Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Pouring

I met my mom for a shopping trip on Wednesday and I returned home just fine. Thankfully. Because after the rake broke when I wasn't quite finished raking the yard, my flip-flop snapped, my favorite barrette came apart, the heating element in the dryer went out and the refrigerator door just fell off without warning, all within 24 hours, I wasn't so sure I should go.
But, like I said before, thankfully I made it home, to the sound of rushing water under the house.
A burst pipe that left us hotel bound.
Gives new meaning to the phrase "When it rains, it pours".
But no worries, here.
We're all happy and healthy.
Everything else just adds some color.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Finale

picture link here

The hugely embarrassing ending: I threw up after riding the Star Trooper.
I rode the Scrambler when I didn't want to. I stood by and took pictures of my babies having a blast. I held on to a crying squirming Bryce because he was too little to go with his brothers.

I did my motherly duties as far as the fair goes.

We had to walk past the Star Trooper to get to our car. Of course, it's the coolest ride at the fair with the loud music and all. I was a sucker for those kinds of rides too when I was a kid. I was betting that the kiddos wouldn't be tall enough to ride, but the operator says, "Sure!". Triston pleads with us that he "just has to ride that ride" and Travis is being a wuss.

I reluctantly say, "Ooookaay" and hop on a basket that swings from a strip of metal. It wasn't that bad the first time around. When Triston and I were done, Jackson is on the sidelines crying because he wanted to go too and he looks at me with pleading eyes. Travis is crowned King of ALL WUSSES, and I hop in the basket again.

The rest is history. I held it until we got home and then I upchucked my dinner. I blame Travis for not manning up and riding the freaking ride AND taking the curves on our CURVY too quick. Plus, he laughed at me and I heard him tell his brother on the phone, "That is awesome." So not cool, Travis. So not cool.

I surpassed the calls of motherhood that night. I hope they remember this. But, if they don't I will be sure to remind them. (and Travis, too. This surely earns a freebie of my choice, right?)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Bad You Don't Have a Palette

I had visions of a purple ribbon. "Grand Champion" cookies, I would boast, but it did not happen for me this year. I entered these babies in the country fair and got a blue ribbon for them. A blue ribbon does not do these cooks justice--they truly are the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever, which I properly labeled on the entry form. Whoever judged apparently did not get the memo--I lost to Pumpkin Bread. (and we all know it was probably quick bread from a box OR the judge's relative, but whatever.)

It was fun anyway.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling My Age, Too.

Last week, my friend Courtney posted about how she attended an alumni soccer game that her husband was playing in and with all the teeny boppers there, she was feeling her age. I could relate. (But, my goodness we're only 26. There is something wrong with this, no?)

Last night, we went to the Brown County State Fair/4-H Fair. I was getting the feeling that Fair Week is kind of a big deal around here---I was right, and I love it. I guess I could say that I am a fair person--solely for the food. Nothing makes me happier than the whiff of good Kielbasa Sausage and fried Elephant Ears. Oh, and a Big Red. You've got to have a Big Red at the fair, right? And a Lemonade Shake-up. And Cotton Candy. And Fried Tenderloins.....

Ahem. I was saying.....

The fair was bombarded by teenagers, which of course I expected. But, I have never seen so many teenagers that look like this:

Metro Station

And I was totally disturbed. Skinny jeans do not look good on boys. On any boys. Ever. But especially on people who are not rock stars, or in the case of the band Metro Station, pop stars or electronic music stars? I just don't know.

I totally get it, now. I totally get why parents cringe and worry and fuss over their teens. I totally get why parents fear the coming-of-age adolescent and that kid's need to be an individual AND DRESS LIKE THAT. I totally get how things could always be worse than how your kid dresses, but ohmygosh, I would die if my boys were rocking that gear. And I totally felt like I was 52 instead of 26. Especially when one of the aforementioned "dressers" whispered something to his friend and they looked at either me or Travis and laughed.

And to my Mom and Dad: I am totally sorry I put you through the teen years. Forgive me quick before Triston, Jackson, and Bryce hit puberty (cringe) and I have to go through that. Okay? Good.

