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Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Tidbit.

When someone asks my favorite color, red comes to mind first. But, when I really think about's blue or maybe yellow or maybe even green. No, not green. It's Blue.
In an on-line giveaway recently, the blogger asked everyone their favorite kind of shoes. I wrote heels, but when I really thought about it (after the fact)'s most definitely tennis shoes. (...I do really like heels, too, but I can't stand to be in them any longer than I have to.)
I always say I'd like to buy a bunch of sundresses and skirts to wear all summer, but I don't know why. I really just like bermuda style sweats and tees with flip-flops or work-out attire (with my tennis shoes, of course). But, on some days, I tell Travis that I'm going to start dressing for the part, now. Wear suits and pearls, even if I stay home, to get prepared for when I run for mayor. like 30 years. Seriously. I'm serious.

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