Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Kind of Advent Calendar

I have wanted to make an advent calendar for a few years - there are some seriously cute DIY ones out there from all those super crafty type. This year, I even started checking out tutorials during the summer. But when it comes down to it, I just don't have the desire to   wrap and stuff 25 toilet paper rolls and hang them up like it's something amazing. and i just don't have the patience for sewing. and it is pretty common for my brain to have a great idea for a craft project and then my hands don't get the message and it turns out all wonky.

but...i still want to do an advent calendar for the boys for two reasons: to have a tangible countdown that they can see for themselves and more importantly, to keep the reason for the season.

so here is my advent calendar:

it is just holiday printing paper from walmart. on the front i listed numbers 1 -23 on the back is something to do each night leading up to christmas. Some of the days we will do something like make a treat and take it to the neighbors or going to our local christmas parade, visiting elderly, going as a family to buy gifts to donate, ect.  but most of the days we will read parts of luke chapter 2 (which is the christmas story in the bible) or watch a christmas movie at home, read christmas books, or make christmas cards, ect.

it is not pretty and not crafty, but it is something to help remind us of why we even celebrate christmas.

and this little boy turned 4 yesterday...

i have to say our time home together during the day is pretty fantastic. we mesh well until i tell him it is time to clean up. he hates picking up and usually i have to tell triston to stop picking up for him. he is pretty stubborn, too. triston and jackson were eager to learn and write their names and bryce wants nothing to do with it. i have to force him to write his name, which he can do if you can read chicken scratch. i am actually surprised he is pretty smart because working with this kid is not fun. and he tells me he is never going to school. happy birthday little brycer.

ps. he totally needs a haircut. actually all of the boys do.

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