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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Small Little Problem for a Big Contest.

Around June-ish/July-ish this little blog was selected to be part of a Featured Publisher program with Foodbuzz. Which isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds, but I was automatically entered into this contest that was to start in the Fall and was way excited about it. You may have seen my Official Contestant Widget on the side ------------ > over there. But if not, here you go:

Go ahead, click on it.

Anyway, the contest is to find the next food blogging star, and it is called Project Food Blog. We have several challenges we have to complete and then the community (OR YOU!) can vote for me to move on to the next round. The winner will receive a feature on on Foodbuzz for one year (which is what I really want)...but you also get $10,000, and I won't lie, that sounds pretty good, too.

For the first challenge, I have to sell to the masses why I am  the next food blogging star, which for some reason makes me think of American Idol after they've narrowed down the top 12 and do individual interviews of why THEY are the next American Idol. Why am I the next Food Blogging Star? Well, let me tell you.... Weird, huh?

Again, I am not going to lie. When I first signed on to do the contest, I thought I might have a shot at this. But then, the contestant profiles started rolling out and it became quite evident I was a very small fish in this sea of foodies. There are actual chefs that went to culinary school and own their own restaurants competing against ME. Now, I kind of feel I have absolutely no chance. Chefs? Come on.

Oh, and the little problem. A couple of weeks ago I took a test. This taste proved to be absolutely positive that baby # 4 is on it's way. Hooray! (...I mean, right in the middle of an election, right before my big break into foodie stardom, but whatever.... we are actually pretty thrilled!)

The problem actually lies in the fact that I've been making my family eat PB & J, soup from a can, fast food,  cereal,  yogurt or instant oatmeal for TWO WEEKS NOW. I can't even think of any kind of food or eat any kind of food, especially not look at or smell any kind of food, or even walk in my kitchen without also thinking about throwing up. Yeah.

But, I want to compete. Even if I only make through the first round (which everyone gets to do), I still want to do it. So, I am going to need some help--from you, from the Lord, from friends of friends and from strangers. Seriously, there is no way my little food blog can even compare to some of the contestant's out there. And there is hardly a chance I can come up with any good recipes at the moment, but I am going to do it anyway.

Why do you care? If I win $10,000. I will share.  Become a follower < ---------- over there. Every time you vote for me, leave a comment telling me you did so. I am not clear on whether we can vote as many times as we'd like or just once, but whenever you do vote and leave a comment, you will be entered to win $1,000 dollars of my $10,000. So if you vote for me 3 times in the course of the contest, you will have 3 entries, ect. Pretty freaking cool of me, right??  :)

The voting doesn't start until September 20th. I will write my post about why I am the next food blog star sometime before then and give instructions on how to vote. In the meantime, tell your friends. Post this on your Facebook. Twitter about it....and let's see if I can ground those chefs into pepper. Or, whatever. I'm still learning the foodie lingo.

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