Wednesday, February 29, 2012


whole grain oats, a swirl of honey, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and walnuts - as per my health magazine, which i love love love. now, if only i could adopt a healthy habits throughout the rest of the day...maybe I could lose this last 15 pounds. :(

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast Burritos for Dinner

sometimes i feel like giving up on feeding my family healthy meals. someone is always complaining and i won't lie - sometimes that person is me. i wouldn't file this recipe under healthy per se, but it isn't completely horrible either. well, we could have done without the hashbrowns i suppose. i only have a handful or two of recipes that are really healthy AND taste really good AND everyone likes it.

 and so my search continues for the perfect recipes for my family. in the meantime...

8 eggs
8 flour tortillas

these are the necesary ingredients. and then add whatever your family won't hate you for!

spinach, green pepper, ham, mushrooms, cheese, green onions, salsa, tomatoes, sausage - whatever!

i used diced green onions, diced ham, and cheese.

serves 4-6

scramble your eggs with your chosen ingredients and add salt and pepper. once the eggs are scrambled, set aside. use about 1/4 cup egg mixture for each tortilla. place mixture on one end of tortilla, fold the sides in and then roll up. place in an oven-safe dish and top with cheese. put in oven until warmed through - about 10-15 minutes.

serve with potatoes and cut up fruit. don't forget the chocolate milk! ...and ketchup. i totally forgot to buy ketchup and the boys were not happy. but ketchup is nasty, so i try not to buy it until summertime when we grill hotdogs and hamburgers. right?! who's with me on this?!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

i may be prone to marital strife, but will he even notice since he is easily confused? :)

you have to love the chinese zodiac signs, or animals, or whatever you call it. although, i 'm still pissed i am a boar. a boar! c'mon. not cool...i want to be sometheing sexy, like a dragon or tiger. is that too much to ask?! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

in which the dog thinks she is a human.

oh, that miss lily just cracks me up. the best is when i walk into the living room and she is sitting on our couch that very same way. this morning, she has been watching fervently out the window at a blown over trash can. each time the wind blows, the trash can rolls and she goes nuts. dogs are so funny.

ps. when did i decide it was okay to blog about dogs? lame.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

chocolate covered cherry cake balls

i've had several people ask for this recipe, so i thought i would share. don't you hate it when people  won't share great recipes? oh, it just drives me nuts. and let me just tell you - if you are one of those people, one day you will probably be making your secret recipe and then find yourself eating it all by your lonesomes. OR, on the other hand, maybe you will take your secret recipe to the bank and make millions off it. either way, you won't have any friends. no one likes secret recipes.
now, let me warn you: this recipe is delicious. so, if you eat like 20 cakeballs you can't blame me.

remember this recipe? it is amazing and is also travis' favorite cake, so i based this recipe off of that one. i had no idea how it would turn out and thank my lucky stars it worked out so in the very least i would have something to blog about. ha.

start with the above recipe. (i made two cakes, which made about 70 balls.) just make the cakes according to directions and let cool. do not make the topping.

after completely cooled, crumble the cake as much as possible in a large bowl. i bought chocolate frosting, but if you have a chocolate frosting recipe that you like, use it. I used one and a half containers for the two cakes. scoop out your frosting into the bowl and mix well with the cake crumbs. mixture should be really wet and have the consistency of really thick frosting.

once completely mixed, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and stick in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. once chilled, it will be thick enough to roll into balls. using a tablespoon, scoop out cake mix and roll into a ball. it is really messy, but i always say hands on is the best method!

after rolling each ball, place in a container (and you can stack on top of each other if you need to) and cover really well with plastic wrap and stick in the freezer. i didn't have time to make these from beginning to end, so i had to have them rest in the freezer overnight. i would imagine that if you wrap them well enough in the plastic wrap you could leave them in there for awhile. but don't quote me on that one.

