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Friday, September 2, 2011

Taco Friday, Revisited

a few months ago, i posted about taco friday. you know, my good friend mentioned the other day that when you have kids (and you stay home 24/7) friday is just friday. it's true! friday doesn't have the same excitement that it once had, say, when i was in college or high school. (even though we have been remedying it with friday night football games, which i adore. after 10 years and living in a bazillion different places, i don't even feel like a hatchet anymore. besides, maroon and gray look better on me, anyway. ;) )

ANYway, taco friday has been a hit with our family. i think i am the only one who actually remembers it, though, so maybe this is just a sad last effort to keep friday nights exciting. for me? i don't know. but what i do know is that instead of just tacos every friday, we have been branching out.

last week, we did a southwest chipotle salad. i put each ingredient in little bowls on the table and the boys, plus their father and i, got to choose what they wanted. and this serves a double purpose as i wasn't in the kitchen making everyone's plate. that italics included travis, which sometimes i am happy to do and other times i am like, "wth, husband, you are a grown person". this is a whole other post, though.

we started with the basics: chopped romaine and spinach. and we added on from there: black beans, stir-fry corn, tomatoes, cheese, purple onion, chopped egg, and fritos as a garnish. we topped it with this:

which i am actually not a fan of. the walmart was out of the regular chipotle dressing....uh, i think it is like farmview or something like that. kind of a bummer. but this wasn't terrible.

so there you go. another addition to taco friday. go make friday exciting again...because surely i am not the only, RIGHT???

ps. i started painting the boys' rooms and can i just say....i hate painting!?

pictures to come...of course, if i ever get it done.

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