Thursday, January 26, 2012

grossed out and in love.

grossed out:

triston got a microscope for christmas that came with live shrimp eggs. we finally got around to hatching them and the above picture x 100 is now living in a petri dish on our kitchen counter. i am completely grossed out. of course, the boys -especially triston- think it is the coolest thing ever. and in order to foster that curiosity and education and love for science, i am keeping mum about not liking it.  and so it is with a house full of boys. i am sure i will have many more 'not liking it' moments in the years to come. if it benefits them, though, i will happily do whatever.

in love:

Pinterest Logo

don't we all love pinterest? its slogan should be 'making lives easier and better', right? i made some bbq chicken in the crockpot the other day from a recipe i found on pinterest. it. was. amazing. and since i haven't been keeping up with the recipe aspect of this blog - here you go!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

a happy day

i am a week behind, but since one of my resolutions this year was to document more of my children, then i guess i should add this:

on mlk day we went to our local children's museum. i am not a huge fan of this museum because the very first time we went there, a couple years ago, we lost bryce and he was a new two year old. our mistake, obviously, because we went on free family night and everyone and their mom was there (quite literally since it is a kid's hot spot) (okay, lame joke). but, seriously. now i, being the calm one in our union, went straight down to the first floor where the only place kid snatchers could escape is located: the front door.

so i calmly walked downstairs and scanned the front door and then went straight to the front desk and told them what was up. immediately, there were a swarm of security all talking back and forth about what he was wearing, his hair color, ect. and i noticed that another security person went to the front door and just stood there. great minds think alike, no?

anyway, they found bryce in a matter of minutes and all was well. except travis. and to this day, he still hasn't gotten over it. what he needs is just more faith in the mom role. look, us moms know this stuff. we live it - everyday. and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only mom that makes mental notes of all her kid's shirt colors before we leave the house and starts scanning the room or  playground as soon as we get there for suspicious persons or weirdness. am i right or am i right?

of course, you never want to lose your kid. scariest feeling ever.

so anyway, two and half years later we decided to go back to the museum and we had a much better time this time.

can i get one of these in my house?

i did the art work myself. bryce is supposed to be spider-man. sorry kid.

playing the cow bells

there is a dinosaur that was supposed to be in the picture, but you can't count on your husband to have the same "artistic eye" when it comes to photos, now can you?

funniest part of the day. travis says he wants to carry nash around in the bjorn. i have no trouble getting it on and getting nash in it - but trying to explain to someone else how to do it? especially a man? let's just say: people were staring. and smirking.

but he was all smiles!

it was actually a really fun day and the museum had all kinds of tid-bits and info about MLK, which i was happy to discuss with the boys. they, of course, didn't really care, but one day some of the things which MLK stood for will be important to them as well and maybe something i read to them the day we went will stick out. good thing we celebrate every year.

and as a finale: this is why we will never have drums in our household.

Friday, January 20, 2012

i never figured out how to turn it.

in honor of this little guy's first trip to the e.r., i'm posting a video of him.

(really, it is just because i just figured out how to do it minus the fact that it is sideways)

(and i wasn't being mean to bryce in the video, he was attacking me)

(and nash got the bottle asap)

(and the e.r. trip proved to be nothing - he is fine)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

if i were a smoker, i would've needed a cig.

there are no pictures for this post. this is a picture of lily to show how much she hates the camera. she. flips. out. similarly, though, and relative to this story - this is just what she looked like while she was trying to eat the tires off my stroller.

so maybe it was the giant handfuls of chocolate animal crackers that i ate today or maybe it was other stressful events that i will delve into later - either way i felt a walk calling my name. but, i was babysitting today and us hoosiers know how cold it is outside. no walk for momma. :(

as the day wore on, the urge for a walk became stronger. i called travis to see if he could make it home from work before his 6:00 meeting. no. i thought of calling my babysitter across the street to come over for 45 minutes, but did i really want to shell out 10 bucks just because i needed some outside time? no. plus, she probably had basketball practice anyway.

so, i bundled up the boys and took them for a freaking walk is just what i did. i have a coat for nash that i've never had to put on him. this was the perfect opportunity to finally use the coat i thought he would need this winter. it is one of those that has the detachable fleece jacket on the inside - so i knew he would be extra warm. only he wanted no part in putting on his nice warm coat. the whole time i was wrangling him to put it on, he was kicking and screaming and throwing a huge fit. at last, i finally got him in it and he looked like ralphie's brother from a christmas story.

only, think baby. anyway, i put bryce's scooby-doo hat on him - which is a full face mask with ears and only an opening for his eyes. i wish i would have took a picture, because it might be the cutest thing anyone will ever see in their whole entire lifetime, but between him screaming, the dog going nutso because she knew we were leaving, and the other three chasing each other around the house - we had to leave right then or i would have had a coronary.

i got nash in the stroller and suddenly he was fine. whew! we were going to make it after all! as we started down the block, the boys started dancing, singing loudly, falling off the curbs, running through people's yards, ect. and the dog went straight for the tires on the stroller.

pandemonium.  i mean, have you ever tried to push a stroller with a 70 lb. dog biting at each and every roll of the wheel?? you can't move.and she is stronger than me, so my only hope with her is that she listens to me, which she usually does, not today, though. with a few jerks of her collar and the meanest voice i could muster while looking like i had everything under control - i was in my neighborhood after all - lily stopped chewing on the tires and the boys started walking instead of acting like escaped mental patients. we were going to make it.