More fair stories to come with a hugely embarrasing ending.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Are You, Summer?

Seriously. 65-75 degree weather does not cut it for July.
We've woken up several mornings to 50 degrees.
We haven't been swimming outside in a month because it's been too mild.
What gives, July?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

They Really Do Love Me.

Getting ready for church on Sunday, Jackson walks in my bedroom and says, "Mom, you look pwretty. Are you going to be a pwrincess?" (I was wearing a gauzy ruffly skirt, which is my favorite, ever, that I got on sale at the Gap for $16.00 last year. It's the perfect shade of blue, and I just love it. That morning I matched it up with a black-fitted tee and leopard print ballet flats. Love it.)

At church, Jackson crawls up on my lap and whispers, "You have the pwrettiest eyes, Mom".

Yesterday at dinner, Triston asks if one day he will like girls. I told him, "Absolutely", but secretly I was cringing. He says, "But there is no other girl as pretty as you. Can't I just marry you?" Jackson chimes in, "yeah, I'm going to mare-wee you too and wive with you forever.

Add in Bryce and all the kisses he slobbers all over my face and the joy that lights up his eye when I walk into the room (unless he is doing something he is not supposed to like unwrapping ALL of the toilet paper from a double roll and stuffing it into the toilet. So not cool.).

I guess this makes up for all the jumping, yelling, fighting, running, climbing, head-locks, and sheer ornery-ness.
It's good to have boys.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ch-Ch-Check It Out.

If you want to feed your family, click here.

If you want to know what to buy (or what not to buy), click here.

My Favorite Breakfast

Steel-Cut Oats, Honey, Banana, Cinnamon, Crumbled Raw Pecan

Love it!

Saute de Poulet (Sauteed Chicken)

My french experiment. It was quite simple--I got it out of a French cookbook for kids. But, it was delightful. A recipe I will add to the rotation.

any kind of chicken (I used chicken breast cut in half)
1/2 c. flour
1 t. salt
1/2 t. thyme + extra for sprinkling
1/4 t. pepper
2 butter
olive oil
bay leaf, finely crumbled
crushed garlic
1 1/2 c. chicken broth
fresh mushrooms

Combine flour, salt, thyme, and pepper, mix well. Meanwhile, heat butter and oil together until melted. Roll chicken pieces in flour mixture and place into pan. Brown chicken and cook, covered, for 20 minutes. Sprinkle chicken pieces with thyme, bay leaf and garlic. Add chicken broth, gradually, and mushrooms to pan.

Stir and cover (with a slight opening so steam can escape). Reduce heat and let simmer for about 30 minutes. You will have a yummy extra tender chicken dinner. Spoon mixture over chicken upon serving. Yum.

Homemade Tomato Soup

I made this on a whim. It turned out really good.

Canned tomatoes (I used canned garden tomatoes, about 28 oz.)
1 can of chicken broth (you could use vegetable broth also)
cayenne pepper
olive oil

*I guess-timate a lot. Use your own discretion when measuring. Also, make sure you add enough sugar to counter-act the acidity of the tomatoes!

Saute a little garlic and onion in olive oil until tender. In a blender, combine tomatoes, broth, sauteed garlic and onion, and rest of ingredients. Puree until smooth and pour into pot. Bring to a rolling boil and serve with grilled cheese. I added a dollop of sour cream to top the soup.

Breakfast Casserole

My family goes crazy for this. It's a family recipe that we picked up in Tennessee. It started out as a Holiday breakfast, but has worked its way into dinner on a week night. I've also made it for several brunches, especially good for showers.

1 lb. breakfast sausage
4 eggs
2 cups shredded Colby-jack or cheddar
1 package crescent rolls

Preheat oven at 350. Open crescent rolls and layer the bottom of an 8 x 8 pan with 2 triangles. Try to stretch crescent rolls to cover bottom. Place in oven until rolls start to puff. Set aside. Meanwhile, cook sausage according to package, drain, set aside. Crack eggs in medium sized bowl and beat until you have a consistency like you were making scrambled eggs. Add cheese and mix well. Combine with sausage and mix well. Pour sausage mixture into pan on top of puffed crescent rolls. Place remaining crescent rolls on top and bake until top is golden brown, 20-25 minutes.