and we're ready to dip! get some good melting chocolate: i like godiva melting chocolate best, but sometimes you just have to use the cheap stuff and it works great, too. get 2 regular chocolate almond bark and 1 white almond bark.

set an oven-safe or glass bowl over a pot of boiling water and set your chocolate in. remember not to get any moisture in the almond bark because it will get all funky on you. you can press down on the almond bark while it is melting and it will start to melt a little quicker and then just start stirring it around until it is a big bowl of chocolate heaven. and seriously, if it doesn't make you just want to take a bath in it - you've got problems. ;)

once it is melted, throw one ball in at a time. using a spoon (and professional people probably have a better method here, but whateves. we're lucky this even worked out, remember?!) gently push it around in the chocolate and spoon chocolate over it until it is well covered. then, scoop the ball up on the spoon and with a fork, ever so slight, push it onto wax paper - that you should already have laying on your counter. oops...i probably should have already told you that step.

do this as many times as it takes to get all the balls dipped. once they are all dipped, the very first ones should be starting to get hard. i lifted each one up by hand and just dipped the tops in the chocolate once more. i mean, technically at that point you can say they are hand double dipped - which makes you sound all fancy and like you know what you are doing.

after all the balls are dipped a second time, put a few blocks of the white almond bark into a gallon size ziploc and microwave for 45 seconds. it won't be completely melted yet, just take it out and mix it around in the bag with your hand, on the outside of the bag - don't be stupid, and then pop it back in for another 30 seconds. when it is ready, mix it up completely and then snip just the tiniest little corner off the bag with scissors and pour little stripes of white chocolate over each ball. really, i only do this part to camouflage my misshapen and deformed balls - and it really works. people don't even notice how weird they look. or maybe they do, but no one will tell you otherwise.

and we're done! you can let your cakeballs set out on the counter until serving time, or place them in a container and refrigerate or freeze. i like mine cold, so i always put them in the fridge.


and for those who were wondering: 

i did get my haircut! if i ever try to grow it out long again, someone stop me. but wait! are my glasses always crooked? 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

10 pins down and vday.

february 4: bowling on a saturday afternoon.

one pin to go...

super competitive jackson came in 4th place. he was bummed.

sexy man.

bryce spent most of the time on the floor.

 happy day.

and then...

valentine's day.

i actually hate valentine's day, but this year was pretty fun. i went to help out with triston's school party. and his little girl friend ( girl. friend. not girlfriend because i said so) gave triston a big hug before she left and said all demure and shy-like "happy valentine's day, triston". his face turned red and said to me later, "uhhh, i don't even know where that came from". he tells me she asks him all the time to be her boyfriend but he tells her he is too young for that. good boy. ohmygosh before i know it he is going to be liking girls. noooo.

jackson, on the other hand..well, let's just say i am anticipating the worst for him when it comes to girls. he is girl crazy already and only in kindergarten. he gets extra prayers.

anyway. i gave travis everything he always asks for on vday- a really clean house, an awesome meal, and all his shirts ironed (a day late). plus a little extra ;) . and he gave me elton john tickets. nothing says i love you like elton john. AND, they are 2nd row elton john tickets furthering my idea that putting stuff on the blog works! hooray!

i made chocolate covered cherry cake balls for t-bone's office - which was loaded down with sweets already. oops. and chocolate covered strawberries for my lovely family. then i waited tables and thought i was going to die. if only i was a little meaner - i would have walked out on the job. peoples were CRAZY and i was busier than ever. and i was missing triston and jackson's first wrestling meet - which they won! 

recipe for chocolate covered cherry cake balls coming....

ps. that last post got all wonky on me so i deleted it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i mean, who does that?

i find myself saying that a lot. because, well, come on - there is a lot of stupidity out there. and, yesterday i was saying it about myself, which i definitely do from time to time. except usually it is because i've said something completely ridiculous to someone i should have not been ridiculous around. now that i think about it - i actually did that yesterday, too.

