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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

i have a hand-me-down ice cream maker. it worked, as far as i knew, perfectly, yet i shyed away from it for two reasons. one: the instructions were not included and although i found them easily online, for some reason i didn't quite understand them. and two: ice cream is so cheap and so good the way it is...bought in a store.

but, that old ice cream maker would stare at me every time i opened the linen closet and  i vowed to make use of it before the kids went back to school. last week, i picked up a box of posey county's finest peaches (or so the roadside sign stated). we like peaches just fine all by themselves, but i came across this recipe and it all just clicked. peaches + ice cream maker + that recipe + only 19 more days of summer.

it was delicious. so delicious. i did pretty good for my first batch of homemade ice cream, but now i've got the bug and i'm moving on to find another recipe to try. ice cream is my favorite dessert, after all.

and while we're talking about ice cream, i ate the most delicious perfect ice cream ever. i'm usually a blue bell kind of girl, but blue bunny has won me over with their red velvet cake ice cream. it was so good i started dipping ginormous bowls of it for the boys because i was seriously scared i would eat the whole container myself. they, of course, were just fine with that.

definitely add that to your grocery list this week, but only if you have better will power than me.


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