Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Mama" "Mama" Maaa-mmaaaa" "Mama!" "MAA-MAA!"

I awoke to the sweet sounds of my name. I laid in bed just for a minute as the cries became more urgent.

I got up and went to greet my happy little Bryce.
I turned the light on and went to his bed. I gasped. He laughed.
Triston came trailing in behind me. "HE POOPED IN HIS BED!"
More laughter from a brown-toned Bryce. You can imagine.

It's nice, on mornings like these, to get ready in a hurry. I love my new cut. It's pretty maintence free, and looks alright when I wake up. This morning, no wash or dry required. I just shook it out and sprayed a little Super Hold.

Bryce, on the other hand, had to have every inch throughly washed. His bed sheets soaked in bleach water and Nuetra-Air sprayed, liberally, around his room.

He was still giggling. What a turd....literally.

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Check It Out!

Not that I haven't mentioned Twilight to death, but I had to showcase the skills of my sister-in-law, Danielle. She made this cake--by free hand! (For those who don't know, this is the cover of the first book, Twilight.) Everything you see is fondant that she cut and shaded herself. Underneath is a yummy cake waiting to be eaten, although I don't know if I could've eaten this one--it looks too good!

She has picked up cake decorating for about the last year. She hasn't gone into business--yet--but, we all think she would do excellent. I do believe there isn't any kind of cake she couldn't do. She's that good. Danielle lives in the Evansville area, until August. If you have inquiries of your own about the cakes she can do for you--e-mail me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Choice Junk Food

We love Ramen Noodles around here. I won't pretend that I don't know how unhealthy this is, I do, but we can't help it--we love it just the same. I've been eating Ramen since I can remember. We keep it on hand for a quick snack for every once in awhile. But, today I fixed it for lunch and the boys were excited. Jackson said,
"Oh Thank You! Thank You! I love WRamen Noodles!"
Mmmmm. For us, it's the junk food of choice.
What's yours?

Silhouette Family

Scroll down to the very bottom of my blog. I copied from another's blog I read, but I thought it was just too cool to pass up. They kind of look like us in real life!

Monday, April 27, 2009

  • Warm Days
  • Fresh Pineapple
  • New Tunes
  • A Short Haircut
  • Good Books

In my opinion, you can't get any better than what's listed. All of my *criteria* were melted together in the pot of what was last week, making me one happy chick. (Other than the fact that my period is upon me so I'm a little crazed). Of course, on Tuesday when ice was falling from the sky, I was perplexed...but Mother Nature redeemed herself with an 80 degree weekend. The grocery store had a sale for $1 pineapples and I was pleased with my iTunes selections, even though it took 40 minutes to download 2 TWO! songs (the joys of dial-up). I found a new hairdresser and she did an excellent job. I feel more like myself when I've got some spunky hair--this time with long bangs. Here is the picture I gave her. When the laziness lifts, maybe I'll take a picture of what that cut looks like on me. Without the blond hair.

As for the books, if you are looking for something to read I've got some suggestions:

  • Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer
  • Blink! by Malcom Gladwell
  • Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

A word of caution: My husband complained that I seemed a little distant last week. No doubt my hormones played a role, as I've wondered recently if I should be medicated. One little gal holding down PMS doesn't translate well to the four males I live with. But, more than's the books I read. Twilight sucks you in, as many of you know, and it seems hard to let go. And with four books averaging 500-600 pages a piece, it takes time to read them. (I'm waiting as patiently as possible for the 4th!)The Gladwell books are non-fiction, but ones that have significant complex theories. Theories that my little mind wrapped up and took with me the whole week through. It's worth the read.

Motivation was found, for me, last week. Hopefully, you'll find some, too. Here's to making that motivation last:


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Too Busy....

... reading the most fascinating books. (Twilight series included)
Be back soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twilight Hysteria

One full week of neglecting my life and I'm two books plus the movie in. A few months ago, I caught a book review of Breaking Dawn on another blog. Someone I sort of knew. I looked at Travis and said this:

"Dude, she reads books about teenage vampires."

It never fails. The very moment I am judgemental, the process begins and soon I find myself in the very same predicament. Or in this case, completely obsessed with fictional characters-- probably much more so than the woman who authored the book review ever was.

Now, I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of the last two books, even though I know the outcome. And just two days ago, I sneaked a peek at a teeny-bopper magazine to catch a glimpse of that gorgeous Robert Pattinson. And, I wondered just this morning if, after I read the last book if that will settle it for me. Or, if I'll want more to the story.

Oh, this is bad. But, it cured my boredom instantaneously. For now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Amongst Brothers

On on way home from a stressful, er, wonderful Easter service, this is what we heard coming from the 3rd row:

Triston: So, Jackson, what'd you learn in your class today?