...until we rounded the corner and this grouchy dog started mouthing off to lily. she went berserk-o. not in a mean way, i could tell she wasn't offended in the least. she just really loves other dogs and other people and i know she just wanted to make friends. and by that i mean she was dancing around and her ears were down and her tail was wagging like 500 times per minute. but. this dog was not having it. of course, the boys took the opportunity to act all crazy, too, getting up in lily's face and baby talking her - but in the loudest voice possible telling her that the other dog was mean and we don't like that dog and it's okay, lily, ect. ect. ect. oh. my. gosh. nash started to scream again and i am positive i had a desperate look on my face. we only had one more corner to turn and we'd be home free.

and of course, this little...set-back...ruined all the hard work i had put in to get lily off the wheels. she went after them like crazy! and then there were like 40 cars (actually only 4) passing us and my neighbors were looking out the window at all the craziness on the street in front of there house. i mean, we were the only people walking in the freezing cold. and we had a nutso dog and a crying baby.

we looked ridiculous, i am sure.

so lily ate the tires the rest of the way home. in my defeated state, i didn't even care. the boys danced and sang loudly and fell off curbs and ran through people's yards and nash cried, but we made it home.

all i wanted was a freaking walk.

now, all i want is an early bedtime for the kiddos and an oreo brownie earthquake from dairy queen.


oh. other stressful events today included: bryce stalking me the entire day trying to get ahold of my kindle fire and he drew a bright orange beard on himself with a marker that isn't coming off. triston and jackson got in a HUGE argument over lego people. nash pooped like 5 million times today and stuck his hand in it. and the dog. always the dog. nash's screeches, and he crawled all. the. way. up. the. stairs and was on the second floor before i ever even knew it. when i finally found him he had a pretty pleased-with-himself look on his face and threw a fit when i took him back down stairs. this one is going to be a hellion

and as i was typing that last sentence, my inner-voice was just now saying, "and are you surprised?"

nope, i guess not.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a surprise!

i had SO MUCH fun doing this. courtney is one of my oldest friends and already the momma of two gorgeous little girls. in just a few short weeks, she will get to experience the joys of a boy! a friend of hers and i got together to host a little surprise shower for her and since i am not local, abby made all the plans to get courtney to the arranged place. of course, surprises never go as planned and courtney was trying her best to get out of the "lunch date". our back-up plan, in case she did cancel -her husband was throwing up, after all, was just to tell her. luckily, it only got as far as - "you're going. we're coming to get you. dress nice".

i think she was surprised - tears and all! and it could not have been in a better place - a bakery/cafe called sweet stuff . it is the cutest little place with delicious food and gourmet cheesecakes of every flavor you could ever imagine. and some of courtney's close friends and family was able to celebrate with us.

anyway, i was so happy to do something like this for her. courtney is such a sincere and genuine person and such a great mom. i can't wait to meet baby abrahm!



ps. and in case you were wondering...the little onesies hanging in the banner were from this etsy shop. i emailed the owner 6 days before the shower and told her my dilemma - that i had procrastinated and had neither a gift or decorations for this shower and how fast could i get the onesies. she mailed them out the next day! very reasonably priced and oh-so-cute! check her out if you can't sew, like me, but like the hand-made look.

pps. in case you were wondering about the privacy of my blog that i mentioned 2 months ago...i received over 70 e-mails of readers. some i didn't know, but most of them i did...but wow. i can't believe at least 70 people are even interested. probably for the recipes, which i  haven't been posting because i am in the biggest dinner slump of my life. nothing sounds good. but, i am working on it because my family is starting to protest. so hang in there. oh, and i think it goes without saying...i don't have time to in-put 70 individual e-mails into, let's just hope my stalker isn't a reader anymore? and if there are stalkers out there - just don't contact me.

Monday, January 16, 2012

the "wrecking ball" clowers brothers

true story. that is what they call themselves. i just signed them up for another season of wrestling and bryce made it on the team this year. we probably won't let him wrestle opponents - just learn the techniques and mess around a little. but good golly, check that face out. triston and jackson act pretty goofy, but the little one - he is trouble. 

