Tuesday, September 4, 2018

An Evening

If you were ever wondering what it's like at our house M-F 3pm-9pm throughout football and basketball season, let me help with that visualization, because this is pretty darn accurate most weekdays.

Triston has a game an hour something away, so I show up after school to give him a packed dinner which is just a turkey sandwich, grapes, pretzels, a cheesestick, a granola bar, and 2 bottles of water - gotta keep that that kid hydrated during 90 degree games! Tomorrow is grocery day and I am trying to use up whatever we have left over to feed everyone tonight, but it's hard to pack dinner for an hour long bus ride. Jackson has practice until 6.

I rush home to fix dinner and realize it isn't going to be enough for all the kids and Travis (Let alone myself! It's a big dinner salad full of vegetables and grilled chicken) to eat TWICE. Ha ha...because they are starving all the time. Dinner before practice, another dinner after practice! So, I stress about this for a few minutes and then remember that Travis bought spaghettio's the other day. I was grossed out at the time, but now it's sounding like a life saver! (And let me just add here: Travis and I just recently committed to trying not to spend any money on eating out. We've been tracking our spending and were appalled at how much money we spent last month on mostly eating lunch out, a few dates, grabbing a drink here and there at the gas station or starbucks, concession stands at all these games, ect. So while my first inclination was to think we can just run to Subway after all the practices/game because of how convenient it is ...I'm trying really hard to change that behavior!)

I feed the three little kids, help with homework, yell at Emma and the dog for running around like crazy while Nash is trying to read about chameleons...oh, I don't know...something like 5 times?!  And then finally make sure the two boys are ready for their practices. I make them drinks to take along and we rush to the next thing.

Here's where it gets fun.

I head to the school and as I'm passing Jackson, I roll down the window and tell him I need to drop Bryce off first. Luckily, Bryce and Jackson practice on the same field, just at different times. I drop Bryce off and pull around, pick up Jackson and we're off to the park where Nash's practice is held, which thankfully is really close to our house. I drop Nash off and tell the coach I just need to run Jackson home real quick since he is starving and hasn't been home since this morning. But, Nash is only 7! So I quickly run Jackson home and give him his salad and as soon as I set it down he asks if he can have something else, too, because he is SOOOOO HUNGRY. I say eat a Cliff bar and I'll make spaghettio's when I get home in 45 min. He has instructions to eat, take a shower, start on homework, and let the dog out. I run back to the park to watch Nash's practice. While I'm watching, I'm making a grocery list for tomorrow. He gets done and we head home, bc Bryce still has 30 minutes to go. Pick up just a bit, tell Nash to get a shower and we've got to head back to the school to get Bryce, except I cannot find my keys anywhere and I have to tell Nash TWO MORE times to GET IN THE SHOW-ER. While I'm rushing around the house, Emma is following me around telling on Jackson for doing something...I'm not listening, bc I'm panicking about not seeing my keys anywhere, so I have no clue what she's even saying. I told Bryce that as soon as practice was over to look for me because I would be there! He's been late a few times getting to the car... and now I'm going to be late! Gah, I find the keys!

I buckle Emma in and we head back to the school to get Bryce...only a few minutes late. (Does being late give anyone else major anxiety?!) We get home and I fix the spaghettio's and realize 4 cans isn't going to cut it...Triston is still going to be starving when he gets home from his game...at like, 9:30. I find some pancake mix....so that's what he is getting after he tells me the salad isn't enough, lolololcrycrycry.

There are a million things I could have done earlier in the day to make this evening easier on myself, but it was just one of those days. We planned for Travis to go to Triston's game out of town so I knew I was solo tonight. I could have put something in the crock pot instead of grilling chicken at 3:30. I should have made homemade bread with that salad as a filler ---it's a rookie mistake, plus the kids love it with dinner or as a snack! I could have the kids eat cereal or PB&J as an after practice snack but we have been POUNDING the peanut butter lately because it's easy and healthy and gives the boys some quick energy and calories. So they're kind of tired of it and I'm tired of smelling it, ha ha.

Ok, who is ready for bedtime?! Let's do baths/showers and brushing teeth and picking out clothes for tomorrow and...


Post Edit - I got the three littles in bed by 9 pm and came down to see Jackson eating a bowl of cereal with freaking nesting measuring spoons....because all our spoons are dirty in the dishwasher that isn't running yet and he didn't want to wash one. AAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now to clean up their kitchen mess, make chocolate chip pancakes, and finish that grocery list....with looooottttttttssss of extra snacks!

JV won 22-0! Let's go MV!

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