Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ma Big Familia


This post about big families is sponsored by this giant bowl of Cookie Crisp. 

What constitutes a big family? For us, it was 4. And then 5 just pushed us right over the edge. And with 5 kids, things are just different. 

*you seldom get dinner, or game night, or some other fun invite outside of your very inner circle, and sometimes not even then. But I get it!! It's totally scary to have a whole hell of a lot of kids up in your house when you are used to only a few or none at all. So, your house becomes the house. You know, like to do stuff at. Like, all the time. (thank goodness we're totally okay with that)

*want to go see that new family movie that's in the theater? It's going to cost a bazillion dollars. 

*everything is bigger & therefore, more expensive. House, car, dinner, the electric bill, holidays, ect.

*laundry. Oh, the laundry. It is a never ending chore that just never ends. Ever. 

*there are rarely leftovers after dinner. 

*if someone gets sick, everyone might get sick and it could be weeks before it's completely out of your house. Because of this, I've scared my kids into thinking all germs are like the plague and they all wash their hands like good little boys! But, seriously! (PSA: if you are sick, please stay home. #thankyaverymuch) 

*when we visit family or go on vacation it feels as though we pack up our entire house. And for he love of anything good in this world...why is it SO HARD to find a hotel room for parents and their children without having to buy 2 rooms!

But then, there's this whole other element of big families that is just wonderful and besides the fact that you love each one of your kids because you just do, I am just so in love with our little big family.

*there is always something to do or someone to talk to 
*we always have enough players for any game
*there's extra artwork, homemade gifts, and fun stuff that each of them create
*I always have a taste-tester
*I hear 5 times the laughter
*there's extra hands to help with whatever is needed
*my kiddos have built-in friends
*road-trips are super fun

And I hate to be cheesy....but,

*there's always more love in a full home. It's just true.

I am one blessed lady.

As for the Cookie Crisp - I bought that box yesterday and it is already gone, mostly due to my husband who thinks he is 10 years old when it comes to cereal. BUT, this guy of mine just custom built an in-kitchen table and bench for this weird little nook we have and it turned out awesome, so he can have as much Cookie Crisp as his little heart desires!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

So...About That Last Post.

Let me just take a big ol' gulp of humility here. It's hard to swallow. I stand corrected. Not completely, because I still maintain my position that Triston was labeled. However, I got a call from the principal.

So, the school district allows the use of iPads. I really don't like this because I think it's not as monitored as it should be. As in, my kid has told me they've been able to search inappropriate things. But, I think it can be a great academic tool as well, so what do you do? Make him the weird kid that can't use the iPad?

Triston has been saying all year that some of the teachers freak out and yell at the kids and talk really mean to them. I know this is true, at least in part, because I've seen it myself while there. But, you know, 5th graders exaggerate, like, everything, so I just listen and say I'm sorry you have to listen to that, which usually warrants a response like, "NO! Mom, you wouldn't believe it, you have to hear it!" And when it has to do directly with him I usually  just say, "Well, you shouldn't have _______" You have to follow the rules.

And then he discovered the video app on the ipad. 

The principal said he had multiple videos of teachers during class time Of course, without their permission - he was being sneaky. I asked Triston and sure enough: he was trying to capture one of them yelling at a student. I'm not even sure what to do with this info, but one thing's for sure: no more 20/20 or dateline. (Har. But, seriously.)

And then...his teacher called me today.

He's been having problems with respect. Shocker. Like, actually rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue at the teacher. Who does that?! Uhhhh....that'd be my kid.

I know Triston is a great kid. He is helpful and funny. He is the first one to offer a compliment or offer to play with Nash or hold Emma. He thinks about the needs of others including the less fortunate. He cares about his grades and wants to do the right thing. He is a hard and reliable worker. When he messes up, HE comes to US and says he wants to do better, so, I just do not understand WHY he is having so many problems at school.

(And side note: As I'm talking to the teacher, Nash put bread in Emma's mouth. I saw her making a sucking face and thought, "uhhh, what is that? And then I pulled out...bread. In her mouth. And she smiled really big and looked at me like, "oh look, I'm just a big girl....eating bread.")