A Healthy Snack

That'd be:
All Natural Yoplait Vanilla Yogurt
Handful of Fresh Locally Grown Blueberries
Crumbled Raw Pecan

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Took Me Awhile.

I've lived in Nashville since the end of November. Just last week, a whole 7 months later, we took a drive around. By around, I mean we've drove to work, the actual town part of Nashville, Columbus, or Bloomington and that's it. So we drove around what is Brown County and then ventured out from there.

I was in awe. Awe because I really do live in the most beautiful part of the state. Awe because after so much negativity about this area, I was enlightened. Here I've been grumbling about feeling stuck where we are and wishing for our time here to expire so we can move on to bigger and better things. (i.e. a bigger city).

What a silly girl I am. There's quite a lot more than meets the eye around here.

The next day I go into town and run into another t-ball parent. Then the librarian asks me how we're doing and she means it. Then a lady I've come to know from work shows up at the same yard sale. Then some random man strikes up a conversation at CVS. Turns out his kids went to USI and now they are in law school--weird. It's kind of nice to run into people you know. Or, even if you don't you find out you really do--indirectly.

You don't find that in a bigger city. Or, at least not on the same scale.

Another road trip is planned. Too much too be covered in one day, but I'm packing my camera this time and I can't wait to document my finds.

Monday, July 20, 2009

As If I Needed Another Reason to Kick Sugar.

Dental Bills.

Before I had children, I had only one cavity. I used my own discretion, there in the dentist office that time, when he asked me, "metal or white". I didn't know that white fillings cost so much more than the metal ones, a fact that my mom so kindly let me in on when she received the bill in the mail a few weeks later. I should have mentally marked that experience for the future.

Fast-forward eight years. I go to the dentist in April of this year and he tells me I have five 5! cavities that need to be filled. Metal is no longer an option. Porcelain On lays, he tells me, at a whopping 700.00 a piece is what I need. After a series of mis-communications that left me feeling like they didn't really want me as a patient anyway, I hunkered down in a chair for an hour and half and let a guy who says he got C's in dental school go to work. There is all sorts of wrong about this.

Afterwards, I paid my very-large-for-just-went-down bill and rescheduled to get the other side done. Two weeks later and I can feel just the slightest twinge of something when I bite down on that side AND one of the teeth that was worked on is so sensitive that even mouth wash stings.

I feel like they are doing some dental trickery on me, if you will. What happened to just the regular ol' cavity filler? And, will it cost less if I refuse the movie they offer during the procedure? I'm supposed to go back tomorrow to finish up, but I'm going to have them check the one side they already did. You know, just to make sure I got my 600.00 dollars worth done right.

Travis has always said if he could do it over, he'd be a dentist. Now I know why.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Pastime

13 kid's books including an original There's a Monster at the End of this Book to replace the one from my childhood that was ripped. A never-before-used Pampered Chef Cookie Press complete with all 16 discs. The cutest worn-once skeleton Halloween costume complete with hands and feet . A wooden puzzle. An old school playskool electric train that looks brand new.
All this--$6.00
I love yard sales.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mystery + Mexican = A Deadly Combo

In a weak moment yesterday, I agreed to getting Mexican food as a late snack--4th meal, if you will.

I told Travis that I wanted Chicken Fajita Nachos, my most favorite dish at this particular restaurant. It's a huge portion of chips doused in that creamy Mexican cheese and topped with Fajita style chicken, onions, and green peppers. Top it with a little sour cream and jalapenos and Oh. My. Gosh. As I waited for him to return with the goods, I got an episode of Lost ready to go.

He walked in, we sat down, and began feasting on delicious food AND a thriller--a most exciting combination.

In my anxious state--watching that show, I completely lost track of what I was doing. Not only did I watch 4 FOUR! episodes in a row (with a little fast-forward action), I ate the entirety of those Fajita Nachos, half a bag of chips and salsa, and some of Travis'.

