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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dailybuzz moms 9x9: out & about!

i am so excited to have been selected by DailyBuzz Moms for their july 9x9 challenge. this month's challenge and theme features ideas by 9 different bloggers on getting your kids "out and about". you can read the other blogger's ideas on july 26th at dailybuzz moms!

oh, summer. we have a love/hate relationship going, her and i. at the beginning of the season i just love our lazy and care-free days, but by the end? not going to lie here folks, i loathe them. i mean, we have just exhausted every. single. thing. we could ever possibly do on the dailies. the pool? check. the library and summer reading program? check. going to the movies? chhhhheeeeeck. we've got art supplies coming out of our ears (for the four-year-old,  sometimes quite literally) and art masterpieces lining every wall. and now we're all bored to death. i should preface here that we're in the middle of the worst heat wave and drought since the 1930s out here in the midwest so playing outside lasts about 5 minutes. (but we've been doing that, too!)

so what to do?!

i decided to recruit my mom and take these boys into the city for some culture. not a kid's fun land. and not a kid's museum. we took them to our historical district on the riverfront to our local art/science/history museum. the kind adults go to.
ready to go!
now, i am a realist. i have four sons and i know their limitations. for example: you will NEVER see me in the mall simultaneously with these guys. but, triston is 8 now and jackson is 6, and they are getting in to history a little bit. they can definitely appreciate historical stories and as i mentioned, they all love to paint/draw/color/ect, so i thought we'd give this a go. as for the littles, i packed a gazillion snacks and worse-case scenario, we would just leave asap if we had to.

visitor's center
aren't they sweet?!

well, we didn't have to leave. it turned out to be a pretty fun day. we started out at our city's visitor's center. it's a really neat building with a few historical mementos and has a stunning view of our riverfront. our river has been instrumental during several wars. and what do you know?! my boys thought that was so cool! even 4 year old bryce, who asked a ton of questions. glad to see those little minds working!

billy koch's steamboat steering wheel
chatting about the indiana/kentucky line that is marked by buoys in the water

historical marker right outside the visitor's center

checking out a replica

next, we walked over to the art museum. three floors of artifacts, replicas of life in the early 1800s, beautiful paintings, and interesting sculptures.

the first floor is mostly just these replicas of life in the 1800s. a log home, a general store, doctor's office, copper shop, toy store, and a dentist's office. it is set up like a little city and the kiddos had fun running around and looking at each set-up. if you are wondering, of course we didn't get to walk around to each exhibit and talk about the importance of it and blah blah blah...but they got it. they recognized the differences of how things were in the past and how things are today. for example: dentist's offices are always scary, even today. but in the 1800s? suuupppeeeer scary. i would have let my teeth rot out. the kiddos agreed.
a home in the early 19th century

who knew we had a medical college at one time?! the closest one now is IU.

the dentist's office. eeeee.
 next up was the town hall. now, i am a self-described political junkie and it has rubbed off on my kids. they know about past and present presidents and governors, elections are dinner table discussions in our house. and they were the cutest little helpers in their dad's own county election just a few years ago:

don't judge my dirty children. 100 degree weather at the county fair. ugh.

so we know politics. and how exciting that our museum has a whole room dedicated to all of the presidents that have visited our city! it was fun to show the kids pictures of past presidents (and current ones - president obama visited our city twice during his 2008 campaign) and to see some really old lapel pins (okay, maybe not so interesting...) and lots of neat information and tidbits.

next up: the science center, that was just around the corner. lots of hands on projects and neat experiments. 

little nash getting in on the action

next, we traveled upstairs to the museum of natural history. this is a small museum, there are no dinosaur fossils or any super spectacular things kids are really that interested in. but that is where i come in: moms can make anything interesting, right?! not really. but, my mom and i tried our hardest to get the kids excited about what they were looking at. and it worked! there is just something about seeing an actual artifact that someone else from hundreds or thousands of years ago actually used or wore, or held in their own hands. it connects us all in some way. anyway, the kids thought some of the artifacts were really cool. 

an african game.

the favorite of the day: a mummified cat.

and finally, to the art gallery. i wanted so desperately for my kids to love this part of the museum. but, sigh. they just didn't. it was toward the end of the trip, they were starting to get hungry, and if you have any experience with boys then you will know what they do when they get bored in a wide open space:  they run. and wrestle. and mess with each other. and yell to make a echo-y sound. even though we got some looks, it was fine. we looked at what we could look at and moved on. the least favorite gallery was the medieval art. i mean, it was the dark ages after's pretty gloomy. but the favorite was the gallery of robert c. jackson. everyone loved it! triston especially, and he has even drawn a few of his own versions since. and that was the whole reason for going to a place like this to begin with. for them to be inspired by other's ideas and lives, past and present.

robert c. jackson
isn't this painting so fun?!

and this was my favorite of the day

sculptures of ann weber. these are made out of strips of cardboard!!
seriously?! if only i had a smidgen of her talent...
the third and final floor is home to a really great domed planetarium. but after our last experience with planetariums, we opted out. actually the boys all shouted, "NO!" and ran to the elevator. ba ha aha, i don't blame them.

we finished up the day with lunch and ice cream. this may not have been the most "fun" outing for  them that we've ever had, but we did have a good time and most importantly: my boys got out of the house (and out of any normal "thing" we've done this summer) to experience something new; something different. and that makes this mom one happy girl.

here's a few more snapshots from the day:

and to top it off, my mom came back to our house to have movie night with the boys so my mr. and i could have our own little "out and about" on the town later that night...thanks mom!

...but our date is another post for another time...

so, tell me, what kinds of things are you doing with your kids to get them out of the house this summer?!

and is anyone else ready for school to start? i'm such a bad mom.

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