Sunday, September 22, 2013

Point of View.

This ^^^^ was my view at one point this morning. The kids and I were in the middle of an epic game of hide and seek and I was tucked away beside the guest room bed and the wall. These boys of mine were in it to win: they conducted a complete clearance of every room and were equipped with weapons - a jabbing stick (an old hobby horse - minus the horse - that we use for a door jammer in our sliding glass door), a toy chainsaw, and a super hero shield that doubled as a blunt force object. It took them a while to find me beside the bed because I had previously hid in closets, behind shower curtains, and behind furniture, so I had the chance to watch them in the hallway  all trailing each other, weapons in hand, carefully manuvering and working together to find their target. And of course, when they did, screams of excitement filled the room and I basically got jumped - including a few jabs from Bryce with the stick. But, I was laughing to hard to stop them or get away and as they piled on, it just got funnier.

We went on to have a beautiful Sunday: celebrating a family birthday, a 4 mile walk on a trail through the woods, a nice family dinner, and almost! finishing a seriously good book. 

Word of the day: blessed. 

Ps. If you're the praying type, prayers for an internet friend tonight? She just found out she lost a baby - 10 weeks along. As I read her story, I wept again for my own babe we lost last month. She described the same strange stillness within the ultrasound room. That will be the one detail I will never get over. God speed, Angi.

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Hard Being 9.

The note reads "I will stop being grumpy. I will stop saying rude comments. I will stop listening to Hot 96. I won't have a smile on my face but I will be happy."

This was my oldest boy's punishment yesterday after he was rude and mean-spirited to his brothers several times within the hour. And then grumpy, disobedient, and borderline disrespectful to me while I was trying to correct him. He had to write ways he could change his behavior - serious bummer for this kid because he hates to write things over and over. (i.e. - spelling words) 

Hot 96 is a pop radio station in our area. Whatever is out - miley cyrus, maroon 5, robin thicke, katy perry, ect is played. Not to mention DJs that say some pretty inappropriate things. It is ultimately my fault that my kids even know about this radio station - sometimes it's just on in the car and if it is a song that doesn't have bad words or bad meanings (which is few and far between) I'll let them listen. So when I discovered the older boys listening to it in their room, I immediately said no. And of course, I was met with pleas and lots of complaining. So I made an agreement with them: they can listen to it as long as I am within hearing distance so I can monitor what they are listening to. And as far as I know, they have kept their part of the deal. Except for yesterday when Triston was told to go to his room after being rude to everyone. I went to his room to tell him to come out and he had the radio on listening to Jamie Fox's "Alcohol". Not okay with me. 

A part of me wants to say "just teach him the difference btw right and wrong. Use these bad songs as a teaching lesson" - and believe me. We do. Because you just can't escape everything. But a bigger part of me realizes that I cannot compete, on a secular level, with Hollywood. I can't compete with the catchy & fun songs that glamorize alcohol & drugs, casual sex, skanky women & men,  the me-me-me and entitled attitudes that have been adopted by the masses in this nation, and the ridiculousness of twerking and immodesty that pop music endorses. At some point that's going to be pretty enticing. 

I have these four precious little sons that I know are destined to do great things. And this kind of junk just doesn't fit in the equation. so, sue me. I'm going to be a strict mom on this and probably a whole lot more. I am expecting to get every kind of complaint and hissy fit - especially as they get older. Probably from other adults, too, because I know it seems silly to some - or, a lot - and people love to hear themselves talk. (me, too. I am blogging, after all.:) )

My kids will fail, mess up, & make stupid decisions because hello?! I still do it on the daily, myself. we all do and that is part of growing up and learning. But they certainly don't need the added insight from a culture of immorality. All I can do is love them more and pray harder and keep crap like that out of my house. 

If you're wondering - the writing helped. It's been filed into my arsenal of mean mom tricks.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

chocolate-pumpkin brownies. uh-huh.

Chocolate-Pumpkin brownies. I was totally inspired today and whipped these babies up courtesy if Pinterest. Visitors for dinner have that effect on me: inspired desserts and cleaning like there's no tomorrow. I've sort of mastered that last one. 

Anyway, they were delicious. Not too rich and perfect for September. Next time I am going to add some kind of cinnamon icing. It just feels right.  (okay. so this was my last hurrah. see previous post)

Here's the recipe

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Death by bobas.

Those little pink balls are bobas and they are delicious. But, just in case you were wondering: it is possible to have too many. 

Orange leaf is our favorite frozen yogurt place in the city. Probably, because it's the only frozen yogurt place - we're still catching up to the rest if the world. So we got OL, because we heard they had new dividers for your cup and Hello?! Had to try it out. Here's the verdict: while a novel idea, you can't do as many toppings in each little spot and your flavors start to seep through the bottom of the dividers anyway, so it could become a disaster. You can't have butter pecan and coconut mixing, ya know? But, it's a good way to get more than one flavor without making multiple trips through the line and then lying that your second purchase is for a friend. I've never done that or anything.

Here's what I have pictured: 

 Chocolate with strawberries, blueberries & almonds -my classic go to ; white chocolate strawberries with strawberry bobas - delicious, but rich and seriously, those bobas will get you if you have too many ; birthday cake with fruity pebbles & gummy worms just for funsies - delicious. 

Fyi: If you've never been, it can get pricey, especially if you have a bajillion kids who like to get as many toppings as possible (and that is the fun part) - you pay by how much your cup weighs. Avg cost: $5-$6 per cup. 

And anyway, this was my last hurrah, because *public announcement* I have to get this extra weight off of me. For good. I've got a good 20 pounds that is just there - hanging out since Nash was born 2 1/2 years ago.

So - Here. We. Go. :(

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a weird addiction.

