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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a weird addiction.

So this cute little boy pictured here is also very rotten. And completely obsessed with crocs. Not flip flops, or tennis shoes, or church shoes, or any other kind of shoe - just crocs. He has his own crocs (because seriously, who doesn't put their  kids in crocs during the summer?!) but literally, Nash hordes the other boys' crocs. Hordes them. Not even lying. 

When the cousins come over to play, they ask me to put up their crocs because they know Nash will either wear them and try not to give them back or hide them so he can I'm guessing wear them at a later time. It's completely weird and we all crack up. But guys, he isn't laughing about it. 

This past weekend, his little addiction came out in full force. While my nephews were staying with us, they had their shoes put up in our guest room closet. Crocs. Nash knew their shoes were in there, so he would try to get to the shoes if we were all upstairs. (If you are thinking, what the heck??!, you are in good company.)

Sunday morning rolls around and because nothing is ever easy with an independent-minded two year old, Nash throws a holy hell fit in the floor. I'm trying to get things together still and the boys are out in the van already. Nash runs upstairs and things get real quiet.

Like a mad woman, I'm still getting things together and rush upstairs to get this little stinker when he is no where to be found. I called his name and hear a faint little "whut?" behind a closed door. It's the guest room door and it's locked. I run around to find the little key thing to pop the lock and open the door to find Nash sitting on the floor with Logan and Camden's freaking crocs around him. His own shoes and socks are off and he is just sitting there with other people's shoes. I snatch him up, say F his shoes at this point and hurry to the van...little Nash screaming the whole time. 

I buckled him in his car seat, more like wrangle him in his car seat, and head to church. Nash's crocs were in the van so he settled for those and we went in. 

Normal kids might have dropped it at this point but Nash went on to try to get Bryce's crocs off his feet during Sacrament and you guys, he had determination in his eyes and I'm just completely bewildered over this. Bryce finally kicked him off of him and somehow we finished church and went home. 

And then...

While I was getting lunch together, Nash goes missing again. I figured he was in the guest room again, so I opened the door and it's just quiet - no Nash. I called his name - no response, which is unusual for him. I run downstairs - no one knows where he is. I start to panic a little and my sister in law says, "Jen, he's up here in the closet". 

In our guest room closet we have a filing cabinet to one side. There is a tiny space between the closet wall and the filing cabinet.

 Guess where Nash was and guess what he was wearing? 

He had gotten in to the closet, snatched up the crocs, shut the bi-fold closet doors, scaled the filing cabinet, and was hiding in that little space, wearing my nephews bright green crocs, holding my other nephew's crocs in his hands and looking up at me like, "what? What's the problem?" 

Macy and I were mostly wondering how the heck he accomplished that, we only found him because after I walked back downstairs, Macy heard some rustling. 

But, seriously. 

Hilarious or scary? I mean, it could go either way at this point. If he grows up to be a productive member of society,we reminisce and laugh. If he grows up to be a serial stalker, preying on people with ugly rubber shoes, then this is a red flag. 

Maybe because I am over 30 now, but life with a two year old is quite an adventure. 

Maybe it is this two year old, the croc lover. 

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