Saturday, March 23, 2019

3/23 hodge podge

I have sat by the window doing almost nothing, all day. It is the first REALLY nice day and the kids have played outside with the neighbors for entire day. It is 6 pm and they've been outside since 10 am and I just counted 12 kids in our yard. TWELVE!

It is difficult for me to go about my business as usual when Emma is outside. She always stays with the other kids and she has had the best day playing with the older kids who do look after her, but I still can't do it because she is only 4 and four year olds are still just a little bit unpredictable. So, I've been reading, instagramming, a few things here and there,  and now...blogging...mostly confined to the living room and kitchen so I can watch them out the windows. But, they've all had the best day and I couldn't be more grateful for where we live.

One of those "here and there" things has been washing dishes this weekend by hand. Our dish washer blew up on Thursday and a repair man can't make it until Monday and I've learned how spoiled I am with a dishwasher! What a convenience. Seriously, how did we make it without?! I bought a big stack of paper plates, but the dishes are still overflowing. 😩

It is the eve of spring break week and my oldest child's birthday. Fifteen. We have no plans because of time commitments to his first job training (a lifeguard course) and dentist appointments for everyone, ha ha. So, I'm anticipating a lot of backyard basketball this week, lots of playstation bc I can't get Jackson away from it, and maybe a trip to a new park that opened up not too far away for the little 3. Also, I'm anticipating hundreds of dollars for the dishwasher repair and several hundreds of dollars for up and coming odds and ends, so....we broke. 😑

A year or so ago I thought I lost several hundred pictures of my boys when they were babies along with some various events I really didn't care that much about in comparison to the baby pictures. I've been combing different places on the look out for any pictures I could salvage BUT...a few days ago, I figured out how to recover them from an external hard drive that I thought was corrupted! True miracle.

Here's one of the pictures that I had been furiously searching for that I couldn't find from any previous blog/social media posts or picture albums. I cannot even convey how happy I was to find it! Triston at 2 days old..and now he is 15. Time is a thief.

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