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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My friend Courtney sent me an award for being fabulous--this is no surprise to me, I get these awards all the time. Didn't you know? :)
Along with the award, I must pass it on to 5 more bloggers who also exude fabulous-ness AND list 5 fabulous addictions I currently have.....fabulous addictions? Okay.
5 lucky bloggers:
Nicol--I know--just do it anyway. We share the same sense of humor and always have a good laugh when we chat, which is never enough, but we've both got three (about to be four for her) kids and there's just never enough time, so what do you expect?!....but, I will say--if I ever win a vacation for just one other person--I choose you!
Shara--who lives half-way across the country now--is super crafty and is really fun. I will never forget watching you strap Xander in the stroller and face him towards the wall for a quick time-out in the mall....genius. I did that just a few weeks ago--it really works. My first friend in Florida!
Brookeanne--The only other person I knew, at the time, that was married and had a baby at our young age of 21! We stayed friends via the phone and e-mail for 3 years while I lived in Florida--it was so great to come home and pick right back up like we used to! Plus, your a patient mother and you spend quality one-on-one time with your kids each and every day--I really admire that!
Katy--Your blog was the first blog I ever read. You have 5 beautiful girls and you are not even 30...and you seem sane, which is more than I can say for myself! Your blog is so much fun to read--actually, your whole family has great blogs--your family is so creative.
Morgan--You are so much fun! A really genuine person and your accent is so cute! (She's from southern Georgia) When you first moved into Mandarin 2nd, I was so impressed with how well you met others and fit right in.I always think of the first time you came to church and stood right up and gave your testimony. Now, I;m in the same position and try to do the same--thanks for being a great example!
Okay, so you bloggers are supposed to post the picture and do the same thing I did--have fun!
Now for my addictions:
Desperate Housewives--I have watched since the very first episode, but now we don't get ABC, so I am missing it! It's driving me nuts.
Stalking Blogs-Travis will come by and say, "Oh, who is that?" More times than not I reply, "I have no idea"....ha ha, great fun though, right? Oh, c'mon....I know you do it to!
Sugar--no lie. I feel like a drug addict. Of course, this started when I was pregnant with Triston and has stuck with me...probably why I can never get rid of the baby jiggle in the front. I'm working on a plan to kick it--look up facts about sugar's the quickest way to age your skin, rot your teeth, makes you fat....ect. It's bad stuff.
Exercise--okay, I could have said this one--like a year ago. There was a time when I would feel just bad if I didn't work out. Then I got prego with Bryce and was so tired and slowly stopped over the course of two years. Now, I'm pretty fine with just hanging out.
News--I'm a news junkie. Maybe this stems from my Journalism training in college....or maybe the "shock factor" on mainstream media just got me....when we had cable, I would jump from news channel to news channel several times a day to see what was going on.

Okay, there you go...this took way to long. I won't hold it against you if you don't want to do it.

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