby-Doo...and for all those who watch you know at the end they always take the mask off the criminals and reveal just who they really are. I guess my first-born thinks he might have a really nice mommy who will let him do whatever his little heart desires underneath the mask of "listen up, kiddo, you're going to get it if that continues...." (which for most of you reading you know how much I love love love my children, but goodness, they can be little stinkers, right?)

Last week there was a most heinous smell in my Durango...I mean, it was putrid. We couldn't find a culprit, I thought someone was actually sick and had diarrhea in their pants until I looked around and found a BOTTLE with spoiled formula in it. I have no idea how long it was under the seat, but I do know the stuff was caked in the bottom. Ehck. We had to Febreeze and let it air out for 2 days.

Lastly, I didn't even post about pre-school or that my baby is taking steps of his own. I really am that bad. T and J started pre-school last week! They love going to school. I have to say, the first couple of days I felt as if an appendage had been lopped off when I went to the gym....I just had one baby to carry! No hand-holding, making trips on either side of the car to make sure babies are buckled in right, no stopping to pick up rocks and no chasing Jackson into the parking lot! I thought I would enjoy the time they are gone more than I do--they bring such vibrancy with them...it's addicting I guess.

Little B is taking steps all on his own! He will pull himself up on the furniture and take off, but he usually just falls over...sometimes he laugh, sometimes he cries! He will get the hang of it soon!

I have no pictures to post of these momentous occasions because we shut the internet off--saving a few bucks! Hopefully it will be back on before Christmas time....and I will post when I get a chance. Since I will be absent for awhile--click here for a blog I know you will enjoy! Start from the first page in read backwards. It's inspiring....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travis: The Love of My Life...

I realized that I don't blog to much about Travis. Shame on me--he is busy busy working hard--a lot. He's doing well--anxiously awaiting bar exam results that come October 4th. In the meantime, our old managers at Logan's Roadhouse (Yee-Haw!) gave him a serving job. Yep...he went back to his roots...a server. He, of course, would rather be in a suit (...or his birthday suit....oops!) working in an office. But, I told him to just have fun with it--I mean, when else is he going to able to run around all night, savoring the smell of DE-LIC-IOUS food, an ever-changing scene, and meeting all kinds of new people?! It's kind of a fun job...and I know, as I was a server myself for 6 years throughout high school and college. BUT...it does have some big downers--lousy hours, you smell like the DE-LIC-IOUS food when you come home, out of all those people you always get some crappy tippers, and for Travis--he is working with a bunch of 18-20 year old kids. But--we keep PERSPECTIVE around here! It's a magic word, I swear.Its meaning to us:TEMPORARY. I am thankful for a husband who works as hard as he does and then comes home and is such a good dad and husband. Here are a few things I love about Travis:

1. He is honest.

2. He is a hard worker

3. He has integrity--always striving to do the right things.

4. He strives to live the Gospel.

5. He brought SEXY back...well, to my house anyway!

6. He is hilarious!

7. He's a great singer and has superb taste in music.

8. He tells me I'm...not just beautiful, but gorgeous--almost everyday.

9. He can make fun of himself.

10. I know we are safe in his presence.

Now, he is not perfect--but when he does do wrong--he recognizes and makes it right. I'm thankful for that, too. There's so much more--but I don't want to inflate that man-ego too much! Love ya, baby.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A New Rule...

Doesn't just every kid love to jump on a bed? Mine certainly do--and I will admit, it drives me nuts. Because its not just jumping--it's singing to loud, or falling off into a dresser, or bumping heads. It seems as though I am forever telling Triston and Jackson to "Stop Jumping" "C'mon Down" "This is why I say not to jump on the bed"....so, the other night they were at it again, but it was my bed instead of theirs. I turned around to tell them to get down and I just stopped for a moment and watched....and then I got lulled into it. They were having so much fun and giggles are infectious I guess. I threw my hands up and told the boys to "move on over". They thought I was crazy...and I think we were all a little scared the bed would just collapse--as my bounces were much heavier than their tiny little springs. I'm still learning to choose the battles, and they have won this one. We now have a new rule about bed jumping--as long as the bed is not made, they can jump. I'm still getting used to the change, as when I hear the creaks the words almost fall out of my mouth, but the boys have wasted no time!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Was So Proud...

I finally made a homemade pizza! I made whole wheat pizza crust and topped it with garlic, sauce, spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushroom, and black olives. I was a little concerned it wouldn't turn out--and I had some trouble stretching the dough...but I made it and it was DELICIOIUS! Hooray for me!

I also finally used my new cake pan I found at a yard sale for 2 bucks.

Cute, right? But....this is how mine turned out:
Cake decorating is harder than I thought--and I wasn't prepared. Once I got into it, I realized I needed some darker icing to outline the lines and make it look normal, but alas--this would have to do. Triston and Jackson were so excited about getting cake from a dinosaur pan, they couldn't have cared less what it looked like. Jackson looked at me with green icing smeared all over his mouth and cheeks and said, "Mom, this is the best cake in the whole world!" ...and at that moment, it really was the best cake in the whole world...and I had made it! Hooray for ugly cakes!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Here was our dinner tonight...

You can make it, too. Go here. A small adaptation: I cut the vegetables in small chunks and added parsely. Served with homemade whole-wheat garlic bread. Very easy to make, very easy to clean up, and very easy to get the kids to eat their vegetables!

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