Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

On This Friday Morning.

Two little ones woke up with low fevers derailing my lunch plans with this chick, who I have literally not seen at all since high school. Probably the only time EVER I find a babysitter so readily available, and I have to cancel because of sick children. It is just not right, ya know?!

My mother in law went to a Wal-Mart in Tennessee and asked the workers if they carry Coco Motion. They say, "OH! You just missed it! We sold every last one we had YESTERDAY FOR $5.00!" What the heck?! In the end, someone found me one. I think. So says Travis. But, I bet not for $5.00.
Every Monday, for like 3 months, I have worked. Every Wednesday, for like 3 months, I have not worked. Jackson's birthday is on Wednesday and I just happened to get scheduled. COME ON!

I'm waiting for someone or something to say, "Gotcha".

Seriously....say it already.

In other news, Dillon and his parents are heading to Peru tomorrow. They will arrive early Sunday Morning, and the surgery is scheduled for Monday. He'll have a couple of days to recuperate and will head back to Florida on Thursday. I want to thank everyone who read and forwarded his story, gave donations, and prayed. Dillon could use some extra prayers now as they face the travel and surgery. Again, from our family, thank you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just My Luck.

It was on its last leg anyway. But, I have to say, when the cord was burned by an open flame on our gas stove, I was a bit....devastated. I became even more devastated when I checked on-line and discovered that my local Wal-Mart doesn't carry this item, it's out-of-stock on-line, and there isn't one within a 100-mile radius that has it right now. I became desperate when I discovered there isn't many other places to buy this product, on-line or otherwise.

It will be a sad, cold winter if we don't get this machine.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update on the Sickies.

After a brief--too brief for how much he charges--doctor's visit.....

It's a double ear infection.
We're thankful it's not something worse. I usually don't do meds for ear infections, but this one has got to go.
Here's to making our children better!

We've Got the Sickies.

We've got a sick one in our household. Triston developed a fever at just about the same time we arrived home from the apple orchard/pumpkin patch. It went into Sunday, then Monday, and now Tuesday. Fairly ambiguous symptoms--fever, cough, sore throat and chest. I finally caved and made a doctor's appointment for today. Several have brought up swine flu--but I really think it would be more dramatic, if it were that, right?

Who else has the sickies going around their home right now?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How Firm a Foundation.

I'm preparing a lesson for Sunday, using this article. It struck a chord and thought I'd share. Don't be afraid to read it, if you aren't from my faith. Jesus Christ's Gospel is universal (whether you are religious or not) and I'm positive it will strike something within you, too.

The Winner.

Miss Morgan Hood, a friend that lives too far away.

She and Katy knew the correct name and what it was used for.

Send me your address, Morgan, and I'll get it sent your way!

More importantly--after 5 little boys in our family, we are getting a little girl. She'll be here sometime in February.
I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Review and Giveaway.

I'm not quite sure what the appeal is....but I just love fondue. So I got a fondue pot from this store--they sent it to me in an exchange for a product review. I chose this set because I wanted a pot that was mobile, something we could take to the table.

The 17 pc. set included a stainless steel stand and pot, fork guard, 6 forks, 6 ceramic plates, and a ceramic insert functional to use with cheese or chocolate, and a fuel container (the fuel is sold separately). It all nests together in a neat little box for safe and easy storage.

So I got the fondue set out tonight. I made a chocolate fondue with chopped bananas, apples, and animal crackers for dipping. And then I realized fondue with an open flame isn't really a good idea for kids--my kids, anyway. Everything went fine--better than expected, but I was kind of nervous the whole time which didn't make it as fun as I thought it would be.

The pot, however, is a great addition to my kitchen gadgets. It was easy to store, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to put away. The only disadvantage to this set is that you have to buy the little burner things separately.

I recommend it. You can get yours here.

Speaking of kitchen gadgets, I got a new one. I found it at Goodwill, brand new, for two dollars. Tell me the correct name and what it is used for and I will randomly select a correct answer to win a giveaway! (I can't tell you what the prize is--it would give away the answer!)

