Sunday, March 8, 2015

Miss Emma is 6 Months Old.

Oh, stop. Stop growing!! Emma is the first of my five that I'm not anxiously waiting the next stage. I would always say I couldn't wait for [him] to start crawling, or sitting up, or doing all the cute things babies do, but this one - woah! Please stop growing. :( 

And then tonight, this happened ^^^. She's been eyeing our food for weeks, and fussing a bit to let us know that she wants it, too. I gave her little bits of cooked carrot, peas, and potato. She even picked it up off her tray. And she was so pleased with herself, it really was the cutest thing ever. Sigh. 

Emma even got a new toy this weekend and so far...she hates it. Once she gets used to the "jumping" part of it, I think she'll love it. Or not. Maybe girls don't care about jumping all over the place? My boys loved jumpers and still jump all over the house constantly, so if she doesn't like it - fine by me. 

At 6 months Emma is: sitting up on her own more and putting her hands out if she starts to fall over and can get to her belly position from sitting, eating baby food twice a day and is able to pick up bits of table food and LOVES it, loves her paci, is still sleeping next to me in a bassinet {her bed just seems so far away!}, is less fearful of new faces and of other people holding her but will sometimes turn into me or try to hide her face when people talk to her, reaches out for me and has the sweetest little satisfied look on her face when she gets what she wants, starting to move more - pushes up on her arms a lot and started crawling backwards, laughs at the boys all the time, really interested in her toys, still teething like a crazy girl, she is really observant - loves to stare and watch what is going on, gives us all open mouth kisses -only when SHE wants too, though, and lucky for me, she really likes me! She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes and a few 3-6 things, size 1 shoe, tries to take her bows and headbands off all the time, loves snuggling her face on a blanket, and just has the happiest brightest blue eyes. 

I'm sure all mothers do this, but sometimes I just stare at her and am in awe of how gorgeous she is. There's just something about a little girl! 

I'm feeling really blessed today. My children are amazing. :) 

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