So this cute little boy pictured here is also very rotten. And completely obsessed with crocs. Not flip flops, or tennis shoes, or church shoes, or any other kind of shoe - just crocs. He has his own crocs (because seriously, who doesn't put their  kids in crocs during the summer?!) but literally, Nash hordes the other boys' crocs. Hordes them. Not even lying. 

When the cousins come over to play, they ask me to put up their crocs because they know Nash will either wear them and try not to give them back or hide them so he can I'm guessing wear them at a later time. It's completely weird and we all crack up. But guys, he isn't laughing about it. 

This past weekend, his little addiction came out in full force. While my nephews were staying with us, they had their shoes put up in our guest room closet. Crocs. Nash knew their shoes were in there, so he would try to get to the shoes if we were all upstairs. (If you are thinking, what the heck??!, you are in good company.)

Sunday morning rolls around and because nothing is ever easy with an independent-minded two year old, Nash throws a holy hell fit in the floor. I'm trying to get things together still and the boys are out in the van already. Nash runs upstairs and things get real quiet.

Like a mad woman, I'm still getting things together and rush upstairs to get this little stinker when he is no where to be found. I called his name and hear a faint little "whut?" behind a closed door. It's the guest room door and it's locked. I run around to find the little key thing to pop the lock and open the door to find Nash sitting on the floor with Logan and Camden's freaking crocs around him. His own shoes and socks are off and he is just sitting there with other people's shoes. I snatch him up, say F his shoes at this point and hurry to the van...little Nash screaming the whole time. 

I buckled him in his car seat, more like wrangle him in his car seat, and head to church. Nash's crocs were in the van so he settled for those and we went in. 

Normal kids might have dropped it at this point but Nash went on to try to get Bryce's crocs off his feet during Sacrament and you guys, he had determination in his eyes and I'm just completely bewildered over this. Bryce finally kicked him off of him and somehow we finished church and went home. 

And then...

While I was getting lunch together, Nash goes missing again. I figured he was in the guest room again, so I opened the door and it's just quiet - no Nash. I called his name - no response, which is unusual for him. I run downstairs - no one knows where he is. I start to panic a little and my sister in law says, "Jen, he's up here in the closet". 

In our guest room closet we have a filing cabinet to one side. There is a tiny space between the closet wall and the filing cabinet.

 Guess where Nash was and guess what he was wearing? 

He had gotten in to the closet, snatched up the crocs, shut the bi-fold closet doors, scaled the filing cabinet, and was hiding in that little space, wearing my nephews bright green crocs, holding my other nephew's crocs in his hands and looking up at me like, "what? What's the problem?" 

Macy and I were mostly wondering how the heck he accomplished that, we only found him because after I walked back downstairs, Macy heard some rustling. 

But, seriously. 

Hilarious or scary? I mean, it could go either way at this point. If he grows up to be a productive member of society,we reminisce and laugh. If he grows up to be a serial stalker, preying on people with ugly rubber shoes, then this is a red flag. 

Maybe because I am over 30 now, but life with a two year old is quite an adventure. 

Maybe it is this two year old, the croc lover. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day is for Sissys

I'm just kidding. I fully support Labor Day. So much, in fact, that I usually have all sorts of laborious jobs for my littles to complete. 

But, not today. 

Today they are getting a day of movies (transformers is on tbs, hello!) and video game playing by way of my kindle fire and my brother's old DSi (thanks, mom), which pretty much never happens so they think this is the greatest day of their life. 

We're not a video game family. We had a wii at one time and I just hated the way it transformed my kids. Constant fighting. Constantly talking about nothing except wii games - ie. nothing of importance. And the way they acted after games were done was ridiculous. It didn't last long. 

S l o w l y, they've creeped into our house, but they stay in my possession until they get permission to play them. So, for now, i think it's an ok deal. 

And what am I busy doing while the kiddies are playing?!

Still working away on this wallpaper. Have I mentioned how much I hate wallpaper?  And how much I hate painting walls even more???! 


But, if you are going to do this horrendous work on a national holiday, do it while listening to the Lana Del Rey station on pandora. 

I am new to the Lana del Rey fan club, but I am LOVING this girl. 

Ps. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the disturbing fetish story. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Post a Day

Today is September 1st and I'm really excited about that even though in the last week our outside temps rocketed to high 90s. 
I'll be working on putting some pumpkins and fall decor out this week and of course heading to Michaels craft store to get my favorite pumpkin scented room spray - even though it is probably poisoning us, at least my house will smell amazing.

And since it's the 1st day of the month and I'm trying hard to be a good little blogger, I've set a goal to blog every day for the whole month. Yikes. Which means I've got to come up with some interesting stuff to write about. 

Today, I can write about primary. 

Two of my little students, which happen to be my nephew and my own child.

Today in primary we talked about how we can serve others. And I'll be honest: I didn't prepare the lesson this week, like I should have. I briefly looked at it last night and gathered together the stuff i needed to teach & the stuff for the kids (scriptures, paper, crayons, ect) but I prayed about it this morning and asked the spirit to guide. 

And you guys, the stuff that came out of my mouth wasn't even from my own thoughts. It all came together so perfectly and the kids were taught a great lesson. Not from myself, but from The Lord and that was pretty darn amazing. And then my Jackson, who was miming "clothing the naked" in a charades game in front of the class looked at me with a look of terror and asked, "do I have to take off my shirt?!" And everyone died laughing. I remember thinking that stuff was funny as a kid, too. 

Oh, these primary kids are just so sweet, even mine, who are those boys that get in trouble every week. I am so happy I get to teach them (mostly be taught by them, actually) each Sunday. 

Come back tomorrow to learn a disturbing story about the weirdest fetish ever. (Don't worry - its not inappropriate. It's about crocs, like, the shoes.)

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