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Thursday, March 14, 2013


The title is completely appropriate since my life has pretty much gone nuts since last Saturday. We're talking going from getting up early every morning and working out, reading scriptures, and getting a good start to the day TO being dragged out of bed by my kids at the last possible minute to still eat breakfast and get ready for school in time. We're talking almost being late to church last Sunday when I had to give a talk AND then yesterday RUNNING A WHOLE HOUR BEHIND the entire day and then realizing at 2 (when I thought it was 1) that I had to pick my kids up from school in 40 minutes and I had just walked into Walmart. Ugh. And also just bring tired throughout the day and in a weak moment ( which ALWAYS happens when I'm tired) drinking a cherry coke and eating two brownies. So pretty much, day light savings time is ruining my life.

Since this post is so crappy & negative, I will post a recent picture of the most wonderful place on earth. Not really, it's just a grocery store in the city. One that I can't afford to shop at, so I took a picture instead. Wow. I totally made this post even crappier just then! Ahh, well. Enjoy the pic anyway! ;)

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