I'll let you know who the winner is on Thursday!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Can't Believe This Happend to Me. ***Post-Edit

****Please do not read this if you think I am a decent lady OR if you are a guy and we go to church together. I'm serious.****

I have a phobia of using public restrooms. With all the statistics out there about fecal matter latching on to purses and the thought of who-knows-what diseases lurking in the corners--I just don't like it.

Thursday night we met my Dad and his wife in Columbus for dinner. "Golden Corral", they suggested and even though the very thought made me a little sour, we weren't paying, so we agreed. Looking around the restaurant, I was put at ease. It was exceptionally clean and the food looked clean, too, which is always a plus.

This is actually pretty good," I said finishing off the last bite of a pre-mixed Caesar Salad. And really, it was. We finish eating and visiting and it's time to go. As soon as we hit the parking lot, I felt a rumble in my stomach, but we still had to make it to Kohl's and Wal-Mart, so I quickly squashed any thought of sickness.

Travis suggests we skip Kohl's since we had all the boys with us. "Nonsense," I say. "You go in and take your time. I just have to take these blinds back to Wal-Mart and get the right size. The boys can go with me." Looking back--this was my death sentence right here.

So me and the boys go into Wal-Mart and because I have to go to Customer Service and I only need one thing, I make all the boys sit in the shopping cart. We go to the CS line and it hits me. Whatever-I-just-ate-body-don't-like-e diarrhea hits me, just like that. I'm in the customer service line and I start sweating. My stomach (or intestines, rather) is cramping so bad all I can do is grit my teeth and try to act like a normal person. It's my turn with the Customer Service Manager and I don't even know if I can make it to the counter. I found all the inner-strength I could muster and move forward. Jackson starts standing in the shopping cart and all I can do is glare at him and hope he sees the fury in my eyes that is screaming for him to sit down because all the energy I have is focused on two things: 1) NOT pooping my pants right there in the Customer Service line, and 2) just getting through this conversation with the CS manager.

CS Manager hands me back my money and I bolt, shopping cart and all, to the family bathroom located in the back of the store. I pulled the entire shopping cart, full with three very confused little boys, into the family bathroom and....well....go. The whole time Triston, who is the loudest five-year-old ever, is saying things like, "Mom? What are you doing? You can't take the whole cart in the bathroom. Do you have diarrhea? Mom!" I should have been humiliated, but I didn't care. I am a little humiliated now--but I'm pretty sure this has happened to everyone, right?

I would love to write that that was the end of the story, but it's not the end. Once I got the right size of blinds, we made our way to the check-out counter. It hit me again, twice as hard. I double-over and inch my way to the debit card machine to pay and Jackson starts hanging over the edge of the cart swaying it back and forth. All I can do is whisper at him to stop and a million and one punishments start going through my head. But I swear, none of them would have been good enough for what I was feeling. At that point I actually think to myself, "I can't make it to the bathroom. It's over. I'm going to have to just do it right here". The lady barely hands me the receipt and I take off again, shopping cart and all, back to that family bathroom. This time there is a team-meeting or something taking place so several employees are standing in the way of the door. In the midst of trying my hardest to move as quickly as possible without completely pooping in my pants and shooing Jackson back in the cart, I start to hyper-ventilate a little because I am afraid the team leaders are going to use me as an example of what is not okay to do in Wal-Mart. Fortunately, they didn't.

Seriously--I didn't care. Brad Pitt could have been standing outside the door and I wouldn't have cared. It was that bad. So while this whole experience probably hasn't cured my fear of public restrooms, it has made me appreciate them. A lot.

I got the kids in the car and mentally checked off 'Worst Experience of My Life".

As for Travis? He strolled out of Kohl's happy as a lark. No kids to struggle with in the store and no life-threatening diarrhea. He was just fine. (No, seriously, he tried to take the older boys with him but I insisted they go with me and then he felt really bad.)

So why am I telling you? Because it is hilarious and this is the kind of stuff that just happens and you can't do anything about it, so you just laugh, too.

Feel free to share your most embarrassing moment. It'd make me feel a lot better.

