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Monday, September 12, 2011

the 9/11 post i just couldn't write on 9/11.

i think it is interesting that when something traumatic happens, people can remember their surroundings in great detail. i've read countless stories of "where were you on 9/11" magnitude and of course, i can remember the day well for me, too.

i was in my first semester of college. i didn't have class on tuesday so i stayed home and had planned to study for my first psych test that was scheduled for the following day. obviously, no studying took place and our kind professor actually moved the test to the following week.

my mom came downstairs and told me to turn on the tv, that a plane had hit the wtc. we watched in horror on live tv as the second plane hit. when i remember it, it is almost like there was background music during a horrific part in a movie....i'd never seen anything like it. well, most of us hadn't.

we watched the whole day and it was probably the first time i can remember of feeling that "bubble" of the world is a happy place everywhere...not POP, but just sort of...deflate. it was then that i gained perspective on politics and patriotism - two things that i still to this day have an interest and love for. it was also at that time that i became aware that people don't always have the best of intentions - something of which i have flip-flopped on because i do believe that people are inherently good and for the most part, want to have the best of intentions. but it led me to be cautious, in any case.

before we went to our local 9/11 memorial ceremony, i fought back tears as i explained to the boys what happened 10 years ago. in re-telling it to someone who had never been touched by that much animosity, it was hard to watch them struggle to understand how people can plan and carry out an attack on innocent people. but, i think it is important for them to know what happened. for history's sake, to honor the duty of first responders, and to honor our unity as americans. there are also thing to celebrate from that day.  because out of the saddest day in modern american history, there are wonderful stories of hope, kindness, and amazing acts of service - the american spirit at its best.

we will never forget.

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