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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Treat For the Ride Home


I live 6 miles off a highway in the middle of a valley. For those who know Indiana, it's a pretty flat spanse of land--cornfields as far as the eye can see. Where I live, I too see cornfields, but placed between two mountainous hills that stretch for miles. It is Brown County, isn't that what it's known for?

The road I live on is windy (as in wine-dee). Although houses run along the road, it is a lonely ride home--especially at night. In one area, there are no houses. Only a field, the tree line, and black outlines of the hills up against the midnight blue sky. (You better believe that for the first several months I lived out here, I was high-tailing it at this point. I mean, Big Foot or some crazed hillbillies could have stepped out of the dense woods at any moment.) But, then the seasons changed. Once a dreaded area, for me, has become a treat. If I am coming home in the evening, usually from work on the weekend, it is about dusk and the sky is lit up like glitter.

Fireflies. Thousands of them. They just hover, in this area, right above the stalks and twinkle. I sometimes wonder if the fireflies are there just for me. I have come to look forward to my drive home in the country. It kind of tops off my night, if you will. And hey, isn't that what it's all about? Finding joy in those small and simple things? Even something like fireflies? Yes. I think it's a pretty good start anyways.

P.S. Do you love these shoes as much as I?
I'm in love. But, I'm sensible. I would end up not wearing them--you know how I love my tennies. And for 120 dolla, you better believe my husband would make me wear them to scrub the toilets.

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