Saturday, June 8, 2019

iPhone Dump 2019

In January, boys 7th grade took home conference championship

Disney on Ice with Emma 

Pretty meager winter, we only had 1 snow day! 

We weren't expecting this to happen! Travis got reelected in November for another 4 year term as prosecutor, but at the end of January, a judge retired and lots of people in the community encouraged Travis to apply for that position. He did, and was appointed Superior Court Judge by our Gov, Eric Holcomb.

Travis' last day at the prosecutor's office

Swearing-in day April 18th

Law Day 2019

Bryce became a deacon at church! It is so cute seeing these sweet little 11 year olds pass the sacrament each week. 

Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets the day before Easter - we do the fun stuff the day before so we can focus on the Savior on Easter Sunday. Those teenagers are getting harder to buy for, especially for Easter baskets!

April 21st was a special day! Easter...Nash's birthday...and the day he got baptized!

I had this same birthday cake when I was a kid and my birthday fell on Easter weekend! It was red velvet inside - his favorite!

Lots of soccer! Emma's first time.

Boys' 7th grade track team took home conference championship! Jackson finished first in the mile and 800.

My phone died so I couldn't get pictures, but Bryce and Nash participated in running camp and Jackson, Bryce, and Nash participated in football camp as well. 

Triston passed the lifeguard course and got his first job!

Emma's first big girl hair cut

Jackson being a teenager

End of school year stuff - Jackson and Nash ended the year with high honors, Bryce and Triston with honors.

Summer fun!

Friday, June 7, 2019

iPhone dump 2018

It's June 7th of 2019 and truly, the best time of the year. I was just lamenting that I haven't taken enough pictures this summer already...but, we're just too in the moment to care. Trying to fit all the stuff in before school starts and a different kind of busyness takes hold!

Well anyway, here's a few that need to be blogged about that have been on my phone since last summer! Whoops. So this probably needs to be two's the rest of 2018.

Triston went to youth conference in Navoo 

Lots of fishing

Taylor Swift in June!

4th of July in Owensboro

So much swimming
Dog days of summer: popsicles, slip n slide, smores, ice cream in New Harmony

 Posey County Fair

 Cirque de Mateo in Montgomery
Fun at the farm

Duke because he's adorable

Lots of library time and Nash found a new series he loves!

Lots of garden goodies! I learn something new from gardening every year

First day of school! Triston 9th, Jackson 7th, Bryce 5th, Nash 1st

Lots of football!

Helping Uncle Thomas campaign for School Board -he won!

kid's cross country meet - the cousins who ran...hard work!

Emma's 4th birthday!

Emma's first ride at Burdette Park picnic

Jackson's 13th birthday!

Happy Halloween!

 Travis got reelected as prosecutor and our good friend Tom got elected as Sheriff

Travis' swearing in ceremony

Fieldtrip with Bryce

So. Much. Basketball. Jackson's team ended up conference champs, something the junior high boys' hadn't done in like 24 years - when Travis was playing on the team!

Bryce's 11th birthday!

Trip to FL for Thanksgiving

Emma's first time on the beach

Trip to see Santa with Mak and Kate

Nash's Christmas program

Triston's 1st H.S. dance

delivering neighbor cookies

Dabbing on New Year's Eve

iPhone Dump 2019

In January, boys 7th grade took home conference championship Disney on Ice with Emma  Pretty meager winter, we...