Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up.

Every few weeks, I think about this blog. I wish I had more time to put into it, because it really is fun reading old posts. The kids especially love it and there are so many things I have included over the years that would have been forgotten otherwise. And I think Fall is the perfect time to blog.

So, here's to more blogging.

We've had a great weekend. My mom came for a visit on Thursday and Friday, so Travis and I let the littles play with Mamaw and we went out for a quick date of sushi and sweatpants. (Ha! That should have been the title of this post.) It got cold here all of a sudden and all the boys needed some new sweats. Asking them to wear jeans is, like, the worst thing ever, so we have to stock a steady supply of sweat pants around these parts. Although, Triston is starting to want to dress nicer. I knew this day would come, but there was a time when I was seriously worried about him. Ha ha, he would cry and throw a huge fit if I asked him to put on jeans or a polo shirt. Now, he chooses that clothing on his own! That boy is growing up. Travis and I didn't get to stay out too late because my mom had to leave, but it was nice to spend some time with him. And Kanpai. Wow. I'm pretty sure the best part of eating sushi there is the music they play. Like, all the good bands from the 90s! Oh! And I got all my hair chopped off on Friday. Like, seriously chopped, by someone I had never been to before and I wish I hadn't. The length is just so short...but, it's just hair! So, who cares.

On Saturday, I helped my sister-in-law with her yard sale while Travis took the boys to their football games. Emma came with me to the sale and we stayed just until she wouldn't stop screaming her head off. This girl wants to walk around and do her own thing all the time. Go out in the road and walk around by herself? Of course! Every time I would get close to her, she would try to run away, which isn't fast because she can't exactly run, but she was sure trying...and she would screech at the top of her lungs. So we didn't stay very long. We headed to Jackson's football game where I was greeted by freezing children who begged me to take them home! Jackson only had a few minutes left so we waited for him and came home. Triston and Travis came home to eat lunch and then Bryce left for his game. We won't be sad when football is over! :) On the way home, I stopped at another yard sale and found some vintage kitchen gadgets! My favorite! I got a big bunch of wooden spoons and spatulas for $1.

Emma looking extra rotten AND adorable :) 
Waiting for Jackson's game to end...always a fun time in the car! And you can see the length of my hair. Grrr.

General Conference was the most exciting part of the weekend, though. For those that don't know, leaders of my faith gather twice a year to deliver conference addresses to the members. There is usually a theme that emerges, despite the speakers not being assigned specific topics. This year I noticed that there were a lot of talks about loving others and seeing in people what Christ sees in them. It was really one of the best conferences I've watched.

The best part of General Conference outside of all the spiritual stuff is the food! I feel like it's fall cooking kick-off or something! ha ha. So it started on Thursday with Chicken Gnocchi Soup, Chicken and Waffles with sweet corn and butter beans on Saturday, and Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and Chili on Sunday with family members. So good!

General Conference tradition!

I was thinking all day that I have a bunch of stuff to prepare for school tomorrow, but it dawned on me that since I have a full week break planned next week...I can just take it this week instead! Beauty of homeschooling! :)

So we are going to hit the zoo and do some fun learning type stuff this week that we just don't have time for during our regular schedule. I'm planning on posting about our homeschooling adventures soon.

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Cheryl Clowers said...

Love reading your should write a book!! ❤️. I'm sure you could squeeze it in! 😊

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