Thursday, May 17, 2018

iPhone Dump

career day: undercover police man (no costume!) and a basketball player

walk a thon at Bryce's school

Nash made the front page!

Dabbing during the walk a thon

Duke finally got his manhood taken

 Nash playing soccer this spring

Emma and I wore almost the same dress by accident!

Triston and Jackson running together. Jackson actually has a broken foot here that we didn't know about!

Nash brought me flowers for Mother's Day from school!

Triston's last day of track...he ran a 5:15 mile

Jackson having fun at conference with that broken foot

Last day of track

 we found a DIY dog wash, Duke loved it!

our little garden!

 Emma's art

Almond Joy cheesecake for my 35th birthday

Happy Birthday Nash!

Nash turns 7

Emma got a special delivery from her dad on VDay

 Carousel ride over spring break in STL

Spring Break (it was freezing)



 Love that bed head

Her first egg hunt

she won a prize egg!

Disney on Ice with cousin Josie

Happy Birthday Triston!

Celebrating at his restaurant choice - Zuki

First day of spring break! ha ha!
Egg hunt with just my girly

Sometimes I Make Good Food

I am positive that there is a more user-friendly platform than blogger. I only go back to this space because this is what I learned to blog on and when you are 35 it's hard to learn new things. (ummm...lightbulb: maybe i should not preparing for nursing school?!) Anyway, of course learning new things is not hard but in the tech world it seems hard. Ya know? can my three year old work my iPhone better than I can? Or, why do I have to summon my teens to figure out iTunes? Tale as old as time I guess? I do remember helping my parents hook up a VCR so that we can still get cable and use it without having to unhook stuff in the back, so yeah, I guess it's a thing.

Anyway...all I'm saying is that there should be a blog platform that I should be able to download all my iPhone pictures into my computer so that I can load them on this blog without having to hook up said iPhone and wait a bazillion years for them to load.  (And if that exists - don't hold out on me!)

And all that aside, here's the important part: I made these vegetables and are blog worthy (which...can we chat for a second? "Blog worthy" anything sucks. Like, why am I trying to act like the grocery store pizza I made my family eat last night isn't also "blog worthy". I personally believe social media has done more to alienate and cause anxiety than any other thing out I don't even know why I even typed that my vegetables were "blog worthy". They were just pretty. And delicious and needed to be shared. And that's just a whole other thing that should be talked about more, especially on blogs or instas or what have you. Because sometimes we ALL make amazing recipes, or go on amazing vacations, or look amazing, or did something AMAZING...but we ALL also suck sometimes, too, and that's totally fine. So, let's just all remember that.)

Vegetables. Here they are:

Butternut squash and Brussel sprouts generously doused with salt and pepper and roasted in a 375 degree over for 40 minutes. Here's the fun part: I drizzled honey over the top. I should have added an onion to this mixture, too. I knew it when I was making it and just didn't do it and when they came out, I thought again, "I should have put onion in this" and then when I tasted it, I definitely knew it was true. But, hooray for new vegetable combinations and an entire meal that everyone ate without any complaints!

That'd be mojito lime chicken with black bean salsa, jasmin rice, and those rad vegetables. And that whole dinner came about because of my sweet little mojito mint plant, which is a post for another day.

Now, I'm taking my kids to get blizzards and ps. one of my favorite bloggers Hey Natalie Jean is back after two years and how fun! Are blogs coming back?! Sign me up!

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