What is wrong with me?!

You can imagine the heartburn I faced last night. And guess what? It's 11 A.M. today, and it's still with me. You can also imagine that after watching four episodes of anything, my head was spinning. I didn't sleep well. But oh my gosh, it was so freaking exciting. Ah!

I deemed today as a day of cleanse. This is a I cannot believe I freaking ate all that food and watched all that T.V., DO NOT stop moving today, run three mile, eat very little food, drink lots of water, no T.V., never do that again cleanse. And I guess we should set up some rules for our recreational activities from now on, too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All In the Name of That Face

Bryce peeking around the corner at Shrek

Never mind I've chosen to rock the woodgrain panels and original 1986 brown shag to the world: check out that face. It's one of sheer terror and one that makes my heart aflutter. I love seeing my kids scared, the face that accompanies is just the cutest thing ever. It can be a fine line though, understanding the science of scaring. Alas, I know from personal experience.

Right before we moved to Jacksonville, we stayed with Travis' parents for six-ish months. Travis' dad runs dogs, or used to run dogs, and I guess he was pretty good at it because he has among his trophies, one in the form of a stuffed bird. A stuffed bird that used to be ALIVE. Triston, being the 15-month-old animal lover that he was, was naturally drawn to the bird and would point and say "Gunh", which was his word for "Bird" (for, like, ever.) . I would get the bird down and set it on the table at his eye-level and let him look at it, all the while knowing there was a hint of caution in his eye. (I so wish I could find a picture of that was intense.)

You get bored when you don't have your own home....ahem, something I know all too much about and it wasn't long before I started making the bird move ever so slightly across the table and making soft "coos" that made Triston's head snap up. He would look at me and make the face and I would hug him and tell him it was alright. So cute. But, somehow that morphed into me actually scaring the crap out of him with the bird. I would make the bird "caw" and he would run to me and make the cute face. It sort of became a game...only one he didn't really like. Oh, come on, it was only a few times....and his Nana and aunt helped, so there.

But then, we were at my mom's house one night. Triston had just watched Monsters Inc. and I could tell his "monster awareness" was off the charts. It was getting close to bedtime and he was coming down the hall--the darkened hall. Like a bona fide idiot, I stood in the shadows and jumped out at him and growled. What a mom.

He was never the same. To this day, he still cautiously walks down the hallway at my mom's house. He wants every light on in his vicinity if it's dark outside. We have had many a argument over why I'm not going to stay in his room until he falls asleep, and we've stumbled over him in the morning upon waking because he has made a bed for himself right beside us in the middle of the night. Worst of all, I lost his trust that night. Even now, if he is really scared about something, I can tell my presence does little to calm him. I really have to talk him out of it and every once in awhile he ends up scaring me. (Like when Travis is gone over night...those are the worst.)

I, of course, hadn't realized all the ramifications quite yet at that point and continued to try to scare my kids. All in the name of seeing that face, pretty pathetic, huh? It's just so cute. But, fortunately, Jackson didn't have the same issues and he was unfazed by my eager attempts. Jackson's only terror comes from getting caught doing things he is not supposed to, a trait I will be bracing myself for as adolescence draws nearer. Oh, and bugs. He hates flying bugs.

So along comes Bryce and since we already had 3 years under our belts of whining about being scared, the prize of seeing the cutest face ever just wasn't a prize anymore. You'll be glad to know I've recovered from trying to scare the crap out of my children on purpose and I do what I can to shield them from sensitive material.

Nevertheless, that face ranks among my favorites and when I do get the chance to see it, instead of running to console, I'm usually running for my camera.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backing Off

We were getting ready for an event that was to start at 7. I, being the inexperienced mother that I most oft seem to be, was busy explaining that an event such as this--the end of season awards banquet held for Little League--was something exciting, something worth dressing up for. My goodness, Triston was getting ready to receive his first trophy. I mentioned the clothes I thought he should wear and was met with opposition--an all too common theme with that boy. It didn't help that Travis had just praised him for putting his socks and shoes on all by himself.

