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Friday, June 10, 2011

Smoothie Yum Yum

Excuse my title, I am finding it difficult to transition from mommy-mode to adult conversation these days, and for the moment, it just sounded good. I am also hoping "mommy-brain" is responsible for all the weird stuff that has been falling out of my mouth lately. You know what I are talking and realize you should just shut up but for some reason you just can't turn it off? Yeah.

Anyway, to beat the heat we are stocking up on popsicles and smoothie supplies. I came up with a new one just last week and it is really good. (and healthy!)

So here is my Smoothie Yum Yum, which already sounds ridiculous.

The first ingredient is low fat vanilla yogurt. And we need to talk about yogurt for a second. A lot of people love yogurt and eat it for it's health benefits. But a lot of people may not realize all the yucky stuff some brands put in their yogurt, aspartame being at the top of that list. It is an artificial sweetener that has been linked to a whole myriad of neurological disorders and other problems like MS and Parkinson's disease. It is in nearly EVERYTHING that is labeled "sugar-free" (low-fat or low-cal, too) including gum, diet sodas, and just about everything else. Point being, prolonged use of this stuff is going to make your body all wacky.

Ahem. Sorry for the public service announcement, there.

Anyway, Great Value brand from Walmart has low fat yogurt that does not have aspartame in it!! (or high fructose corn syrup!) so, that is what I use. (and how much i hate walmart and shopping there is another post for another time)

vanilla yogurt
frozen fruit mix of strawberries, mango, papaya, and pineapple
apple juice
spinach....optional of course

the amount of ingredients is based on how many you are serving. use common judgement, i suppose. anyway, yogurt goes in first, followed by frozen fruit, and then just a splash of juice.

it's really one of the best smoothies i've made.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

McDonald's New Fruit Smoothies

I've been dying to try McDonald's new fruit smoothies ever since my eyes discovered the ginormous billboards all around town enticing like-minded individuals that know smoothies are the best, and  should be consumed as meals three times a day.

It was good. As good as any other smoothie I've had at an actual smoothie cafe. McDonald's offers two flavors: strawberry banana and wild berry. They were equally tasty. The best part: $2.78. Wowza. Beats a fancy $5.00 one.

As for nutrition, there is a lot of added sugar in this smoothie, even in a small. You can check that out here.

 I'd call this maybe a dessert smoothie based on the amount of sugar, but it is what it is. It's still delicious and when you are having a moment, sugar is the best remedy.

More garden recipes coming next week!

*This is not a paid review.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greek-Week Wannabe

I totally wish I were a creative enough cook to come up with a week's worth of recipes using Stonyfield's Greek yogurt. But here's the thing: I actually hate Greek yogurt.

I tried to get on the bandwagon a couple of years ago, because it is so good for you, but I can't do it. It really just tastes awful.

But what I can do is use it as a base. Recently, I've begun swapping Greek yogurt for the mayo in recipes. Things like tuna fish, cole slaw, and potato salad or using it as a base for smoothies...all things that I love to eat, but don't like the extra calories.

So, does it taste the same? Kind of. I fed my "Greek tuna" to Travis - unbeknown to him, though. He will put a halt on anything healthy before it even reaches his mouth- He thought I used light mayo instead of regular. And thought it was pretty good. The change is subtle enough not to affect the taste or texture. 

Here's the thing: Greek yogurt packs 23 grams of protein per serving and only 130 calories. Awesome. Let's do some math.

Hellmann's real mayo has 90 calories in a 1 T. serving and 0 grams of protein (and we know protein is what keeps us full and energized, right?).
Stonyfield's Oikos Greek Yogurt has 8 calories in a 1 T. serving and 1 gram of protein.

Not a huge difference, if you really love mayo, you might go ahead and choose it. BUT, see what happens when the serving size goes up.

1 c. of mayo is 1440 calories (and still no protein) compared to the one serving of Greek yogurt I listed above. It's a big difference. Greek yogurt as the base of a recipe is actually changing potentially unhealthy food into a better choice.

So what about the taste of plain Greek yogurt? I don't know, it's just gross. I wouldn't eat it plain, but if you blend some strawberries or give it SOME kind of flavor, even just honey works wonders, it does taste better.

Anyone else have any purposes for Greek Yogurt?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chocolate-Covered Smoothie

This one is a chocolate-covered blueberry smoothie, but the possibilities are endless.
Another night we did chocolate-covered strawberry and I have my taste-buds set on a chocolate-covered banana one very soon.

It's all very simple:
A few scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, a little milk, and chocolate syrupIn a blender, of course.  Oh, and throw in some dark chocolate chips at the end and pulse just a few seconds for a little crunch. You know, Starbuck's Java Chip Frap style. (In the case of a banana smoothie, I would probably use a fresh banana and some crushed ice along with the other ingredients.)  

Share your own concoctions, please!

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