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Monday, March 26, 2012

eight is great

well lookie here, my oldest son turned eight on sunday. he is smart and funny and sometimes sensitive and he is just a special light in our house. here are some things i want to remember about him at this age:

  •  he loves chapter books right now, which is really amazing - i thought for a little while there that he would never learn to read. now, he reads beyond his grade level and gets great AR scores. whew!
  • he is a music man. he loves all music and makes up his own songs on the piano by counting out the keys and writing down which ones he plays in order. dare i say...we have a composer on our hands? i don't know because i am musically challenged in every way possible, but we are setting him up with an instructor soon so maybe that will help.
  • he is really into "friends" right now. ay ay ay
  • he loves nash so much and often "babysits" for me while i'm cooking dinner or other times when i could use a helping hand. he is always trying to make him smile or help him in some way.
  • he is pretty competitive. not sure if there is a way around this one though. he is a clowers, after all.
  • he loves to help me, as long as it is with me and not something i've just asked him to do. we have had to have some talks about this one. he will always stuff sock and dirty clothes in weird places so he doesn't have to put them in the hamper. grrrrr.
we had a birthday party for him on saturday. he requested a boy party, which is just funny to me. it was almost a boy party. our good friends and neighbors came over towards the end with their two daughters, but he didn't seem to mind. ; ) i kind of think he doesn't really think they count as girls anyway because they play together so much. anyway, we went bowling with some of his friends and family and had a party at our house afterwards that included trampoline, timed races around the yard, basketball, a cookout and cupcakes. he said it was the best birthday ever and when i remembered today that i forgot to serve the gallon of ice cream he said, "we'll just have to have another party like we had the other night!"

he really is growing up to be a fine young man. as my friend courtney said today as triston came upstairs, " have, like, a full grown man coming upstairs!" i agree - he is growing up way to fast.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

we don't mess around

they definitely mess around when it comes to soccer and baseball and basketball and maybe even football - and sometimes it drives me nuts - but these boys take wrestling pretty seriously. It paid off - two city champs in each of their divisions. jackson went undefeated the whole season and then wrestled the winner of the other bracket in his weight class - beating everyone in his weight in the whole city. triston did get beat a couple of times - by a 5th grader, i feel i should note that because he is only a 2nd grader and still a little clumsy at times and a 5th grader seemed like a giant compared to him, but he learned a lot from those losses.  he was ready to roll at the city meet and came out on top. of course, even if they didn't win, we still would have celebrated - wrestling is hard work and there were lots of practicing, patience, and some tears throughout the season. not to mention a few illegal moves like claws to the face. sheesh.

 a wrestling parent that is involved with the elite club in our town actually grabbed triston after he won and brought him over to us and said they wanted him on the team. it was a nice compliment for triston - i'm pretty sure i saw his chest puff up. triston and jackson, both, want to wrestle in the elite club that starts in the fall - which means wrestling 7 months out of the year instead of 2 and lots of traveling, but how could i say no to these sweet little (tough!) faces?! 

that was on monday night. tuesday night my mom and i went to the elton john concert and i nearly died. saying the concert was good is an understatement. it was the best live music i've ever heard or seen. elton and the whole band made it look completely effortless - they played for 3 hours straight with no breaks and just rocked the whole night. i've been subjected to crappy music via pop radio stations for too long. electronic sounds that talk about getting drunk, having sex, hot girls, - cheap. this was amazing.

and i just have to show this video because i am still amazed by it. these two HOT guys can play...a cello.

elton john called them personally to go on tour with him and his band. i nearly died watching this live, too. the whole thing was just soul-moving, which is a really weird and artsy thing to say, but when you stay home all day with kids and listen to pbs and the lion king soundtrack (which hello! elton john, again!) you forget about all the things that move you. you know?

now go google those two hotties - with or without you was pretty awesome, too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backing Off

We were getting ready for an event that was to start at 7. I, being the inexperienced mother that I most oft seem to be, was busy explaining that an event such as this--the end of season awards banquet held for Little League--was something exciting, something worth dressing up for. My goodness, Triston was getting ready to receive his first trophy. I mentioned the clothes I thought he should wear and was met with opposition--an all too common theme with that boy. It didn't help that Travis had just praised him for putting his socks and shoes on all by himself.

"Why do I have to wear something nice? I don't want to wear something nice. It's just a banquet!" Right. He just learned what a banquet was 5 minutes beforehand, but whatever, I had a baby to diaper and my own shoes to grab. Out the door we go, black Spider-Man socks pulled up his shins and all. "He'll learn one day," I thought to myself.

Upon arriving where this banquet was taking place, we weren't sure where to go. Thankfully, we were able to follow the sounds of many screaming children that were running wildly throughout the 4-H grounds. I instantly felt ridiculous for making the clothing an issue. This is what we saw:

100+ regularly dressed people crammed into a tiny shelter house all waiting for trophies and wieners. We found a seat on the very last picnic table all the way in the back and waited for Travis to grab the boys a hot dog.

Then we waited for every girl of all the co-ed teams to get called first. Our boys were impatient, so we let them run around. And I sure am glad Triston did know what was up with the appropriate apparel because there was a lot of mustard and fruit punch smeared on shirts and little faces, a lot of running, a lot of falling, and a lot of crying by two tired little boys who didn't want to wait for something they weren't receiving.

Finally it was Triston's team's turn....

It turned out to be a really good time. I earned another notch on my experience belt with this kind of setting and Travis got to engage in some Daddy Duty as he stepped in for our coach, as the announcer, when he couldn't make it. Triston got his medal for a well-played first season of T-Ball, and maybe more importantly, it seems that the day came when I'm the one who learned the lesson I should have been teaching: Don't fuss over petty stuff. Let them be and they'll do just fine.
....even if they are wearing black socks pulled all the way up their shins.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Only 4 Weeks Left.

Triston starts school in just 4 weeks and I am scared. For the last few weeks, I have gone over (...and over) a mental checklist of all the things I have taught him and the ones I should have taught him. Tying shoes? Check. Cutting with scissors carefully? Check. All the ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, reading and writing simple words, ect.? Check. Going to the bathroom all by himself? Check. Always be nice to everyone, especially girls? Check...usually. But......
He wants to ride the school bus. I don't know school bus etiquette!
He likes to be funny. Is he going to be the weird kid at the lunch table sticks carrot sticks up his nose just to get a few laughs? Oh!
What if he gets lost coming back from the bathroom and ends up outside?
He wants to be the leader All. The. Time. How is he going to deal?!
8 hours of school seems like a long time for a 5 year old to be away from his mom. Right?!
Goodness. This is going to be an interesting last month.

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