"Why do I have to wear something nice? I don't want to wear something nice. It's just a banquet!" Right. He just learned what a banquet was 5 minutes beforehand, but whatever, I had a baby to diaper and my own shoes to grab. Out the door we go, black Spider-Man socks pulled up his shins and all. "He'll learn one day," I thought to myself.

Upon arriving where this banquet was taking place, we weren't sure where to go. Thankfully, we were able to follow the sounds of many screaming children that were running wildly throughout the 4-H grounds. I instantly felt ridiculous for making the clothing an issue. This is what we saw:

100+ regularly dressed people crammed into a tiny shelter house all waiting for trophies and wieners. We found a seat on the very last picnic table all the way in the back and waited for Travis to grab the boys a hot dog.

Then we waited for every girl of all the co-ed teams to get called first. Our boys were impatient, so we let them run around. And I sure am glad Triston did know what was up with the appropriate apparel because there was a lot of mustard and fruit punch smeared on shirts and little faces, a lot of running, a lot of falling, and a lot of crying by two tired little boys who didn't want to wait for something they weren't receiving.

Finally it was Triston's team's turn....

It turned out to be a really good time. I earned another notch on my experience belt with this kind of setting and Travis got to engage in some Daddy Duty as he stepped in for our coach, as the announcer, when he couldn't make it. Triston got his medal for a well-played first season of T-Ball, and maybe more importantly, it seems that the day came when I'm the one who learned the lesson I should have been teaching: Don't fuss over petty stuff. Let them be and they'll do just fine.
....even if they are wearing black socks pulled all the way up their shins.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Biscuits and Gravy

1 pound breakfast sausage, cooked and drained
salt and pepper to taste
Buttermilk biscuits (I use the frozen ones)

After draining sausage, return to pan. Sprinkle enough flour over the sausage to evenly coat it. Pour enough milk to just cover sausage and add salt and pepper, to taste. Turn heat on high and stir as the sausage mixture starts to boil. Once it thickens, turn heat off. Spoon some atop a biscuit and enjoy!


I got one of my foodie magazines in the mail for the month of August, bon appetit. It's an interesting magazine full of beautiful recipes, most of which my kids wouldn't touch and desserts I only dream about making. I love to read about cooking and eating, so while I'm not always trying the featured recipes now, I'm mentally filing for another time and place.

This month celebrated the birthday of Julia Child, of Mastering the Art of French Cooking fame. Yum--I love the thought of french cooking, but it's one of those things you don't want to mess up. I've been inspired to try it. Although the Poulet Saute Aux Herbes de Provence looks amazing, I'm pretty sure that recipe and myself would be a bad mix for the first time around. I went to the library and checked out French cookbooks for children. Something they might actually like--something I might actually be able to cook. First up: Sauteed Chicken, in a mushroom gravy-like sauce and Asparagus with Aioli, a creamy sauce to top it off. Maybe some chocolate mousse for dessert? Yum.

I also grabbed Mexican and Chinese kid's cookbooks with some authentic easy-to-make recipes. Be watching my food blog for details.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only 4 Weeks Left.

Triston starts school in just 4 weeks and I am scared. For the last few weeks, I have gone over (...and over) a mental checklist of all the things I have taught him and the ones I should have taught him. Tying shoes? Check. Cutting with scissors carefully? Check. All the ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, reading and writing simple words, ect.? Check. Going to the bathroom all by himself? Check. Always be nice to everyone, especially girls? Check...usually. But......
He wants to ride the school bus. I don't know school bus etiquette!
He likes to be funny. Is he going to be the weird kid at the lunch table sticks carrot sticks up his nose just to get a few laughs? Oh!
What if he gets lost coming back from the bathroom and ends up outside?
He wants to be the leader All. The. Time. How is he going to deal?!
8 hours of school seems like a long time for a 5 year old to be away from his mom. Right?!
Goodness. This is going to be an interesting last month.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Treat For the Ride Home


I live 6 miles off a highway in the middle of a valley. For those who know Indiana, it's a pretty flat spanse of land--cornfields as far as the eye can see. Where I live, I too see cornfields, but placed between two mountainous hills that stretch for miles. It is Brown County, isn't that what it's known for?

