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Thursday, January 26, 2012

grossed out and in love.

grossed out:

triston got a microscope for christmas that came with live shrimp eggs. we finally got around to hatching them and the above picture x 100 is now living in a petri dish on our kitchen counter. i am completely grossed out. of course, the boys -especially triston- think it is the coolest thing ever. and in order to foster that curiosity and education and love for science, i am keeping mum about not liking it.  and so it is with a house full of boys. i am sure i will have many more 'not liking it' moments in the years to come. if it benefits them, though, i will happily do whatever.

in love:

Pinterest Logo

don't we all love pinterest? its slogan should be 'making lives easier and better', right? i made some bbq chicken in the crockpot the other day from a recipe i found on pinterest. it. was. amazing. and since i haven't been keeping up with the recipe aspect of this blog - here you go!

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