Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Magical Night.

rolling in at home depot at exactly 5:15 am, i was skeptical. we hadn't really found that many great deals in the 11 previous hours of black friday shopping. but i went anyway, because my husband wanted a bench for our front porch and i thought i could find it there. i was wrong. plum sold out of every last one since, like, labor day. but i happened upon this lonely little tree box and grabbed it up, really just to look at it and probably to put it right back. but it the size i was looking for - 7.5 and it had berries and pine cones on it - which i have always liked. it was not, however, pre-lit. so i started to put it back until i saw the sign...reg. price $150.00 black friday sale price $49.00. okay, i can totally get the lights!

and now we have a christmas tree. because ours was ruined in the flood.

and we put that tree together and it was the most magical night of any that we have ever had. we listened to christmas music and drank hot chocolate and helped each other put each ornament on the tree. and then we sat down together, as a family, underneath it and read the christmas story by tree light to prepare for the upcoming holiday.

okay, i am totally lying. it was hectic as usual and i may or may not have ended the night by saying, "everyone just get to bed right now". bryce was crying because jackson kept taking the ornaments that he wanted. triston was jumping around because he really likes to put up christmas trees, he said. and jackson just kept saying that he didn't do anything wrong every time i pressed him about why bryce was crying. lily was barking in the next room and nash just wouldn't hush because he is mobile now and heaven forbid we try to put him in a bouncer to keep him from picking up any of the pine needles and eating them. travis got a work-related call and was on the phone for like a bajillion hours and then i realized i didn't bring enough ornaments up from the basement to cover this tree. while i was gathering more...and let me just say here..thank goodness for my mom who has kept me in rich supply of her christmas rejects. because my house looks pretty darn festive right now and I'm pretty sure she owned almost all of it at one time. anyway, while i was gathering more in the basement all i can hear is lily still barking, nash still crying/screaming, the boys starting to run back and forth and laughing like wild animals - which gets me every time. not in a good way. when we they get that?! and travis, well, he was still on the phone. and laughing, which made me more pissed.

i tried to maintain some sanity throughout all of this but the kicker was when triston jumped on our love seat and into a pile of empty boxes that sent them scattering in every direction and a few bulbs fell off the tree. in hindsight, it really wasn't such a big deal, but all that noise makes me crazy. we were done anyway, i just had a mess that i wanted help with, but ultimately decided i would fare better on my own. so up to bed the boys went...and as punishment i told them they couldn't brush their teeth. i was only kidding but they sort of freaked out which made me happy because I was pretty sure before that they they would go to bed without doing it if i didn't make them. and then, just because triston is sneaky, while we are brushing he slyly asks, "but mom, aren't we going to say  a prayer?" he likes to point out when parents aren't being that nice by reminding us of the gospel. too bad for him, we had already had our family/night prayer before the whole christmas tree business because i knew something like that would happen.

so after everyone was in bed. i got the pleasure of cleaning up the mess. because suddenly travis was too sick to help do anything else. what? but it is true. he had a fever and everything so i really couldn't be mad and then he stayed home from work today and at one point asked if i really did hate him because i wasn't babying him enough? i just laughed.

so, the tree is up. there is no rhyme or reason to it, but the kids put the ornaments where they wanted and was really proud of that, so I left them alone.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh, Yes.

Fall is rolling right on out of here. And I am assuming it is the unseasonably warm temps, but I am okay with that this year? So on with the Christmas decor. And speaking...how many glitter bulb ornaments is considered too many? I'm thinking you can probably never have enough because what you don't use for your tree can surely be used on perfect white platters just sitting on your table, or in beautiful glass dishes sitting on a side table or fireplace mantle. yes? i thought so.

BUT....before we move on with the glitter. I should get this one in. Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. There is such a thing and the best thing to do with them besides just stuffing them in your mouth is plop them right down in your hot chocolate. They perk your chocolate right up.

Get them before they are gone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss Lily-Pie Breaks Her Arm. Or, uh...leg?

I guess I don't know the proper usage of limbs on animals. In either case, she broke an appendage. And it was awful.

Last Tuesday, Election Day. I came home from dutifully working the polls for several candidates. I did my rounds in the house and tied Lily out on her tie-out, which she normally loves. Not too much later I heard yelping that sounded....not good? I ran downstairs only to find her sitting there staring at me with that look that only a bulldog can give.

That could not have been Lily, I thought to myself. But when I turned my back on her to get my shoes, she wents nutso crying a cry I had never heard before. I ran out there to un-hook her from her tie-out and like a shot she ran into the house (which was mystery clue #1...she usually waits for me to walk in first.) and mystery clue # 2, she ran....on three legs. I followed in behind her and watched her nearly collapse in the kitchen floor, I suspect from pain.

I called Travis and told him something was wrong with her. I thought dislocation and started prodding around on her arm and received a gentle bite and she started crying again. Which is interesting to me. When Travis came home he started prodding and squeezing and moving her arm back and forth and I didn't hear one peep out of her. I guess in her mind, he is the alpha around here and maybe she thought if he knew she was hurt she would be a goner?

