Monday, September 3, 2018

What I Want to Remember

Gahhhh. These days are going by at lightening speed. I always have intentions of recording more and then...I just don't. So, right now this is what I'm choosing to remember:

Triston is navigating high school like it ain't no thang. He is getting up every morning for seminary or for early morning practices every week day, without complaint. Getting straight A's in his classes and starting JV football. He even got a few minutes in the V game the other night. We are so proud of his efforts. I have always said that Triston is so independent and as a toddler it was a lot to handle, but I can see how it will pay off for him as he gets older. #10

Jackson is at a difficult stage. The preteens! We're dealing with lots of complaining from him lately, but we are encouraging him everyday to change perspective and find the good in it all. He is so funny, also working hard in football #18, and also getting straight A's in school. His braces cause are a big source of frustration for him. We're thinking he has less than 6 months left with them on! Hooray!

Bryce is mr. nice guy. Everyone loves Bryce in his class and I've seen him go out of his way to be kind to others. He has finally started reading because he enjoys it instead of me making him. This summer he was to read 8 books at his reading level from his school and at first I had to really get on to him about doing it, but by the end of the summer he was doing it on his own. I think something stuck! (Parents, don't give up!) 5th/6th grade football just started for him and he is really loving it, #9. Bryce has struggled with getting all A's more than the older boys have but he seems to be a little more focused on it this year and so far, he's earned it! He is officially out of all super hero stuff, although he still likes the movies. I always think the end of that phase is just a little sad. Booo.

Nash is starting to read on his own! Everywhere we go, other kids are always shouting out to Nash. He is very well liked by his classmates and teachers. He starts flag football this coming weekend and he says he isn't excited, but I know once the game starts he will love it. I've always said that Nash's moods are either pure sunshine or the darkest storm cloud...and that's holding true. He gets a lot of our prayers, ha ha

Emma is turning four in a week and is busy planning her own party, making sure to tell me all the details she wants. I finally told her she had to pick a theme and stick with it and she picked unicorns. I'm not talking about it with her anymore and I'm hoping to surprise her on her actual birthday! She is very into hair and Barbies right now. She loves storytime at the library, making crafts, and oh my goodness is obsessed with all things Halloween. She's anxiously awaiting its arrival, ha ha

Life is good.

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