The road I live on is windy (as in wine-dee). Although houses run along the road, it is a lonely ride home--especially at night. In one area, there are no houses. Only a field, the tree line, and black outlines of the hills up against the midnight blue sky. (You better believe that for the first several months I lived out here, I was high-tailing it at this point. I mean, Big Foot or some crazed hillbillies could have stepped out of the dense woods at any moment.) But, then the seasons changed. Once a dreaded area, for me, has become a treat. If I am coming home in the evening, usually from work on the weekend, it is about dusk and the sky is lit up like glitter.

Fireflies. Thousands of them. They just hover, in this area, right above the stalks and twinkle. I sometimes wonder if the fireflies are there just for me. I have come to look forward to my drive home in the country. It kind of tops off my night, if you will. And hey, isn't that what it's all about? Finding joy in those small and simple things? Even something like fireflies? Yes. I think it's a pretty good start anyways.

P.S. Do you love these shoes as much as I?
I'm in love. But, I'm sensible. I would end up not wearing them--you know how I love my tennies. And for 120 dolla, you better believe my husband would make me wear them to scrub the toilets.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Latest

Oh boy. We're tired. Tired from staying up too late watching the season episodes of ABC's Lost. We are in Season 2. I am glad I never watched it during the regular season as I would have definitely suffered anxiety attacks waiting a whole week to find out what happens next. (Plug for Netflix--it's awesome.) I know, from previews, it starts to get sci-fi weirdo but right now we are just enjoying the mystery thriller that has me turning the lights on when I wake up at night to check on the kids. Seriously.The whole Walt thing? Scary.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Quite possibly my favorite kind of sustenance. They are so easy to make, not really needing an exact recipe and the flavors are endless. Here's a few that I've been making.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Syrup
Vanilla Yogurt
A sprinkle of sugar
**I've been blending the ingredients first, then adding ice. My blender takes care of ice-tray size cubes, but party ice works really well, too.

Vanilla Yogurt
Sprinkle of Sugar

Vanilla Yogurt

Vanilla Yogurt
Orange Juice
**You can add strawberries to this one, too.


Take That, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Since my return to the mid-west I've lamented what I used to see on every corner in the South.
*Smoothie Stores*
My personal favorite--Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Mostly found in strip malls and home to lots of yummy frozen concoctions plus light sandies and THE. BEST. COOKIES. EVER. I, being the selfish person I am, reserved this special space for ME ONLY. When the kids went to bed, I would slyly slip out the door and most of the time head to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, then hit the bookstore down the road. (I was a law widow, what else could I have done?) Yeah, I know. All you mommies out there with just one baby are thinking, "How could she...". But let me tell you--when you have 3 in 3 years, we can talk.
Upon my return to Indiana, I was fearful that it would be a long time before I saw Tropical Smoothie Cafe again. I was wrong.....right down the road, albeit in the next town, there is a Tropical Smoothie Cafe! I was pleased and made a mental note to swing by next time I was in town alone. But guess what? That day has yet to come--because I am never alone anymore. The next town over is just too far away to bee-bop out the door like I used to. (Plus, I live in the woods so it's dark and scary.) I could take the kids. Yes, this is true. But, at 5$ a smoothie? Unless it's going to be a special treat, I don't think so. Sigh.
So, since it is July and it's starting to get hot--I broke out my blender. In the last week, I've made more smoothies than I have eaten all year. I'm saving money, making them on my own, and that makes my husband happy. But are they Tropical Smoothie Cafe worthy? Definitely. And the best part? For once, I am sharing them with my kids....and that has proven to be way better than I thought.
Want to see my smoothie recipes?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An Ultimate Date

So I've been seeing another man on and off for about 10 years. Our "dates" are physical--he makes me sweat and really gets me going. We usually meet at night, after the kids are in bed, but sometimes we have morning or lunch dates....really, whenever I can make time for him. Afterwards, I usually just lay on the floor and wish I hadn't done what I just did, but I feel great when, a little later, I feel that familiar burn.

