Monday, December 30, 2013

So Long, 2013.

I'm starting 2 days early: a lovely little diet. I don't usually diet for the new year, but after a solid week of eating the most delicious and fattening food ever, it's a must-do. I'm trying something new: counting carbs, as per my mother-in-law's suggestion. Today was day 1 and I failed miserably: I was scarfing Special K Red Berries by 3 pm. Onward, tomorrow.
Actually, I'm starting the whole 'new year' thing in every aspect early. Christmas d├ęcor, gone. House projects, started. Vacations, on the calendar. Campaign season, in sight. I just want to get moving in a different direction. 2013 was the most depressing year I can remember having. There were personal and family struggles, indeed, but more impactful than my own experiences was watching good friends and mere acquaintances get knocked down one right after another: deaths, illness, cancer, job loss, money problems, addiction struggles, ect. These things happen - it's just a part of life, but the anxiety I developed because of it was unexpected and forced me to process each trial as if it were my own. After all, we are never guaranteed a obstacle-free existence and you never know when one of these seemingly awful situations will fall right in your very own lap. And so, I am learning. I'm still a baby by way of life experience, but I am ever so aware. Needless to say, I count my blessings daily.
So, 2014. I am welcoming you with open arms. And I'm welcoming you with this scripture in mind:
"Be Still and Know that I am God".

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