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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As if we don't have enough to worry about as parents - major things like education, instilling morals and values, making sure they are well rounded socially & academically; basic things like making sure they brush their teeth correctly, getting them to ball practice on time, making them take a shower or clean up after themselves; scary things like health issues, kidnappers/child molestors, and safety (ECT ECT ECT in every category) BUT NOW we are going to have to add a couple more to the list.

and for crying out loud, This.  


Ps. I failed miserably during my "post every day in September" idea. Maybe I'll shoot for Oct? I DID just get out all my Halloween decorations this morning and I'm having tons of fun thinking of ways to scare my kids!

Pps. Stay tuned - Del Monte sent us a new product for review. ...and there is a $50 walmart gift card giveaway for you!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Point of View.

This ^^^^ was my view at one point this morning. The kids and I were in the middle of an epic game of hide and seek and I was tucked away beside the guest room bed and the wall. These boys of mine were in it to win: they conducted a complete clearance of every room and were equipped with weapons - a jabbing stick (an old hobby horse - minus the horse - that we use for a door jammer in our sliding glass door), a toy chainsaw, and a super hero shield that doubled as a blunt force object. It took them a while to find me beside the bed because I had previously hid in closets, behind shower curtains, and behind furniture, so I had the chance to watch them in the hallway  all trailing each other, weapons in hand, carefully manuvering and working together to find their target. And of course, when they did, screams of excitement filled the room and I basically got jumped - including a few jabs from Bryce with the stick. But, I was laughing to hard to stop them or get away and as they piled on, it just got funnier.

We went on to have a beautiful Sunday: celebrating a family birthday, a 4 mile walk on a trail through the woods, a nice family dinner, and almost! finishing a seriously good book. 

Word of the day: blessed. 

Ps. If you're the praying type, prayers for an internet friend tonight? She just found out she lost a baby - 10 weeks along. As I read her story, I wept again for my own babe we lost last month. She described the same strange stillness within the ultrasound room. That will be the one detail I will never get over. God speed, Angi.

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Hard Being 9.

The note reads "I will stop being grumpy. I will stop saying rude comments. I will stop listening to Hot 96. I won't have a smile on my face but I will be happy."

This was my oldest boy's punishment yesterday after he was rude and mean-spirited to his brothers several times within the hour. And then grumpy, disobedient, and borderline disrespectful to me while I was trying to correct him. He had to write ways he could change his behavior - serious bummer for this kid because he hates to write things over and over. (i.e. - spelling words) 

Hot 96 is a pop radio station in our area. Whatever is out - miley cyrus, maroon 5, robin thicke, katy perry, ect is played. Not to mention DJs that say some pretty inappropriate things. It is ultimately my fault that my kids even know about this radio station - sometimes it's just on in the car and if it is a song that doesn't have bad words or bad meanings (which is few and far between) I'll let them listen. So when I discovered the older boys listening to it in their room, I immediately said no. And of course, I was met with pleas and lots of complaining. So I made an agreement with them: they can listen to it as long as I am within hearing distance so I can monitor what they are listening to. And as far as I know, they have kept their part of the deal. Except for yesterday when Triston was told to go to his room after being rude to everyone. I went to his room to tell him to come out and he had the radio on listening to Jamie Fox's "Alcohol". Not okay with me. 

A part of me wants to say "just teach him the difference btw right and wrong. Use these bad songs as a teaching lesson" - and believe me. We do. Because you just can't escape everything. But a bigger part of me realizes that I cannot compete, on a secular level, with Hollywood. I can't compete with the catchy & fun songs that glamorize alcohol & drugs, casual sex, skanky women & men,  the me-me-me and entitled attitudes that have been adopted by the masses in this nation, and the ridiculousness of twerking and immodesty that pop music endorses. At some point that's going to be pretty enticing. 

I have these four precious little sons that I know are destined to do great things. And this kind of junk just doesn't fit in the equation. so, sue me. I'm going to be a strict mom on this and probably a whole lot more. I am expecting to get every kind of complaint and hissy fit - especially as they get older. Probably from other adults, too, because I know it seems silly to some - or, a lot - and people love to hear themselves talk. (me, too. I am blogging, after all.:) )

My kids will fail, mess up, & make stupid decisions because hello?! I still do it on the daily, myself. we all do and that is part of growing up and learning. But they certainly don't need the added insight from a culture of immorality. All I can do is love them more and pray harder and keep crap like that out of my house. 

If you're wondering - the writing helped. It's been filed into my arsenal of mean mom tricks.

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