Monday, December 31, 2012

last minute nye party noise maker

if your kids are  bored today (and why would my kids bored with all their new christmas gifts?!?! another post for another time! :/), like mine are, and won't stop fighting long enough for me to clean one room, like mine are, - put them to work making new year's eve noise makers. all it takes is a finely decorated tp roll, staples, and some dry rice. easy peasy. i am hoping our guests don't mind too much, because the boys won't put them down. but, it remedied the above problems wonderfully, AND they even made one for each other instead of for themself, so they can shake the heck out of them as far as i'm concerned! :)
again, happy new year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012


a christmas morning picture. things are usually too hectic to get everyone smiling, to get my camera on the right settings, everyone wearing a shirt, and everyone in the picture all at the same time. but, i snapped this one of the kids at least (and then later, one of all of us - previous post) so it counts. my efforts count.
they don't care too much about my picture efforts, but they loved my super awesome mom efforts when i took them sledding! our sweet babysitter (who lives right across the street!) texted me that her dad was going up to the golf course to make trails and asked if the boys would like to come. it only took 15 minutes to get them dressed (which is like, huge!). little nash was napping and seeing how he is a rotten little toddler right now, i can't really see him feeling like he missed out on something. did i say rotten? i meant ROTTEN. but, oh, he is such a doll and so sweet at the same time! toddlerhood. sigh.
so we trudged across to the golf course and bryce was concerned that he might not make it because the snow was almost up to his knees, but we got there and had a blast. the boys got some tips on how to snowboard from miss abree's brother and sled (slid?) until their little hearts were content. everyone had a ton of fun and i didn't even mind the snow! that is truly the christmas miracle, right there.

what a fun day.
happiest of new years.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

christmas letter?

oh, shoot. it is already almost christmas. i am pretty sure the common theme throughout 2012 for me was, "where has the time gone". someone please tell me how to make it stop?

i had to post a picture of my tree for peace of mind. this was the night i put it up and now, 3 weeks later, half of the strand of lots around the bottom doesn't work and half of the ornaments have been ripped off by a spastic toddler. i can't figure out why the lights don't work, but let me tell you - it is driving me bananas. finally, today, i just took the whole strand off the tree and am planning on replacing it tomorrow.

so here is a run-down of all we've been doing the last few weeks:

travis - work. work. work. young men's. work. and let me just tell you - he is kicking a at all of it. love that guy.

triston - little math-whiz and singer in the house. elite wrestling club is dominating our life, but he loves it and is awesome. spends a lot of time lately reading and drawing. protector of baby bro.

jackson - nose-picker and tattle-tell. school lover and basketball player. reading & doing his big bro's homework. oh, the fights it starts. thoughtful & always has a hug waiting for you (but if he is mad at out).

bryce - new attitude (not a good one) & battle expert. always setting up a battle & knows every super hero ever imaginable and tells me every stat he can think of. eager to tie his own shoes and cries every time i tell him to get dressed. wants to live his life in pajamas & is never going to school. - those were his words.

nash - won't let me feed him at all, but does well feeding himself. fit thrower, mischievious tree wrecker, asks for chocolate milk every morning and cries when he doesn't think i poured enough in his cup (seriously?) terrified of the car-wash & train lover. favorite thing to do is read books and oh, he thinks he is hilarious.

boys overall - constant noise. constant motion. constant crazy.

me: just trying to keep up. primary president, head room mom, home-preschool teacher, and just about any other role you can think of. often exhausted. i spend a lot of time wondering what the heck just happened.

i feel like i just wrote a christmas letter. which reminds me: i have a stack of 60 christmas cards sitting on my desk. i bought them last year and just added a pic of our family and now i just don't want to even send them out. i have no desire to finish them and i especially have no desire to sit down and address every single one of them. so, i am going to be all rogue here and do an internet christmas card. maybe, you know, if i can find some time around here before the big day. AND if the world doesn't end on friday.

but if i don't see you: merry christmas!

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