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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


nash wants to say happy new year!
i love the new year. there is something about having the opportunity to make a new start - a re-set button, if you will - that drums up motivation. right now {most people} are on their best behavior. hopes are high for whatever the new year will bring and it seems as though everyone is putting their best foot forward in this little game we call life.  in 2012, my resolution was to be more organized.  given how i ransacked the house just this morning to find my keys...probably not doing so great at that one...but you keep on doing it anyway. as for 2013, i've got two. the first one i started in november and it went well until my husband went out of town in december for a week long conference and all hell broke loose: giving up soda. i gave it up long enough to stop getting headaches when i didn't drink it. now, i am giving it up because it's gross. (but it's so good...)  so no soda. and the second? to be more present. like, when my kids say, "mom, can you help me with this" and i say, "i can't right now because i am doing ______" or not putting off something until later that i can do right now, especially little things like putting the laundry away, so i will have more time when they want to play a game or read a book or whatever. and i guess one more - to just be the better version of me; to just do better.
in other news, i ate something amazing and wanted to share:


i found it on pinterest and it's awesome and you will make a huge mess in your kitchen but you won't even care. your welcome. happy new year!

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