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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The BEST Chicken Salad

So, I turned 30 last Saturday and it was pretty awesome. Travis planned a surprise party with our family and everything was just great, including the menu that he picked out all by himself!

He grilled big thick chicken breasts that turned out amazing. We had quite a bit left over and this is what I did with them: I thinly sliced them and put them in a bowl. Next up, finely chopped celery, apple, & onion; into the bowl. Next, add a big handful of halved grapes. Liberally salt & pepper everything in the bowl and add just a sprinkle of celery seed. Use enough mayo to coat and toss until well blended. There are no rules here, no recipe to follow. Just add enough of each ingredient that you will eat. I suppose if you are having a big party you'll need specifics, so good luck with that. Let me know what you find out! :) But seriously, sometimes cooking is like art and you just have to go with it. And well, you're creating the art of chicken salad!

Side note: This will be the best chicken salad you have ever eaten so get excited! Serve on bread or with crackers, a croissant, or just eat it right out if the bowl. The secret here is making sure you use good grilled chicken and for the love of all things good in this world, add an ice cold coke to this meal. It's just delicious.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

oh, pioneer woman, how i love thee.

I've been waiting my whole life for this recipe. or at least, the last 6 months when i set out to find the best chicken salad out there. and of course, P-Dub, as she call herself - IT IS HANDWRITTEN IN MY COOKBOOK! - has done it again (like in 2008). the recipe calls for red and green grapes, but i used raisins instead of the red ones. chewy texture = awesome. i also used just cooked chicken breasts instead of a fryer and subbed plain yogurt for the sour cream (which she suggests in her newest cookbook)....and i added dill at the end. i can't remember if that was in the recipe or not, but it was yum, so try it.

here you go, and your welcome.

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