anyway, in an effort to look half-way presentable for the day, i was using a flat-iron on my hair before my kids left for school. not a good idea anyway because the mornings can get crazy around here. i had everyone downstairs eating and nash was playing on the floor beside me.

so what happens? i actually clamped my face - MY FACE - in my flat iron. who does that? please tell me someone else has done that. so yeah, i have a huge burn on my jaw line from where i clamped right down on my skin instead of my hair.

now, i totally blame this on my children. these boy children, to be more specific. boys can't just sit and enjoy whatever is going on. the need to explore or hunt or find an adventure is ingrained just too deep and i have yet to have a boy baby that will just sit there and lovingly play with a baby toy. no - it's always been the trash can getting tipped over, or pots and pans clanging together as loud as can be, or using their mattress as a sled down the stairs. okay, that last one is really for the older ones, but it is all just the same. nash is almost walking which means he is in settling into this lifestyle phase really nicely.of course that last sentence is code for: he is in to absolutely everything. and while he was scavenging my cabinets i was starting to get annoyed with all the items that were plopping out on to the floor - not just a box of tampons, but all the contents inside, a whole bag of old make-up turned upside down and scattered about, stacks of previously folded washcloths now laying in clumpy piles - you get the idea.

so while i was doing my best to ignore him just until my hair was straightened (because i only had a certain number of minutes to do it and could pick up the mess later) it just wasn't happening. i gently pulled him away from the cabinet while my other hand was holding the flat-iron that was holding my hair. i don't know what happened next, i just know that somehow i clamped my face and my freaking skin was sizzling.

it's really not that bad. but it might look like i am involved with a meth-ring? at least my hair covers it if i need it too, okay, which is never because nash constantly pulls my hair and i want to freak. out. so i wear a boring pony tail every day, which is actually why i am going back to my short-hair roots and bringing back the bob. never mind all the fantastically cute hairstyles out there on pinterest with the braids and big waves.

i mean, who has time for that anyway? i am just trying to focus on getting these boys raised without burning down the house and on on myself not burning my face off. seriously, who does that?!

Monday, February 6, 2012

5 weird things that make me cry.

1. flash mobs. i know.

2. the national anthem. always. especially before a game - even if it is just a high school game.

3. the season finale of lost.

4. christmas songs. my favorite; little drummer boy.

5. absolutely anything if i am really tired.

Friday, February 3, 2012

friday potpourri

Lost World of New York
first of all, check out this. ah-maz-ing. oh, the history. i can hardly stand it!

next up: sad. as in, seasonal affective disorder? i get it every year, about this time. except this year it has been super warm and only a dusting of snow. so why am i still feeling it? it's not as bad as it could be, but it is there just the same. i've come to a conclusion, here. it is just....february. the month hates me. but something tells me we can't have the ups without experiencing the downs. true story.

and thirdly, this isn't a shameless plug for my church. i'm a huge killers fan. like, my boys could sing all their songs by the age of two, type of fan. i've never thought brandon flowers was a looker, per se, but seeing a dad loving on his kids is kind of really hot. and that smile, oh my.

and while we're talking about music: OHMYGOSH. elton john is going to be in town on march 20th and if i don't get to go to that concert, i will die. do you hear that husband, parents, in-laws, anyone who knows me? i will die. who wants to come with?

ps. for dinner i made ham and cheese roll-ups. the kids went koo-koo for it. i wouldn't make these all the time, because they're not too healthy, but having these on a lazy, cold friday night was just right.

crescent rolls
sliced ham
swiss cheese slices

open the crescent rolls and roll out. keep the two triangles in tact so that you have four separate rectangles. top each one with sliced ham and a slice of swiss and roll up. bake at 375 until golden brown. i added fresh spinach to mine. serve with veggies. this is hardly original, but whateves. the kids ate. it. up.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

iPhone Dump 2019

In January, boys 7th grade took home conference championship Disney on Ice with Emma  Pretty meager winter, we...