***To add to the level of embarrassment, I just realized that Travis just happened to post my blog address on his facebook with the invitation to "check it out for cute pictures of the kids and some entertaining stories" Seriously? So hello to all of Travis' friends from high school and probably some colleagues, too. I just lovvvve making a good first impression.

A Naughty Gene?

This little boy must have a naughty gene. As soon as he wakes up he starts trying to lick me or one of his brothers, he will knock over chairs, jump off the furniture, steal pickles and chocolate syrup out of the refrigerator, ect. ect. ect. I taught him how to say, "I'm naughty" and it is the cutest thing in the world. He walks around saying,

"I Not-E"...but he says it in a scary growling voice.

I'd like to know what kind of deal I made with God to get children this interesting. You know?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Potty How-To's.

Triston in spring of 2006

My potty-training tips:
Don't wait too long--I don't know if you have this problem, but my kids looovvve to disagree with me. Bryce will be two at the end of November and has done the opposite of what I say for the last 4 months. So right now, when I say, "Let's go potty!" He says, "No!". Sometimes I say, "Bryce do NOT go potty" and he does it. ....two year olds will be the death of me.

Throw out the pull-ups--In my opinion, Pull-ups only prolong potty training. Of course, there are times when they come in handy, like, when you have to go somewhere and when your child refuses to put on a diaper, but still pees while they are sleeping. During potty-training, I always have my kids in underwear when we are home. Get a good carpet cleaner--they will have accidents, but it's important for them to learn that wet underwear feels gross against their body. It only takes a few times to realize that they'd rather just stay dry. Or, sometimes I'll put a diaper on over the underwear. They will still feel the wetness, but it won't get on your carpet.

Start a routine--I start training as soon as they wake up. The first (or second or third!) thing we do is go to the potty. If they don't go right then, come back in 10 minutes and try again. You can usually tell if they've already gone in their diaper after they have woke up--it will be warm. If that's the case, give them 20 minutes before you take them. If you've given them something to drink, take them 20-25 minutes after. If they don't go, take them every 10 minutes until they do go.

Stay consistent-- This is the most important thing. I always say that potty training starts when the parent is ready, not the child. It's difficult to interrupt what you are doing every 10 minutes to take your toddler to the bathroom, but, potty-training will not be a long drawn out process if you do it this way. I will say right now that I am not very consistent with Bryce. (Right now he is wearing a diaper and watching a cartoon.) But, if you can commit to a couple of days to focus on just potty-training, they will have it down. But, it's up to you to take your kid potty--at least for the first couple of months.

Expect accidents--Remember, they are not even two, or are just two. They will have accidents. They've been going in their pants since they were born. Even after they are potty-trained, an accident may happen.

Have an arsenal of tricks--Have books, DVDs or whatever that will help your child connect what you are saying. Also, I always use M & Ms--it's classical conditioning and I don't care what experts say about rewarding with food. If they go potty, they get an M & M. It works. Also, I don't know how well this would work for girls, but it's always worked well for my boys. Sometimes, especially at first when they don't want to use the potty, I will pour a cup of warm water over their pee-pee. They always pee. I will do that then say, "okay, your turn" and then they will do it. Maybe it helps by association with the water going into the toilet? I don't know, but it helps. I always talk about how big they are when they use the potty. Praise works great. too.

My boys have always peed in the potty before they pooped in it. To get them to poop in it, I really play up changing their diapers. "I will say how yucky it feels", "how stinky it is","how big boys poop in the potty", ect. Eventually they will want to poop in the potty.

Finally, every child is different. Maybe these tips don't work in your house with your child. I hate changing poopy diapers after they start pooping like an adult. I don't like buying diapers and I don't like having dirty ones around. So, for me, I want to get it over with as soon as possible--but if you don't mind all that stuff, your kid will be just fine if you wait awhile.

Good Luck!

How'd you do it? If you've got any more tricks up your sleeve, please share!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hhheelllllloooooooo, October!

My favorite month started today!

Happy October!

P.S. My potty-training expertise coming soon.

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