Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've Been Busy.

That's all you get.
But, I've got some blogging plans. Check back on the 1st for a whole month of posts, starting then.
P.S. My pants are loose. Hooray!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Guy

This guy told me the tomato plants would be fine if they weren't staked for a few more weeks and now they are laying flat on the ground after a heavy dose of all night/all day rain. Grrrr.

This guy is learning how to tell time and count money. He catches on quick.

This guy rocked the house today with fits and tried to ground play-doh in the carpet.

On purpose.

This guy told me told me he needed to go pee pee and did it! Hooray for Bryce.

I think he just likes to look at Elmo on his potty.


Weigh-In Wednesday: I don't have a scale in my home....because really, I don't care how much I weigh. I go by how comfortable I am, how tight my pants are getting, how breathless I become during a workout...and for me, I don't feel good about that. I was at 140 a month ago when I got poison ivy and had to go to the doctor....I doubt much has changed in a month.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Challenge

Amy at What's My Weight Again? has a challenge. And I'm going to do it. Tonight, when I was running, I really wanted to stop at the 2 mile mark. But, because I'm seriously serious about losing 10 pounds AND doing this fun challenge, I went another mile. And....I was proud of myself. So, from now on, when I get the chance to blog, I will post Amy's challenge results (for me) at the bottom of each post.

So I ran today AND wrestled down Bryce just to get a diaper and some shorts back on him. He wanted to be "Nay-kid" and screamed and cried and kicked his legs when I tried to dress him. This counts as some sort of exercise too, right? I really had to wrestle him. He's kind of strong for 18 months.
Mini-Goal Monday--My goal for the week is no sweets! If I am successful, on Saturday I'm getting a chocolate dipped cone from McDonald's. Haven't had one? You need to have one--or don't, since we are talking about losing weight. But, they are so so so good.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

On losing 10 pounds.

This was a hard winter, for me at least. It had been 3 years since I had truly felt winter's frosty bite, and I found myself unmotivated because, well,it was dark by 4 p.m. and the cold permeated everything. Add in moving to a new town and longing for the Sunshine State (and just sunshine, period) --it was depressing. So, I wrapped up in a blanket, sat around, and ate. I do that when I'm down--eat everything.

The months passed and before I knew it, Spring had sprung herself upon us. I started shifting through the winter coats and sweaters, putting them away and bringing out a wardrobe better suited for warmer weather. What I found, though, was quite disturbing. I was dragging out Capri's and Bermuda's that I wore a couple of months after I had Bryce--a good 10 pounds ago.

Last summer, I was okay with wearing a larger size. Bryce was only 6 months old, and although nursing Jackson took the weight off faster than I had expected, it wasn't coming off as quick while nursing Bryce. But towards the end of summer,when I put a good chunk of my pants away early because they no longer fit on my waist, I was pleased. And I'm pleased now, because winter melted away and so did my mood swings.

So, here I am, uncomfortable at 140*. I'm on a mission to do something about it: cutting out sugar and carbs**--my two favorite things. I picked up running again, and I'm rotating work-out DVDs....trying to do something everyday. Plus, I've got a killer hill as a drive-way. When all else fails, I run up it 10 times....and then I die a little.

But, it's worth it. Finally, I'm getting some muscle back in my legs. My stomach--after 3 kids, it's too damaged to even talk about, but I gain there, first and loose there, last.

So, stay with me if you're interested in losing, too. It's sure to be blogged about. And please, send some feedback if you're in the same boat. We can be supportive, because God knows, I'll need it when I become ravenous due to lack of sugar. Seriously, it's for real--google it.

*I should add that I am heavy for my size. I didn't realize, but anyone I tell my weight too is always surprised. Normal for me is 125-130 a size 4-6. Currently, I'm at 140 and a size 8-10.

**Let's be real. Cutting out is a strong phrase....I should have said cutting back.

Friday, June 5, 2009


To curb the baby-fever I've been experiencing as of late I've been going through old files of pictures. Pictures that show me swelling with child and pictures of my boys as babies. What a wonderful time. I just love being pregnant and I just love the end result. I just can't resist a new little baby.....but then I remember how tired I am during pregnancy and how bad I have to pee all the time and then I remember how my sweet little babies turn into 2 year olds and it all goes down hill from there. Okay, I'm joking....kind of.


2 days old.

21 months old.

Look at that long blonde-ish hair. I regret cutting it to this day, but I was tired of people asking me if he was a girl. Too bad he tried to be funny recently, and cut a big chunk of his hair down to the scalp right smack dab on the crown of his head. Travis had to shave him bald and when he saw a picture of this guy he said, "Hey, that guy looks like me". I'm glad his hair grows fast.

Poor Jackson. When the nurses handed him to me, he was cross-eyed and looked like this:

30 minutes old.

I asked if something was wrong with him, because well, look at that picture. But, luckily once I spoke to him he started uncrossing his eyes and then started getting cuter...and then he became one of the cutest kids in the world. I mean, look at him, now.

3 years old.

I have a good friend that often says, "It's a good thing God made him so dang cute." She knows what a little stinker this one is.

And then there's little Bryce.

2 days old.

3 weeks old.

I thought, when Bryce was born, that finally I had a kid that was going to look like me! But then, all that black hair fell out and what do you know.....he looks like his dad, too.

Silly boys.
I'm putting my money on the next one--whenever she may come.
(My fingers are crossed. But don't worry--we're not trying....yet.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

18 Months

Bryce is 18 months old. I just can not believe it. This little guy talks well for his age. He repeats whatever we say and we understand what he is trying to tell us most of the time. He sleeps in a big boy bed. He is funny--he does stuff on purpose to make us laugh. He knows his animals and the sounds they make. He idolizes Triston--I believe because he feels Jackson is a threat to his well-being. He sings songs. He loves Elmo, Thomas, and his blanket. He will do whatever he can to get outside and he doesn't want to hold our hand when we walk anymore. Instead, he shakes his head and hands and says "ALK" "ALK" "ALK" until we let him walk by himself. (Where did the fierce independence in all our children come from?!) I'm pretty sure his favorite person is Papaw (my stepdad). He looks at his picture and says "papaw" all dang day, sometimes. He climbs the ladders at the playground all by himself and goes to the slide. ....and we just started POTTY-TRAINING! (once they poop like adults, I can't handle dipers anymore). He waves at everyone he sees and we attract quite a lot of attention anywhere we go because of how social he is--especially with the old ladies. He cries when his brothers leave him out--it really hurts his feelings! ....and he makes a sad face when he gets in trouble. We love him more than words can express and can't wait to see what the next 18 months bring for Bryce.

My Little Addiction

The first thing my sister-in-law said to me upon answering the phone, rather than a "hello?"
"Did you see it, yet?"
...and we proceeded to scream into the phone like a giggling school girls.
It took 10 minutes to download it off youtube (remember we have dial-up), so it is minimized at the bottom of the screen, for as long as I can keep it there.
Travis has had a warning NOT TO TOUCH IT.
I've watched it a bazillion times since first seeing it yesterday morning. It doesn't get old, and my husband is bothered by my behavior. He has compared us to Star Wars fans. You know, the kind that go to conventions and dress up. He secretly wonders if he is doomed to that kind of lifestyle....I assure him it's not that bad.
THIS is what I'm talking about.
Bahhhhhhhhhhhaahahhh! I just can't wait 6 more months!
I guess I'll have to re-read the books.

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