Sunday, November 24, 2013


Sunday night planning sesh this week includes making lists for a thanksgiving meal we are hosting one day after Thanksgiving day, ingredients for a dessert I'm bringing for the actual Thanksgiving Day feast, and food/stuff for a Ninja Turtles birthday party just one day after it all. And regular grocery shopping. 

And another list for things to get done around the house. First up: get the foyer finished. It's been half painted for 2 months. Have I mentioned how much I hate painting?! It's not even that big of a job. But, I swear it makes me feel like I have ADD. Get our guest room ready, organize a few closets and start going through toys. Get a fold out table and extra chairs. Plus, it got cold overnight!! I have to pull the fleece out for my kiddos.

And finally, a list for Black Friday shopping. I'm half done. Almost there. Christmas is right around the corner. 

And that reminds me: I need to pull out the decorations. 

I usually kind of hate this time of year: the hustle and busyness, the cold, all the stuff, but I'm really excited and happy and just grateful to do it all this year. You never know when you won't be able to celebrate these happy times with the people you love. 

Ps. I want to add and black uggs Ansley slippers to my Christmas list. That's not asking too much, is it?! 

(I'm joking. It is!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Annual Christmas List -2013

My SIL reminded me that I haven't written my annual Christmas list this year. I feel sort of silly writing it this year, more than in years past. It's always been just for fun but this year I really just want my friends and family to be healthy, happy, and without so much adversity. There seemed to be a lot of that this year for a lot of people close to us. ...and maybe more time with just my husband. :)

But anyway, here's the stuff I've had my eye on.

This.  All white. Plus, the shams.

One of these. Or something like it for my kitchen. I'm an iTunes radio LOVER. It's on all day.

THIS. THIS. THIS. I've been waiting all year for it and I think my Mom got it for me? I. Love. Her.

Babysitting coupons?

Orange Leaf, Barnes & Nobles, or Hobby Lobby gift cards - I always need another reason to go to these places!

AND - my lost wedding ring to be found. It would be a Christmas miracle.

New Addition to the list: Travis.

Ammo. or guns with ammo. :)

gift cards: dick's sporting goods & strictly shooting

or this.

and this movie. hmm.


What I Want to Remember About Today.

While the elder part of the nation will remember the 50th anniversary of the JFK shooting today, I felt prompted to write down a few of the things I should remember about this time. My boys are growing so quickly - literally just so fast and time is slipping away. Triston suddenly doesn't like action figures anymore like Avengers or Spider man. I'm kind of scrambling at what to buy him for Christmas. He had more fun handing out candy this year during Halloween than trick-or-treating for it and didn't even really care about a costume. He begs  me for his own room and wants to watch football instead of cartoons. He eats more than anyone else in our house.  I knew this time would come - they have to grow up. I just didn't think it would happen at 9 and it's made me more aware than ever that these hard and busy years will be over before I know it. [sad face]

This morning:

Jackson was going a mile a minute about getting to use iPads at school today, computer lab where they get to play ABCYA because it's Friday, and Gym day. Sounds like it will be a great Friday for him.

Bryce was carrying on about having a terrible life because he can't go to Pump-It-Up AND Chuck E. Cheese in the same day. He is only 5, so I'm going to chalk it up as silliness...but I feel a "did you know most people around the world..." speech coming on.

Nash wanted to be held more than normal this morning - while I was making breakfast and packing lunches. Doesn't he know were on a time schedule in the morning?! :) - He said "I'm a baby, Mom". He'll say that sometimes if he wants held or doesn't want to use the potty or gets hurt or wants me to tell him a story. Other times he says he is a big boy. He will also sometimes call a man or woman a "mommy" or "daddy". Example - we were walking in to Walmart this week and there was a man walking in right behind us and Nash kept saying, "That Daddy is going to get us!"

Triston got himself up this morning and got completely ready without me saying "let's go" even once and grabbed a book that he is reading -The Percy Jackson series. He is working so hard on having a good attitude at home and school after a few weeks of being pretty negative. So proud of the progress he is making.

And it's Friday! Which means a weekend full: a movie, some chores, a few friends, basketball games, church, a birthday party, and getting ready for my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving...and Black Friday Shopping with my girls. There's an Anti-BF movement going on this year and I get it. We go late - like actually on Black Friday - and with nothing specific to get so we're just kind of there and if we see a great deal then great and if not, that's fine too. I have mixed feelings about it.

Alright - well you, whoever has taken the time to read this,  have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eat this.

I made this twice in one week because it's amazing. I found it on pinterest, obviously, because does anyone find any original ideas anywhere else these days?

Anyway, it's delicious. Except, my kids said they hate cooked tomatoes to which I replied, "Good. More for me, Suckas." But, I only said that in my head and made them eat it anyway.


Oh, Hi November.

November 11. This year has gone by so quickly. I can't say that I am too sad about that - it's been the worst year of my life. hyperbole speaking, of course. Actually, no, it really has been the worst year of my life. Some really rotten things have not only happened to our family, but also to a few of my dearest friends.


It hasn't been all bad, as in day-to-day. And if anything, it has opened my eyes in some pretty incredible ways. Silver linings, and all. And all these little kicks in the ribs leave me feeling grateful, and aware, and oh so thankful for a Savior that can pick up the pieces when we can't.


Since it's been sort of cold out lately and I've been sort of not walking great (still!) I've had some extra down time during the day with my favorite two year old and the things he says and does is just hilarious. Yay for me!

Since I no longer carry the camera I just had to have just two years ago, here's some standout moments (and some just normal ones)  throughout the Fall, via my iPhone:

I'm hoping to blog some more soon. I have some stellar recipes to share and late Fall through Christmas is such a fun time. Let's talk Christmas next time, yes?!

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