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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

skinny taco dip.

i found this on one of my pinterest endeavors. it was the perfect thing to make for dinner be-cause mother nature decided to bypass spring and it has been in the 80s non-stop for over a week. not that it's a bad thing. i'm just feeling a little pasty.  this is a light meal and everyone was busy playing outside and complaining that it was too hot to eat. which is kind of alarming - what are they going to say in july?! i had to remind them that they spent 3 good years in florida and floridians are no whimps when it comes to the weather.

it was also the perfect dinner because we had baseball practice the night i made it and for some reason when we have practices, things get all wonky in my house. i try to have all my to-do's completed before 3 so that when the boys come home i can focus on homework, making sure they do their chores, dinner, and then getting ready for practice, ect.

 if things would only go as planned. it never does and i am usually yelling so we're not late.

anyway, here's the recipe - which i made just a little different from the original.

1 large can of refried beans
1 8 oz. package of low fat cream cheese
8 oz. light sour cream
16 oz. jar of salsa
1 taco seasoning packet
chopped lettuce
diced tomato
shredded cheese
black olives
tortilla chips

i added the refried beans because i was making this as a meal instead of a dip. i've got hungry boys to keep full, you know!

spread the refried beans in the bottom of a 9 x 13. mix together cream cheese, sour cream, salsa, and taco seasoning until well blended and spread on top of refried beans. top with lettuce, cheese, tomato, and black olives. serve with chips.

you should eat this right away. or if you are saving the left overs (or if you are a good wife like me and put together a plate your working husband for later - leave off the lettuce, cheese, tomato, and olives until ready to serve. soggy lettuce and tomotoes are yuck.)

in other news...
photo by my mom
this little stink finally started saying "mama". i was beginning to doubt my place in his life when he started saying "lily" - the dog -  before me. and also dada, triston, bye bye, hey, hi, and bottle. and does it count that he only says it when he is pissed? i will take what i can get, i suppose. and since he just pulled an entire bag of pretzels out onto the floor..

that is my cue to go.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


yum. yum.

the other night i made fish tacos and had picked up some avocados earlier that day at the store. i knew right then it would be a good night. fish tacos and guacamole will do that for you.

it {the guacamole} is really easy to make. scoop out your avocados into a bowl. or if you are fancy, like me, you have a mortar & pestle set. just kidding...i'm not fancy. i didn't even know what it was until i received it as a gift and then had to read about what to do with it. but, it is a handy gift - especially if you love guacamole.

anyway, scoop out your avocados and mash it up with a fork or pestle until they are the consistency you want. i like a little chunk. add lots of salt.

in a seperate bowl, dice the same ratio of onion and tomato, add a little bit of cilantro and a squirt of lime juice. this is actually called pico de gallo. well, my pico de gallo. you can make it any which way, but i've been making it this way for years without complaint. dump it in with your avocado, moosh it all around and you have guacamole!

i didn't like the lime chips, though. regular for me, please.

and while we are at it...take a look at that picture again. see the pink tile in the background?

it surrounds my kitchen!

suggestions? can i paint it? help.

ps. if you were wondering about the title, that is how my little brycer pronounces it.

i know, it is adorable.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost a month ago, we doubled with our friends/neighbors at this place called The Tin Fish. It was kind of life-changing. They have the Best. Fish. Tacos. Ever. And crab cakes. And cole slaw. And all kinds of seafood, but I'm pretty sure the tacos were the big hit of the place. From what I could tell, it looked like most of the patrons were eating them. And if you were wondering, I am totally one of those people who check out what others are eating. And I might even ask a question about their food, too. You never know. It drives Travis nuts.

Speaking of Travis, I'm kind of ticked at him right now., so I don't really even want to say this, but he can make one heck of a fish taco. We tried to replicated The Tin Fish and it turned out pretty awesome. I can't even take any credit for it because Travis made all of it. I take that back, I think I cut the lettuce.

Anyway, he breaded some tilapia and fried it, then sprinkled it with this Cajun seasoning. The plan was to make "fish taco salads", but the tortilla shells we bought completely fell apart as soon as we opened the package. They weren't going to be good anyway, I could just tell.