Oh, I should talk about Nash. In the last few months my angel baby has turned into I don't even know what. Let me give you an example: at a church function a few weeks back, I was trying to get the projector to work with my computer and it wasn't projecting the image. I said to myself, but loud enough for people to hear, "why isn't this working?!" and Nash cups his hands and shouts out "Because you're dumb" in a sing song tone. Like, he was an actual heckler. AND THEN when I was talking to the entire primary and said Heavenly Father loves each of you, he says "Heavenly Father hates you". Other examples include screaming loudly and kicking his legs when we are trying to leave the library or telling people he's going to hurt them because they are doing something he doesn't like, or refusing to clean up his mess and omg, the baby talk. He'll start talking like a baby sometimes when he is unhappy and I can't stand it. I mean, the list could go on here. Think 3 year the extreme?

Ummm...I'm sort of having a crisis here. I've got two kids that can't get the rules right, right now. 10 and 3. Hard ages with plenty of time to figure it out but holy crap, in my mind I'm envisioning them incarcerated or homeless because they just can't follow the rules.  And light bulb: they are the most similar in personality.

So, what do you do?

I *think* you just have to love them through it. Right? Give them more. Not of stuff,  but of yourself and things to do. Helping and serving alongside them and showing them and REMINDING them that they can make a difference. What THEY do matters. (please tell me I'm right?)


It's hard to envision giving more when you already feel like you're in the hole. But, I know nothing is impossible, especially when you start praying, like, really hard. We can do this.

I'm eager to see how this goes.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Night Confessionals

I sat down on my bed to start planning my primary lesson for tomorrow because that's when ALL the good primary leaders do their lessons - at 9:30 on Saturday nights. When I got all situated, I was amused by the way this stuff was staring back at me. Which says a lot about me, I guess, because that is like the lamest thing ever, to be amused by that.

bought a giant box of fruit loops today and I plan on eating the whole box. Fruit Loops + vanilla almond milk almost tastes like birthday cake frozen yogurt with fruity pebbles on top. Almost. I sat my cereal on the closest hard thing I could find which happened to be the book I'm reading, American Sniper. It's coming out on film in like a week and it's so good. You always should read the book before the movie, am I right? Exception: Twilight. I kind of loved envisioning Robert Pattinson as Edward while I was reading. ;) 

I had to try out that little giraffe there in the picture, that's why it's sitting with my stuff. It's actually a rice bag thing that you heat up. My kids have actual rice bags that their Nana made them and they love them when they're not feeling well and I thought this little guy was super cute. $10 at Aldi. There were a few different animals and they're infused with lavender. I might put it up for Emma bc it's hard telling what my boys might do to it. My guess is sharpie to the face a-la Nash. 

This book here has turned out to be the stupidest gift I've ever bought. According to ME -not Bryce- who it was bought for, because he loves it. The book is filled with tons of paper monster pop-outs that have to be folded and then taped or glued together. I swear, you have to be like an origami master to figure some of these out, so of course, I'm doing it by myself. They are playing with them, though, so good mom points for getting a non-electronic toy that keeps interest.

School starts in 2 days and I'm already having anxiety. First bc I signed Nash up for 2 day a week preschool. My hope is that this will be something just for him that he will be excited about. With four other siblings, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and even though I set aside time each day just for him, I feel like he needs something else. Especially since Emma came along, he's reverted some and will talk or act like a baby - which drives me nuts. So, as much as I did not want to put him in pre-school, I'm hoping it will be a positive move. :(  

Second, I feel like I just got my kids finally detoxed from school. I love to see THEIR personalities, not every other kid they pick up stuff from. And it's usually not nice stuff, so there's that. And can I just be honest here? I've had a theory that Triston got labeled a couple of years ago as a smart ass kid who needs to be taught a lesson.  Instead of helping US help him develop into a young man, it's lots of put downs, eye rolls, and wall time for some seriously ridiculous reasons. And yesterday he tells us that a teacher he has never had called him by his first and last name because "he was walking to fast in the hallway". He asked how she knew his first and last name and she told him he was famous in the teacher's lounge. I believe that. I don't even know what to say about it except that you want to see your kid treated fairly and being with people who have his best interest in mind. And I'm not sure I feel like that.

I could really talk about this all day, but my primary lesson still isn't done....and I feel like I just authored the next 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' book. :) 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Be a better mom. A better wife. More organized. Bake the perfect cheesecake. Be healthy. 

Those are my yearly staple resolutions. Especially the cheescake one. The water bath always gets me, though, and that damn springform pan. And of course, the important ones here are daily resolutions, rather than yearly. 

But, I've got a few more this year: helping the boys understand service and homeschooling. Whew. I'm already shaking. 

But, let's get this party started. 

2015, here we come! 

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