Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ma Big Familia


This post about big families is sponsored by this giant bowl of Cookie Crisp. 

What constitutes a big family? For us, it was 4. And then 5 just pushed us right over the edge. And with 5 kids, things are just different. 

*you seldom get dinner, or game night, or some other fun invite outside of your very inner circle, and sometimes not even then. But I get it!! It's totally scary to have a whole hell of a lot of kids up in your house when you are used to only a few or none at all. So, your house becomes the house. You know, like to do stuff at. Like, all the time. (thank goodness we're totally okay with that)

*want to go see that new family movie that's in the theater? It's going to cost a bazillion dollars. 

*everything is bigger & therefore, more expensive. House, car, dinner, the electric bill, holidays, ect.

*laundry. Oh, the laundry. It is a never ending chore that just never ends. Ever. 

*there are rarely leftovers after dinner. 

*if someone gets sick, everyone might get sick and it could be weeks before it's completely out of your house. Because of this, I've scared my kids into thinking all germs are like the plague and they all wash their hands like good little boys! But, seriously! (PSA: if you are sick, please stay home. #thankyaverymuch) 

*when we visit family or go on vacation it feels as though we pack up our entire house. And for he love of anything good in this world...why is it SO HARD to find a hotel room for parents and their children without having to buy 2 rooms!

But then, there's this whole other element of big families that is just wonderful and besides the fact that you love each one of your kids because you just do, I am just so in love with our little big family.

*there is always something to do or someone to talk to 
*we always have enough players for any game
*there's extra artwork, homemade gifts, and fun stuff that each of them create
*I always have a taste-tester
*I hear 5 times the laughter
*there's extra hands to help with whatever is needed
*my kiddos have built-in friends
*road-trips are super fun

And I hate to be cheesy....but,

*there's always more love in a full home. It's just true.

I am one blessed lady.

As for the Cookie Crisp - I bought that box yesterday and it is already gone, mostly due to my husband who thinks he is 10 years old when it comes to cereal. BUT, this guy of mine just custom built an in-kitchen table and bench for this weird little nook we have and it turned out awesome, so he can have as much Cookie Crisp as his little heart desires!

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