So I just topped the fried fish with shredded cheese, diced tomato, diced onion, chopped Romaine, and sour cream. A little mexi rice and black beans on the side.

Holy Moley, it was awesome. The Tin Fish had theirs wrapped in a heated flour tortilla, which is what we'll do next time.

PS. I had 4-6 minute STRONG contractions yesterday and even went to the hospital thinking it was labor, But it wasn't and then they stopped completely and I'm thinking it might be an indicator that this kid is going to be a stinker.

PSS. We still don't have a name.

PSSS. I'm the birthday girl today. 2-8.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taco Friday Is Coming Up...

He is totally excited about Taco Friday. And totally excited for his front teeth to come in, too.

Are you ready?

Here's the recipe for French Taco Salad.

 It's delicious.

1 lb. ground beef
1 can of black beans or kidney beans
taco seasoning
1 bottle french salad dressing
shredded cheese
romaine lettuce
1 bag Nacho Cheese Doritos

Cook ground beef until browned, drain grease and add taco seasoning. Prepare as directed on back on pouch. Set aside. Cut up enough tomato, cheese, and lettuce to cover a 9 x 13 casserole dish, 3-4 tomatoes and 1 romaine heart. Toss meat, beans, tomatoes, 1/2 bag of crushed up Doritos and cheese  in a large bowl and combine with french dressing. Mix well and spread out evenly in dish. Sprinkle top with chopped lettuce and more cheese and then top with remaining Doritos to cover.

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.

On previous taco nights, I always add Mexican rice and a couple of cans of canned tropical fruit salad for dessert.

What a perfect meal.

And tonight, as I was writing this, I was making a big pot of Chicken Vegetable Soup. It was a total bummer compared this recipe.

*Note! This isn't something that will last into the next day...keep ingredients separate and mix before eating if serving it for later or if you think you will have leftovers!

Friday, March 4, 2011

All the Makings of a Scary Movie...and Really Good Tacos.

A few weeks ago I posted about how Jackson had discovered Bozo by accident and had decided on his own that it was some scary shhhhiz. Like the whole Bigfoot craze, the boys have become obsessed with clowns. The new game they play is Bozo, in which they chase each other around the house and growl or threaten each other with Bozo showing up at their birthday parties.

In an effort to curb this and also for them to go to bed at night without talking about red hair and painted faces, I decided to show the boys actual footage of the Bozo show on youtube. Because I totally watched Bozo on Saturday mornings when I was a kid and I never once thought it was scary. It worked! The footage I showed them was of a boy, about Triston's age, that got to spin a wheel and win a whole crapload of toys and of course Bozo and the audience was very excited about this and Jackson was totally in to it.

Jackson asked, a couple of days later, if he could look at pictures of Bozo on the Internet, so I typed in his name and hit "Images". Happy-looking clowns filled the screen and Jackson would point to one and ask to enlarge it, all the while making the connection that this dude is really fun and happy. My attention quickly faded and I mentally moved on to something else. Jackson told me to click on another image and because I am a bad mom and wasn't paying attention, this is what was enlarged on our computer screen:

Seriously? That is an effing scary clown. I snapped back to the present when Jackson asked if that was Bozo's evil brother. I told Jackson that it was a character from a scary movie (as we all know, It) that crazy adults sometimes like to watch, and we left it at that. He didn't act scared or bothered but we shut it down for the night.

That was last week. 2 days ago we sat down to draw pictures and we started out drawing sweet little houses and smiling people and brightly colored balloons. The balloons must have triggered "clown" for Jackson because this is what he drew next (and appropriately labeled by himself):

Of course Travis thought this was more disturbing than I did, probably because my dad let me watch really scary movies when I was a kid (Uhhh...can we say The Exorcist at age 10? Not a good parenting move.) and it just doesn't bother me as much. I mean, it is kind of funny.

But last night it all culminated when I dreamed my car was being hijacked, at night, in the rain, by....clowns. It was a nightmare, one of those that you kind of freak out and then wake up. Not cool, and who do I have to thank? PBS and Google. Public Broadcasting (which I always say is trying to indoctrinate. Hello?! NPR and Sesame Street? Yeah.) and the Internet.

Who would've thought, right?

