Sunday, May 19, 2013


Last week I got an email saying that I had won a $20.00 gift card for Amazon. How exciting, because I am an Amazon regular. Yes!

So. There's this new app out called Snapmyad. Basically, it is registered snapmyad users, like you and me, that snap photos with our smartphones of brands. The brand promo that I won was for coca-cola. here it is:

You upload your photo to snapmyad and then it gets voted on by other users and the snapmyad crew. And that's it. For a newly developed app, it works very well and is very easy to navigate. no snags that i've encountered AND the best part are the perks! lots of chances to win gift cards from favorite stores and restaurants. The Starbucks promo right now is offering a $730.00 gift card - that's one full year of Starbucks every day!

Josh and Yvette Lee, friends of friends of ours, developed this app. I was one of the first winners, so as Josh was emailing me about where to send my gift card, we started chatting about how the app was developed and i got the 411 - does anyone say that anymore?! yikes.

so josh and his wife were flying back from florida  last year in the midst of a tropical storm. Every flight was getting cancelled and they were anticipating that theirs was going to be as well. But, for whatever reason, they got the green light and got on board. It was actually the only flight that took off that night. As they were waiting for take off, Josh snapped a pic outside the window and uploaded it to instagram. He said to his wife that the pic looked just like a ad for air tram.

and snapmyad was born.

from there they got specific about their idea and created a business plan. having no experience in app development or coding, they traveled to NYC and pitched their idea to developers.

what is available now is the first edition of the app, that was launched for friends and family to try. josh says that they already have new ideas for improvements like push notifications and different categories that will be available soon.

i asked josh what his vision for snapmyad is. he says that he hopes to get major brands on board to sponsor their promotions and help create a new way to advertise. yep. snapmyad has some terms and conditions, like instagram, that allow 3rd party users to use your photos. the difference? YOU get to decide what pictures to upload for a specific brand. and the payoff? YOUR picture could be used in an actual ad campaign. so instead of joe schmo downloading a pic of your child or family to do who knows what with - a reputable brand could use your picture.

pretty cool. actually, i think this one is really going to take off. in our social media crazed world, we are finding new ways to communicate, advertise, and share our lives. this one just makes sense.

check it out. and while your at it, vote for my pictures?! i have a couple in the food promo and chocolate promo.

Monday, May 13, 2013

happy late mother's day

Photo: Thank you, God, for these four sweet blessings! #boymama

it is a lucky thing for mom to have all boys in her house.  i mean, asian women have stopped to tell me how "rich" i am with all those boys under my wing. i beg to differ, because obviously they haven't seen my grocery bill or how much things cost to replace when they get broken - which is, like EVERYTHING i own, but i get it. and not that a baby girl wouldn't be a welcome addition, but being the only female in a house full of guys does have its perks.

oh, how i love these boys and thank god each day for letting me be their mom.

a friend posted yesterday a happy mother's day wish to all women. that you don't have to have given birth to mother a child. i so totally agree with that. i think it is our role, as women, to be natural mothers, to be kind and nurturing, to encourage and bring out greatness in the ones we love. the women of this world, the natural mothers, help it move along. i love this quote:

"When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will it feature the echoes of gunfire or the shaping sound of lullabies? The great armistices made by military men or the peacemaking of women in homes and in neighborhoods? Will what happened in cradles and kitchens prove to be more controlling than what happened in congresses?When the surf of the centuries has made the great pyramids so much sand, the everlasting family will still be standing, because it is a celestial institution, formed outside telestial time. The women of God know this." - Neal Maxwell.

happy mother's day to all the women out there.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I could have been an inventor.

I was looking through a pregnancy magazine today and saw something I invented in my head back in 2004. Boon Baby Spill Catcher Bowls, which coincidentally the company was also founded in 2004. It is exactly how I imagined it, only i wanted the spill catcher to be detachable so it would have been more of a "stages" type bowl. and i had an idea for a plate, too. note to self: listen to myself more: I could be a millionaire. Now, Maybe I should start putting a little more thought into some interesting ideas I've had through the 9 years I've been a Mom! ;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

southwest grilled chicken salad

i'm not totally sure on what qualifies something as southwest, but, this salad has all the right things i think of when referring to a southwestern dish.

and so it is.

grilled chicken
romaine, chopped
cherry tomatoes, sliced
shredded colby jack
avocado, diced
green onion, diced
1 can of black beans
1 can of corn, drained

on the stove, mix the can of corn and black beans and bring to boil. drain and set aside. in a large bowl, layer romaine, cherry tomatoes, cheese, green onion, avocado, black beans and corn mixture (however much YOU want - we just use a little and save the rest of quesidillas) and top with grilled chicken followed by a drizzle of ranch.

I'm going to be honest here, the black bean/corn mixture wasn't my idea and i thought it would be gross...i tried it at a church function and it was really if that freaks you out about this salad, try it any way.