...but he is a pretty big sweetheart, too. i know i've said this before but our days together are just about the best thing ever. well, until this one started getting an attitude:

bless his heart. he is trying to transition from baby to baby/toddler, but just isn't doing too well. he is almost walking but doesn't quite have it yet and he is furious over it. so, in the last few weeks, his most peaceful hours are when is he eating or when he is sleeping. good thing he is oh so adorable.

don't worry little nash. it won't be long and you will be calling yourself a "wrecking ball" too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

just make it to the hamper and we'd all be happier.

next to the couch in our formal living room

actually sitting on a a bookshelf

under the couch in our formal living room

in the shoe closet

on the basement floor

in the corner of a bedroom closet...just missed the hamper.

I am just documenting for posterity's sake here. the boys constantly say they can't find clean socks and well, this is why. i find them all over the house - in the places photographed, and then the places not photographed - behind the couch pillows, stuffed down inside the couch, behind beds and dressers, behind the toilets??, and just about everywhere else you can think of. it drives me NUTS. let's not even talk about how many lonely socks we have that don't have a mate. at least the dirty underwear makes it to the hamper. I don't even know that something to be happy about?! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

these two are growing up together.

  i love it when the kids start doing things on command. i don't have any pictures of this, because anytime you want your kid to do something so others can see he is clearly a genius, they balk. parents, am i right or am i right?  at 8 months, nash is waving at hello and bye-bye, playing peek-a-boo...and maybe saying it? and clapping his hands. he is pulling up on everything, walking behind his little toy thing,  and letting go to take off by himself. only he just falls - with hands out front, though so he doesn't hit his face. pretty impressive, no? he says da-da when he sees travis and ba-ba when he wants a bottle. and he says hi. he mimics a lot of what we say - except ma ma! he is d. o. n. e. with baby food. he literally throws himself back in his high chair and flips out if we try to feed it to him, with the exception of sweet corn casserole and rice. ha. this morning he had bits of banana, sausage, and a biscuit. he takes his food very seriously. and of course, loves his brothers like nobody's business.

and then we have our other baby - lily. she is actually the spawn of the devil,  i've decided. at 7 months she chews on everything and is starting to bark at everything. which isn't so bad - it's why we got her - so we would know if someone is lurking. she has no interest in her own toys but goes from thing to thing in our house and tries to eat it. especially nash's toys. he has a little plush elmo that she is just dying to get a hold of. and, right now she is trying to eat my computer. but, she lets the kids roll all over her and lets nash pull on her ears and snout without even an inkling of grouchy-ness. except a few weeks ago when she had the flu and was walking all weird. true story! she didn't like it then. she is completely potty-trained.  she can sit, speak and lay down on command. she will come when you tell her to unless she thinks something better is going on. but one time a little kitten was mewing at my door and one of the boys let lily out. i thought the cat was done for but when i said "come, lily" she stopped right away and came back to me. and all she wanted to do was love on the cat anyway. she is a big baby. she gets the metal pin out of her leg in 3 weeks! that large lump on her shoulder will go away once it's removed. hooray. and i would love it if people stopped asking if she is a pit bull. "hell, no"! i say back to them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

does this scare anyone else?


i had a really cute video to post of nash saying peek-a-boo and being all cute. it will have to wait, though, because blogger is being stubborn, not unlike  my dog, lily. or my children, for that matter. why must everything in my life be met with such difficulty?! uuuuggggghhhh.

so, in the meantime, is the above picture bothersome? i was casually snooping around fox news -looking for the new hampshire mitt romney speech ....YES! - and found a link to an article called 'scrawny to beefy'. well, jacob - aka taylor lautner - was featured first and i am just not afraid to admit that he is really the one who caught my eye. but then, woah! they tricked me.

anyway. it's pretty disturbing. no. it is really disturbing! why does this guy have eyeliner on? ick.

also disturbing: the previews for some new scary movie. i don't even want to type the name of it because it. is. that. scary.  and i fully intend to head up some kind of committee to get these things off prime time because it is totally messing with me when i wake up like a bazillion times during the night.

seriously, if you are paying money to see some of these scary movies that are coming out - i have to ask you the question: what the hell is wrong with you?!

oh. well, here is the video i found. i have been a fan since i saw him speak in 2008. he inspires me. but more specifically his wife inspires me. i tend to gravitate to moms of all boys. she survived! and while watching cspan one night i heard her tell a story that really resonated with me. she said that while mitt was traveling with work, she stayed home and raised her sons. when he called home he would often hear the exasperation in her voice and would remind her that her job was more important than his and what she was doing mattered more than what he was doing. and that is true. us moms (and dads) (working or not) have the hardest job in the world - raising/teaching/nursing/helping/ect. actual people who we want to contribute to society one day and be happy and successful and have their own little families  - that is no easy feat. it was just reassuring to know that this man knows his values and i believe he will help restore and protect our country. plus, my husband says the same thing to me - and i believe it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

bryce, the artist.

oh, blogger, you make me so mad! i can't figure out how to turn the photo - even though i already did it...