On a lighter note, because I love my family, I have totally turned Friday night into.....dunh dunh duhn TACO NIGHT. I might be the most excited about this. No no, actually Travis will be the most excited about this whenever I decide to tell him, because I just decided TODAY that it is going to be a weekly affair. I have a yummy new recipe courtesy of a friend, but I have to get it from her first, and it calls for French salad dressing! Can you believe it? You might think French and Mexican don't mesh, but you are so wrong. Because this recipe is seriously delicious. So...I guess what I am saying is come back next week and you, too, could have a Friday night filled with delicious tacos!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 1st of What Will Be a Great Month.

keeping ourselves entertained.
 Because it has to be, right? I am going insane with cabin fever; we've watched as many movies, played with as much play-doh, have drawn as many pictures, played as many games and toys, held as many talent shows, played as much Wii, read as many books, and have made as many forts, that we could ever possibly want to in a lifetime.

The weekend weather gave us just a teeny tiny bit of reprieve and we played basketball and took a few walks and now I am sick. Again. I am ready for my pity party or even better; a full-time job in South Beach that allows for four children to be in tow. 

But, in spite of all the blahs that are lingering outside, I have been having fun cooking in the kitchen, inside.  

You and everyone you know just has to make this: Chicken and Black Bean-Stuffed Burritos, courtesy of Cooking Light. I had been eyeing this recipe for a few weeks, wondering if it really fit the bill. You know what I mean? It sounded good, but you just never know, and I've got a ridiculously stupid talent of picking out new recipes that just....suck. But, I took a chance and It. Is. Fabulous. Like, I am obsessed, fabulous.

Here is the recipe.

Now. Just to make myself feel better, here is a list of things that are happening this month that, if I can just keep focused on, I might not give in to the cold and S.A.D. that is taking over.

  • a Pampered Chef party. Have you seen their basting brushes? Amazing.
  • seeing two of my little sweeties wrestle is a singlet. Ha ha ha...I can't wait. It will be the cutest most hilarious thing EVER.
  • my bro-in-law's birthday party, where I am hoping some kind of cake will make an appearance.
  • Valentine's Day, even though my husband thinks this is a stupid holiday (and I do, too) it is still fun to act like a love-struck doofus. (Balloons and a HUGE card for his office? Riot!)(I want fresh bright pink flowers, by the way.)
  • my mom's birthday party....more cake.
  • meeting the Pioneer Woman (and shopping in a 3-story mall!)(a weekend without the kids!)
  • The last good month for homemade hot chocolate.
  • ...and perhaps the best part of all to happen this month, the Girl Scout cookies I ordered will finally be in! Bring on the Samoas, because I am totally not sharing.
Wow. I feel better, already. Now, if someone would just paste beach scenes over all the windows and rub me down with coconut tanning oil every day...we might just make it this month.

Happy February!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mystery + Mexican = A Deadly Combo

In a weak moment yesterday, I agreed to getting Mexican food as a late snack--4th meal, if you will.

I told Travis that I wanted Chicken Fajita Nachos, my most favorite dish at this particular restaurant. It's a huge portion of chips doused in that creamy Mexican cheese and topped with Fajita style chicken, onions, and green peppers. Top it with a little sour cream and jalapenos and Oh. My. Gosh. As I waited for him to return with the goods, I got an episode of Lost ready to go.

He walked in, we sat down, and began feasting on delicious food AND a thriller--a most exciting combination.

In my anxious state--watching that show, I completely lost track of what I was doing. Not only did I watch 4 FOUR! episodes in a row (with a little fast-forward action), I ate the entirety of those Fajita Nachos, half a bag of chips and salsa, and some of Travis'.

What is wrong with me?!

You can imagine the heartburn I faced last night. And guess what? It's 11 A.M. today, and it's still with me. You can also imagine that after watching four episodes of anything, my head was spinning. I didn't sleep well. But oh my gosh, it was so freaking exciting. Ah!

I deemed today as a day of cleanse. This is a I cannot believe I freaking ate all that food and watched all that T.V., DO NOT stop moving today, run three mile, eat very little food, drink lots of water, no T.V., never do that again cleanse. And I guess we should set up some rules for our recreational activities from now on, too.

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