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Monday, September 24, 2012

DailyBuzz Moms 9x9: making a fall wreath

this post is in conjunction with dailybuzz moms 9x9 september theme: fall into autumn. you can find my post along with the other 8 posts from different bloggers on september 27th right here. thanks to dailybuzz moms for having me. check it out!
a fall wreath is just about the best thing there is by way of fall decor, right? you have your pumpkins and wheat stalks, pine cones and berries, acorns and leaves and whatever else that will rest on the fireplace mantel or a side table; but the front door wreath is like the holy grail of all the autumnal decorations. yes?
i love wreaths for a few reasons: they can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want or need, the possibilities are endless, and they are extremely forgiving. as in, even if you suck at crafts (like me) you can usually make an wreath that makes everyone else think you are awesome. 
the one pictured above is one that i bought and then added all the fall flowers and leaves. when i bought it, on a chilly day in march a few years ago, it had little pinkish berries all around it. i used it throughout the spring and summer and added some cheap flowers and leaves on sept. 1st (minus the berries, of course) - now i rotate it throughout the seasons (except winter, come on!), changing the look of it as needed. it has become a tradition. (and it only cost me about $30 at jo-ann's)
if you don't have a fall wreath, it's not to late! for a  quick and easy project, do this:
get a wreath form (or something that can be fashioned into a circle): grapevine, styrofoam, straw form, a pool noodle, or cardboard. (for this particular wreath, i suggest a styrofoam form or a straw form, both can be found at craft store for just a couple of $)
use about 1/2 yard of a neutral material: muslin and burlap are great. and cheap. and really trendy, right now.
cut the material into 1 1/2 in. wide strips and wrap around the wreath form, overlapping each piece of material until the entire form is covered. secure with just a little hot glue. and it's okay if it isn't perfect. the neutral material will give it a rustic look, so any reasonable flaws will blend in.
once all of the material is secured, make a small arrangement of flowers as a finishing touch. this can be flowers you buy or maybe something you make. whatever it is that you like, secure it to the wreath with a little hot glue.
simple and fun under $10. hang that sucka up for the world to see - you just made a fall wreath! (and fyi, this one is an inside wreath, it hangs over my fireplace mantel in the center of a large mirror.)
i'm working on a fun halloween wreath right now - a cheap grapevine spray-painted black with a few fun add-ons. i will post when it is ready.
happy fall!  

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