Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope no one else's belly is hanging over their jeans! Ha! Seriously, I'm thankful I got to spend the holiday with my family....and thankful for so many other blessings in our lives. I heard recently that health is our greatest assest--it's true--I'm most especially thankful for 3 healthy little boys who bring such joy to their dad and I. I am thankful for our cousin Dylan's miraculous healing (4-Wheel accident). I am thankful for finally finding a place we can call home for awhile. Thankful that Travis finished school and got a good job. Thankful for the Gospel and our new ward we will be attending on Sunday. There's so much more. I hope everyone else feels as blessed as I do....

In the woods...

So we did the whole move thing....again. Only where we moved was not what I was expecting. Instead of Columbus, we decided on a little house in Nashville. Only this house is 6 miles in the country of a little country town. No cell service. No internet service. (possibly dial-up, I haven't got a straight answer) No cable tv access. I live in the woods. Literally. As in, I look out my back window and see woods--I look out my front window and see a cornfield and then more woods. Before the decision was made, I apparently said that "it would be fun".....and looking at the bi-montly county publication, boy, am I in for fun. For example, we are going to the RedBarn Jamboree this weekend for a Christmas Kick-Off! Okay, really it will be fine. I mean home is where the heart is right? So what if I can't run to Target at 8:30 p.m. because the kids just fell asleep or if I forget an ingredient or two I have to do some improvising? It will be fine....right? RIGHT?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Make Sure You Scroll Down A Few!

Happy Halloween!

Seriously, I have the cutest kids in the world. Halloween was so fun! The kids were high-strung and ready for some action. My mom came down and we took the three of them + my brother trick-or-treating through a neighborhood. The night didn't go without mishaps of course--Jackson continously fell throughout the night. I guess he was just so excited to get to the next house, the clumsy came out....and Triston's bucket strap kept falling off, unloading treats all over the sidewalk. But, it was good--and we are still feasting on all the leftover candy. (Although, I did eat the last of the chocolate this morning. Oops!)

My mom was pretty freaked out that we were going through a neighborhood we didn't know. Do the other momma's do this? I felt relatively safe--I mean it was mostly old rich people who were delighted to see little children (this was a planned route!). We checked all the candy afterward to no dismay...I thought that was how you did it...any comments? Anyways, we had a great spooky holiday!

Happy Birthday Travis!

Travis turned 28 on Oct. 27th. I'm sad to say that all the pictures we took of him (mostly with the kids and his cake) turned out too dark. But, this little beauty did just fine--it was his "birthday lunch". Travis had to work the night of his birthday, so me and the kids had a lunch-time birthday party for him. We had turkey clubs--and I just had to post the picture, because I don't think I have ever assembled a sandwich quite as tasty as that one. We also had a chocolate covered cherry cake--Travis' favorite. I've said it before, and I will say it again--I am so blessed to have Travis as a partner in all of life's endeavors. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson turned 3 on October 21st. My, how the time flies. He is a boy full of energy. He loves everything a boy should love--the outdoors, trains-planes-cars, ect. Jackson loves to jump--many of you might remember that he could climb and jump off things as tall as me before he could walk really well. Months before his birthday, he told everyone he met that he wanted a Thomas I gratefully made one for him. We always let the boys pick out a "birthday dinner" to celebrate their day--this year, we had to talk Jackson out of "red beans and rice"! This little guy is a delight to have in our family and we are so grateful that we are his parents!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Darn It!

I FINALLY packed a bunch of pictures on my little scan disk thing to bring to the library to post....but I forgot it at home! There was no going back either...ever tried getting out of the house with 3 crying little boys in their underwear blocking the door? It's pitiful....and time for a nap.

The pics and posts to go along will have to wait until next time....but, I've got some good stuff--birthdays and Halloween.

For now, I could talk about OUR BIG MOVE IN A MERE 3 WEEKS!

Travis got a job here....and we will be living here.

We're excited...we are headed in that direction on Wednesday to look for a house.

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