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Sunday, September 11, 2011

bbq chicken pizzz-SUHHHHH

that is totally to be said like how oprah talks when she gets really excited. got it? well, i suppose this isn't really diet food as i talked about it my last post, but here's the thing about diets - if you just don't eat a lot of whatever you are eating, you are okay.

wow. that's it? i wish i could remember that!

anyway, a couple of months ago i was laboring over the decision to make pizza or not. i usually make a whole-wheat crust which gets mixed reviews from my guys and with the whole dough rising thing...i just really wasn't into it.

but what i was in to was a powdery pizza dough mix that i only needed to add hot water to! on one of my healthy days i would have balked at such an idea, but that on that day, i probably had swiss cake rolls in my cart, too.

so i got the mix, which is made by great value and among all the pizza-type stuff and is only 47 cents per package, and it was really good. really good and simple = a keeper at my house.

i mixed the stuff, let it set for 5 minutes and then stretched it out and then i suppose you could bake it on anything you wanted. i like to make it in my stoneware casserole dish where everything is all snuggled together and the dough is thick and chewy. yes, please!

after stretching out my dough, i slathered bbq sauce all over, leaving a half-inch or so around the edges untouched for a thick crust.

then freshly minced garlic.

chopped purple onion.

chopped up tyson grilled and ready chicken

and mozzerella cheese.

on one half, i placed freshly sliced jalapenos...which is awesome if you like spicy food.

baked for 20 minutes and it was probably the best pizza i've made to date.

your welcome.

ps. nash starts baby food this week! and triston thanked me for being his mom because "firefighters rescue people, police officers make sure we obey laws, and moms, well...they just do everything else." love that kid.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Wondering...(And An Awesome Sandwich)

Does anyone else's husband leave the dishes on the table after the wife cleaned up the kitchen and left the dishwasher open ready to take his plate?

And then, sit down and eat breakfast next to it the next morning after the wife refused to take care of it and still not pick it up?


I suppose I could blame it on his deep thought and bad mood he was in that night, because I'm not really even sure if he ever realized, so I guess I can't be that mad at him. And I ended up picking it up because it drove me bananas.

So he wins.

This time....

But the real reason for this post is to brag about my awesome Stromboli-making skills.

I waited tables at a restaurant in high school that was home to the best pizza on the planet. And I think about that, a lot. One day last week I had a hankering for Stromboli, so I just kind of threw this together. It wasn't Bobe's worthy, but it was still really good.

Here's how I made it.

I took one loaf of french bread, sliced it down the middle, and brushed the two sides with a little melted butter and minced garlic. A word about using garlic in your food...jarred minced garlic is convenient and quick, but it sucks. If you can, always use fresh. It makes your food taste so. much. better. Try it. You can use a knife to mince it (and have smelly hands) or pick up a garlic press for under $15 at a kitchen store.

After brushing on the butter, I put the two halves in the oven under the broiler for just a couple of minutes to toast the bread a little. Then top both sides with pizza sauce, a little mozzarella cheese, and whatever toppings you like on your pizza. We used Italian sausage, pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, black olives, onion and lots of mozzarella. I started to fill both sides, but quickly saw that it was going to fall apart on me, so I filled up one side of the bread and topped it with the other. Stuck it in the oven on 350 for about 10-12 minutes (just until the cheese was melted good around all the toppings and the bread was crusty).

Serve with a salad and you've got dinner.

If you aren't feeding 3 man-children and a hungry husband (plus a cute little nephew!) cut the bread in half (width-ways), wrap the other half with plastic wrap and stuff in a freezer bag and use it for next time.

Now, if you were in the mood for a picture of a C.U.T.E. baby.....

Here ya go.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pizza Quesadillas and the First Day of First Grade.

So I bought a quesadilla press last year at a yard sale for $3. I thought I would use it all the time, but guess what? I've used it maybe 3 times in a year. It's taking up space and I thought to myself that I had to start using it or it had to go.

A couple of weeks ago I bought stuff to make a homemade pizza, with a homemade crust. But, yeah right. It didn't happen, so I had pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese just sitting in the fridge taking up space. I also had some tortillas that needed to be used up.


A whole new reason to use my quesadilla press! And a whole new reason for my kids to not complain when I serve them lunch!

It's a win-win!

And of course, you don't have to have a press to make a pizza quesadilla. A heated frying pan works just as well, just  be careful that the ingredients don't fall out when you flip it!

And....yesterday was Triston's first day of first grade!

He is getting so mature. When I picked him up he said it was the best day of his life! Which, being school # 3 for a first grader, I think is pretty cool.

But, I'm not going to lie...things go a little smoother around here when one of the boys is away, so I wasn't sad. Gasp.

And Jackson will actually still take a nap when Triston isn't around to distract, which means that I'm not so mean during the day. Hooray! (....mostly for Travis)

And can you BELIEVE that all the pools and splash parks are already closed for the year? It is still in the 90s here and I've got two littles still at home practically dying when they go outside. Not fair.

P.S. I've got the cutest little niece EVER. Take a look for yourself....


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