ANYWAY. bryce sweetly drew this picture of our family. and then he described it to me. I am the big one with the scribble of hair. and i've been thinking about this for a couple of days...did he draw me as the big one because subconsciously he sees me as the in biggest part in his life? I am his mom, after all. but it might be more likely that I am actually the biggest one in the family. as in - fat. the kids have asked why my belly is still big 8 months post-nash.  it was confirmed to me days later, though, when a neighbor ASKED WHEN I WAS DUE. i am not lying and i  kind of want to egg her house. Just in case she reads this - I'm just kidding. and also because my husband so kindly reminded me that that particular act is illegal. (come onnnn. i am just kidding.) easy mistake...i was wearing a pretty big sweatshirt, the kind with the front pocketa and did i mention i am on a diet, now?! like, a real crazy one. thanks for boost of self-image, neighbor. :)

back to the drawing. i do have a smile on my face - that has to be good, right? but, triston is pictured as the enormous eyeball with legs.


and travis is the single line next to me.


jackson is the cone-head and nash is the little one, also with a little scribble of hair right on top.

well, i love his little drawings. and i love spending my days with this little side-kick.


the other day i let him play on my new kindle fire. you know, the people at amazon really have it figured out with their "one-click" purchasing. the kindle won't run without it being hooked up to a credit/debit card. and then if you have any ounce of impulse buying, or you accidentally slide your finger over over the touch screen and hit the purchase button.., OR your child is supposed to be playing angry birds but then ends buying 2 seasons of scooby-doo in HD that costs $100!

i will let that sink in for a second.

i don't even, i can't even, process why or who or what. why was scooby-doo $100?!?!

anyway, amazon was awesome and as soon as i called and told them my dilemma, they refunded my card. and my kindle is now password protected. whew!

but, as a side note. the annual christmas lists work! i received three of the five things i listed. and i felt very spoiled, but not spoiled enough to stop writing the lists. maybe i will start on a birthday list, too?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sundaes on a Monday

by far, the best thing to do on the eve of going back to school after christmas is to have a sundae party. even better  if it just happens to be the coldest day of the winter season thus far and the winds are audibly howling outside. and maybe a flurry or two swirling around, too. you've got to have just the right ingredients to choose from: ice cream, of course. we stuck with french vanilla. whip cream, sundae nuts, sprinkles of all sorts, crushed up oreos, hot fudge and caramel sauce, and for the top: a single red cherry. we're the traditional type. oh, and you should definitely invite some friends.

 and when did caramel get so good? yes, please. i always thought of myself as a chocolate kind of girl, but on the second day of the new year, it seems the tides are changing, my friends.

Monday, January 2, 2012

12 months of awesome.

january - travis starting his new job as county prosecutor. for sure the fruitation of all our hard work campaigning through 2010.

february - girls trip to st. louie and meeting miss pioneer woman.

march - watching my boys wrestle in the cutest little outfits ever. EVER! and a surprise baby shower for me and baby.

april -  mr. nash man on the 21st. the best part of 2011

may - adjusting to four kids - don't even remember this month.

june - lazy summer days playing outside and in the pool and cooking out with friends and family. and running a 5K (and i also got hurt) :(

july - independence day (my favorite holiday) and gaining a new family member - miss lily pie. oh, and hello! shark week! plus a 3-day mini-vacation sans kiddos in french lick.

august - our 8th anniversary and let's be honest: kids back in school! a really fun back-to-school camp out

september - i assisted coaching cheer leading while my oldest two were coached by t-bone in football. good family fun, right there. and F.A.L.L. - yea!

october - birthday month for us, a weekend stay in brown county, trick-or-treating with friends in our neighborhood.

november - the cutest pictures ever of my boys, our first snow of the year, and a memorable black friday all nighter with my mom.

december - record for most whirl-wind month of the year - our advent calendar and spending time with family and friends for the holidays.

we had a really great year. there were a few downs, but mostly ups. i  got really lazy towards the end of the year with this blog and i wish i wouldn't have because i have so much fun looking through the year, i can't imagine what the kids will think when they are older. so i am going to try to post/update more this year. a resolution! actually, my resolution is to be more organized - just in general - and i think all my other goals will fall into place. but can i just say we ended the year with happy healthy children, a great marriage, a warm home, great jobs, awesome old and new friends, and our lovely families. we have too many blessings to count and we could never be grateful enough. and to top it off on the last day of the year, it was 55 degrees. someone upstairs loves me.

happy new year!

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