Monday, February 5, 2018

Blog Revival

Oh, blogs. I feel like they kind of died with the popularity and ease of Instagram, ya know? But, I come back to this little place on the internet from time to time to retrieve recipes or because I remember that I had written a post about whatever and I see my sweet little babies' faces and read those old posts when I was really in the trenches of mom life and I'm really grateful I took the time then to write about it all.

And now, I'm in a different season and I think it's just as worthy for documentation. While I felt physically exhausted when they were all really little, now I feel mostly mentally exhausted, as I'm pulled in many different directions keeping up with the needs of 5 kids in drastically different stages. But, I feel really grateful, too, to have the perspective of "long days but short years" and that it really does fly by. It really does.

Triston is almost 14 and I legit have a parent high school meeting next week. I don't even know how that is possible, but its on my calendar and IT IS HAPPENING. Nash is READING ON HIS OWN. Well, sort of. Jackson and Bryce are navigating 'tween status' perfectly, ha ha. And Emma, well, she's three and into all the stuff most three year olds are in to: namely throwing hellacious fits at the most appropriate times bc it's her way or the highway. But also, she's sweet as sugar and so I never really know what I'm going to get on any given day with her. So, that's fun.

I picked the perfect time to revive this blog: 10 minutes before school pickup! So, I'm planning to come back.

Maybe? I mean, I've said that before so...but, yeah. I'm planning on blowing the dust off our documented story here and reviving this blog.

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