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Monday, January 2, 2012

12 months of awesome.

january - travis starting his new job as county prosecutor. for sure the fruitation of all our hard work campaigning through 2010.

february - girls trip to st. louie and meeting miss pioneer woman.

march - watching my boys wrestle in the cutest little outfits ever. EVER! and a surprise baby shower for me and baby.

april -  mr. nash man on the 21st. the best part of 2011

may - adjusting to four kids - don't even remember this month.

june - lazy summer days playing outside and in the pool and cooking out with friends and family. and running a 5K (and i also got hurt) :(

july - independence day (my favorite holiday) and gaining a new family member - miss lily pie. oh, and hello! shark week! plus a 3-day mini-vacation sans kiddos in french lick.

august - our 8th anniversary and let's be honest: kids back in school! a really fun back-to-school camp out

september - i assisted coaching cheer leading while my oldest two were coached by t-bone in football. good family fun, right there. and F.A.L.L. - yea!

october - birthday month for us, a weekend stay in brown county, trick-or-treating with friends in our neighborhood.

november - the cutest pictures ever of my boys, our first snow of the year, and a memorable black friday all nighter with my mom.

december - record for most whirl-wind month of the year - our advent calendar and spending time with family and friends for the holidays.

we had a really great year. there were a few downs, but mostly ups. i  got really lazy towards the end of the year with this blog and i wish i wouldn't have because i have so much fun looking through the year, i can't imagine what the kids will think when they are older. so i am going to try to post/update more this year. a resolution! actually, my resolution is to be more organized - just in general - and i think all my other goals will fall into place. but can i just say we ended the year with happy healthy children, a great marriage, a warm home, great jobs, awesome old and new friends, and our lovely families. we have too many blessings to count and we could never be grateful enough. and to top it off on the last day of the year, it was 55 degrees. someone upstairs loves me.

happy new year!

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