Jackson: Um, we learned about the Wresurwrection.

Triston: Oh yeah, we did too.

Jackson:Yeah, some bad guys put holes in Jesus' hands and he died. And after thrwee days, he rosed. HE ROSED, TRISTON! HE'S ALIVE!

Triston: Yep, I know.

We were as elated hearing this as they were telling each other about the special Sunday School lesson that was learned on Easter Sunday. My wish is that, as brothers, they will always have these kinds of conversations.

Happy Easter--a few days late!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Other Side of Twenty-Five

I was standing in the foyer at church, swaying back and forth, ever so slightly, hoping my 4 month old Bryce would fall asleep.

We listened to the last Sacrament prayer and I was awaiting my turn to partake as the young men passed it around unto the congregation and then to us: several mothers in the hall doing exactly the same as myself. Bryce's eyes were becoming heavy and the calmness of a sleeping infant was fast approaching. I was pleased.

Suddenly, the doors that led outside opened and in walked several co-eds. They patiently waited alongside us mothers to go into the chapel. As we waited, I couldn't help from ogling. The women amongst the group were noticeably gorgeous.

Maybe it was their clothing that first caught my attention. I've always been a sucker for fashion and these girls were teeming with style sensibility. One, in particular, was wearing a simple bright fuchsia dress, black cap-sleeve tee underneath the spaghetti straps and black heels. Her long brown hair hung in loose curls over her shoulders. I was smitten--with the choice of colors and youthful elegance, that is.

And then I looked down. I was wearing a simple black skirt, a wrap-around white dress shirt, black heels, and pearls. Undoubtedly, I had chosen the shirt to hide my baby bump that hadn't (hasn't) gone away. I felt plain and motherly looking. I, for the first time in this capacity, was jealous.

Soon after I cut my hair, perhaps in an effort to thwart off inevitable plainness that comes from raising young children. It's not feasible to look fashionable all of the time when you have kids. Especially for me--as soon as they wake up, they're ready to go. These days, I usually go about the day in a pony tail and mascara, if I'm lucky.

But, since that time, I have thought of this instance a lot. I've wondered if all women go through this type of mourning--remembering a time when we were the subject of someones ogle and now can only muster the attention of a divine husband. I believe it is within the natural order of growing older that these feelings surface. Handing down our youth and admiration to the next generation can be somewhat of a ego blow.

But, let's face it: I'm no longer a spring chick.

And as I turn 26 today, I ponder what had me thinking all year: what a blessing it is to get older. Living a life of teenage or young adult drama is exhausting--I remember it well. As we gain age, we also gain understanding, wisdom, patience, and best of all: the ability to become humbled. All characteristics I could use more of. At only 26, I have a long way to go. But, I'm enjoying the ride and trying to find the joy in every stage of life....

...and the sale at my local department store. I'm looking to spend that birthday money!
Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. Since this fits in...I'm LOVING the Twilight books. Nothing better than a teenage love story with hot vampires. Thanks Danielle and Cheryl for loaning the books and bringing the movie.

P.P.S. I'm really glad my husband still ogles me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For All the Moms Out There....

...who need a pick me up.
Disney/Pixar Cars just started over for the third time today.
It's 11:30 a.m.
Feel Better?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I made a disaster of a mistake the week before last. There are two old tree stumps in part of our yard that has decaying bark attached around the bottom. Curiosity got the best of me when I took a shovel and pried some of the bark off. These old trees are home to lots of little creatures, including worms, centipedes, bugs, and SALAMANDERS. Groups of salamanders and worms that huddle together and squirm on top of one another in all their gross-ness. After finding just one little group, the boys were on the hunt. They started digging around the tree stumps and looking under some big rocks along the edge of the woods. Who knew our humble yard would be a carnival of sorts to these disgusting little creatures. They are everywhere.

Here is where I made a mistake: Triston and Jackson just can't resist holding them. I think Bryce would eat them if I'd let him. They love them. As they are all holding and petting and cooing over their treasured find, my body language is revealing something different. Triston looks up at me and started to walk closer with his hand outstretched saying something like, "Mom, you want to hold this?" I actually stuttered, "No" and inched back on instinct. He caught on quickly.

"Mommy is scared. Let's get her!" As I ran back to the house, I saw a few worms fly threw the air. Their target: ME.

I made it to the house safely and through a locked screen door, I explained that if they want me to play with them ever again, they would leave the bugs, worms, salamanders and anything else that is slimy and is alive to themselves. They agreed and I conceded.

Raising boys--It's fun. It's interesting. It's something unexpected. Everyday.

But, I'm hoping for a girl the next time around. You know, to even the playing field. Just a little.

P.S. I miss the city more than ever.

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