Oh, the psychology of doggie brains.

Let's just get to the point: This little accident cost us a whopping $2,000.00.  The diagnosis was a spiral fracture to the femur, a result of getting tangled up in the tie-out.

$2,000.00 dollars. Can we talk about that for a second? When Jackson broke his arm it was about the same price to have it set and casted for 6 weeks and he is an actual human. I am still kind of in shock because...well, she is a dog. And I know a lot of people have high emotional attachment to their pets and a lot of people even treat their pets like children and that is wonderful, but I am not one of them, so I was pretty surprised and pretty pissed. I called several vets to see if they would just set the bone the best they could and she might have to limp a little...but apparently I am a scumbag for even insinuating that option. No one would touch it and just sent me on my way to an orthopedic surgeon to put a metal pin and wiring in her arm. And dole out a $2,000.00 vet bill.

So now she looks and acts like some rescue dog that has been abused her whole life. She has to wear a cone for the next 2 weeks. Half her body was shaved for a 6-inch incision and she has a pretty thick limp. And she is filthy. I can't give her a bath until the staples come out of her arm, so I've resulted to baby wipes. Of course, she doesn't realize any of this because all she wants to do is jump on us and run around and act crazy - which is prohibited until that bone is healed. Because as much as I love Miss Lily, and my husband, she isn't getting another $2,000.00 surgery.

I hope this post didn't make me sound like a dog hater, like my husband called me. Because seriously, I love her. I was just...surprised at the whole situation - including several people who acted like we maybe felt indifferent that Lily was hurt. And a vet that questioned our story of how she got hurt. But. Any reservations about puppyhood I did feel before this happened, are gone. I may not think of Lily as my child, but I do feel more compassion for her. And I feel happy to take care of her and make sure she gets better. We're happy to have her home!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Christmas List.

Just take a look at these little cuties. I know. I could just eat them all up..which I usually do and sometimes they totally hate it but I'm pretty sure they secretly love it. Especially that little Brycer.

And now, my 2011 Christmas list. I'm not this greedy in real life.

Oh, the novelty. This.

One of these. Super cool or what?

And this.

And this, which I've wanted for like 50 years. But maybe this one instead? Hung horizontally, though, behind my dining room table? Yes? Yes.

And lastly, (but it's FIRST on my Christmas list, even though I will probably end up buying it for myself like 2 years from now)....is THIS. And yeah, I know I said I would NEVER buy in to this kind of thing, but I just got an elliptical and I can't read AND swing my arms back and forth with the handles now can I? Plus..it's just cool. And I really want it. Please?

And most definitely THIS. I mean, it's only $3,000.00 dollars. (but seriously, I would totally do this. The mommy flab would totally disappear!)

My little blog is going private at the end of the month, so get me your e-mail addresses if you'd still like to follow!

Peace out.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey There.

I haven't posted in, like, a month. There is a reason. A few, actually.

The first one is that October is a crazy month for us. Lots to do and make. Lots of end of the season outside play and halloween/thanksgiving/christmas projects overload. Not to mention I always start Christmas shopping in October, too. AND every year I think I am going to make awesome hand-made gifts for everyone. I usually start that in October, too, and abandon it by mid-November.

The second is that I found and fell in LOVE with Pinterest. And I only have so much computer time in a day's time, you know. Fellow pinterest members will know what I mean, here. :)

The third and biggest reason is that I started getting some weird e-mails from a dude who wanted to flirt with me. Whhhhahtt. Yeah, I know. At first he posed as a fan of my blog (red flag right there) and would ask me questions about recipes and such but then he just got to the chase and flat out said he thought we could flirt back and forth since it is on-line and no one would find out. Yuck, yuck, and yuck. And then when I politely declined he sent another e-mail telling me about his "relationship" with his wife. More yuck. So I sent him back an email full of expletives and blocked that mother.

But, it made me hesitant about writing anything for fear of who is actually reading my blog. I have ads on this little blog of mine, and always have the idea in the back of my mind that I could one day be like PW and make like a bajillion dollars off of my blog. ha ha, not really. But because of the ads I am contractually not allowed to go private. Well guess what? I made a total of 49 cents off of those ads last quarter, so I am totally going private. In ya face Foodbuzz. (But I still totally love you)

I would love to keep anyone as readers - even if I don't know you. But you can't be creepy and you have to love my kids, because I am going to start posting more about them: they are growing up so fast! And recipes will still be a staple because hello! Last time I checked I am still 10 pounds overweight because I just can't stop eating.

So...send me an e-mail: clowers_1@hotmail.com OR leave a comment with your e-mail and I will add you to my private party.

And I will leave you with a link to the recipe for easiest, yet messy Chicken and Dumplings that I made last night and it was...well, pretty awesome. The only thing I am mad about is that there isn't any left over. :(

Courtney, I saw you had this pinned, too...go ahead and make it. You will love!

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