Last night, though, was another story. I got half-way through our date and then I choked. "I cannot do this anymore," I told him, but he kept saying "You CAN do this" "You're doing great", so I listened. I tried, but my heart just wasn't it it. I heard Travis call from the next room, "Dude, turn it off--start tomorrow--let's go to bed. Too enticing. I then said to the other man, "My children really wore me out today and my husband is going to bed. I'm sure you understand, meet you tomorrow?" I promptly hit STOP on the DVD player and Billy Blanks faded to black (no pun, intended).

This is the DVD I was doing. It was really hard. 89 minutes of ultimate kickboxing. Or as I like to call it, "a date with Billy". I recommend it.
And I just realized the "familiar burn" sounds like an STD, but I meant sore muscles. You got that, right?

Monday, July 6, 2009

So I learned a lesson.

After me and my family became blind and deaf and my youngest child maybe traumatized for life and every one's neck is sore from looking straight up, we learned a lesson:

Do not sit a mere 75 yards from where the fireworks are let off.
One would think we had enough common sense to know this, but I persisted we sit on the bleachers along the football field to get a sense of a "real show". We got it alright. Bryce pulled his hood over his eyes and put his hands over his face and then fell asleep. We're still not sure how he managed. Triston covered his ears and buried his head into my side--but still peeked and then warmed up. Jackson sat on Travis' knee and yelled "Whoo-Hoo, THAT WAS AWESOME!" over and over and over until we had to tell him to shoosh. Travis and I were delirious from lack of sleep, which made everything funny. For me, at least. Travis kept asking why I was laughing, especially when he made me watch some crazy {unfunny} video on youtube when we got home. Back to fireworks: I regretted that I left my camera at home, it was a really good time. You know, except for the blind, deaf and traumatized part.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th.

"And I'm proud to be an American,where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,who gave that right to me."
By Lee Greenwood
Seriously. That song really does say it all.
Happy Birthday, America.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Am I Listening To?

The playlist that I'm listening to, right this second, as I'm combing through the week's news and 400 pictures that have waited patiently for months to come off my camera:
If I Were a Boy --Beyonce
Time to Say Goodbye--Andrea Bocelli
2 AM--Anna Nalick
Better Is One Day--Kutless
Screaming Infidelities--Dashboard Confessionals
Johnny & June--Heidi Newfield
Like a Star--Corinne Bailey Rae
Dream--Priscilla Ahn
Imagine--David Archuleta
Flightless Bird, American Mouth--Iron & Wine
You Raise Me Up--Selah
Wish You Were Here--Pink Floyd
You Are Holy--Newsong
Banana Pancakes--Jack Johnson
*Can't Help Falling in Love--Elvis
*Don't Stop Believin'--Journey
One of those nights that slow steady music remedies just right.
What are you listening to?
*Two of my most favorite
P.S. If you haven't combed through the news yourself, you should. It's kind of crazy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Tidbit.

When someone asks my favorite color, red comes to mind first. But, when I really think about's blue or maybe yellow or maybe even green. No, not green. It's Blue.
In an on-line giveaway recently, the blogger asked everyone their favorite kind of shoes. I wrote heels, but when I really thought about it (after the fact)'s most definitely tennis shoes. (...I do really like heels, too, but I can't stand to be in them any longer than I have to.)
I always say I'd like to buy a bunch of sundresses and skirts to wear all summer, but I don't know why. I really just like bermuda style sweats and tees with flip-flops or work-out attire (with my tennis shoes, of course). But, on some days, I tell Travis that I'm going to start dressing for the part, now. Wear suits and pearls, even if I stay home, to get prepared for when I run for mayor. like 30 years. Seriously. I'm serious.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1st.

Heat. A Bright Yellow Sun. Swimming Pools. BBQ. Juicy Watermelon. Sparklers. Fireflys. Fresh Blueberries. Smoothies. Synthetic Coconut. County Fairs.
If I could take a month long vacation, it would be during the month of July. There is something special about this mid-summer month, no?

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