Does anyone out there watch Nashville? When did that show get good?! It's getting GOOD. And also, I think it's making me like country music?!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what it's like being married to a trendsetter...

 you may have noticed all these celebs recently sporting this new modern take on an old hair style, but do you have any idea who started the trend? travis clowers. yep. we've been poking fun of his 'leave it to beaver hair' for years now and who knew he was on top of the trend from the beginning.

so, if you want to be in the know, you better start hanging with this guy. not only will you be instantly fashionable, but he will make you laugh for days. he will probably make you food because he is a great cook AND he will be nice to your children. i mean, he has to be nice to mine because he helped create them, but he like kiddos. did i hit the jackpot, or what?!

Monday, May 6, 2013

book review: i'll see you again by jackie hance

oh, my heart. i pretty much sobbed throughout this entire book. i remember when this tragedy happened - in 2009, a mother lost her three daughters (and sister in law and niece) in a car accident after the girls spent a weekend camping with their aunt, uncle, and cousins. later, shocking toxicology reports revealed that the aunt had been driving the girls while drunk twice the legal limit and high on pot.
it got national attention, obviously, because can you even imagine?! it certainly got my attention, as my three boys were spaced in age exactly the same as the little girls. The oldest girl, Emma, was 8. Alyson, 7 and Katie, 5. Triston just turned 9 in March, so I just recently had kids these same ages so maybe that is why I could identify so strongly with this story and this mother, Jackie Hance.
The mother gives a horrifying account of the tragedy - her oldest daughter calling her from the backseat, sobbing, saying something is wrong with her aunt, Diane - and then a harrowing account of the disabling grief that followed the deaths of her daughters for herself and her husband and coping with the shocking truths about her sister in law. i can't even imagine.
it's every parent's worst nightmare. Jackie Hance was a stay at home mom, taking her daughters to practices and activities, planning fun things to do in the summer and having at least one kiddo behind her every step she took. the life she describes mirrors my own so very much and i took to heart what she thought and wrote in response to a well-meaning stranger that approached her and said that she doesn't know how she is moving on, that she herself, just couldn't do it. Hance writes,
            "Never had admiration been so misplaced. She saw me as some hard-shelled other who had been chosen for tragedy because I could cope with it. But I was just another mom, exactly like her. I didn't want to go on. I still thought of killing myself every day... I had no maps or guideposts. Nobody had written a book I could read on how to behave. I was simply an ordinary woman thrust into a situation far outside what any of us expect or imagine. You are me, I wanted to tell her. I am you. This could happen to any of us"
It. Could. Happen. To. Any. Of. Us. 
I'm only half way through the book, but it is extraordinary. This woman's account and story has been an inspiration to me. She writes a lot of her friends and family and community that rallied around her and her husband, she talks of fond memories of her children, of keeping their spirit alive, and moving forward after unspeakable tragedy.
tragedy strikes so randomly. if this book has inspired me to do anything, it's to bear a better record of my own kiddos and this season of life. i so often forget to write down the fun stuff, the little day to day happenings, the silly arguments between brothers, the way nash gets excited to see a bird or squirrel on our back porch or the way he talks back to mickey mouse while watching the show, the way triston kisses nash on the cheek as soon as he gets in the car from school and asks how his day was, jackson's silliness (and how cute it is right now that he wants to grow his hair out - even though it is driving me nuts!) and things like how bryce will change into pajamas as soon as we get home from anywhere. this story reminds me not to take time for granted and to stop complaining when we have to go to baseball for the 4th or 5th time in a week. it's time spent with the kids doing something they enjoy.
and the sense of community and compassion from friends and strangers alike! amazing.
read this. you will not be disappointed.
hance family foundation found here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The BEST Chicken Salad

So, I turned 30 last Saturday and it was pretty awesome. Travis planned a surprise party with our family and everything was just great, including the menu that he picked out all by himself!

He grilled big thick chicken breasts that turned out amazing. We had quite a bit left over and this is what I did with them: I thinly sliced them and put them in a bowl. Next up, finely chopped celery, apple, & onion; into the bowl. Next, add a big handful of halved grapes. Liberally salt & pepper everything in the bowl and add just a sprinkle of celery seed. Use enough mayo to coat and toss until well blended. There are no rules here, no recipe to follow. Just add enough of each ingredient that you will eat. I suppose if you are having a big party you'll need specifics, so good luck with that. Let me know what you find out! :) But seriously, sometimes cooking is like art and you just have to go with it. And well, you're creating the art of chicken salad!

Side note: This will be the best chicken salad you have ever eaten so get excited! Serve on bread or with crackers, a croissant, or just eat it right out if the bowl. The secret here is making sure you use good grilled chicken and for the love of all things good in this world, add an ice cold coke to this meal. It's just delicious.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


The title is completely appropriate since my life has pretty much gone nuts since last Saturday. We're talking going from getting up early every morning and working out, reading scriptures, and getting a good start to the day TO being dragged out of bed by my kids at the last possible minute to still eat breakfast and get ready for school in time. We're talking almost being late to church last Sunday when I had to give a talk AND then yesterday RUNNING A WHOLE HOUR BEHIND the entire day and then realizing at 2 (when I thought it was 1) that I had to pick my kids up from school in 40 minutes and I had just walked into Walmart. Ugh. And also just bring tired throughout the day and in a weak moment ( which ALWAYS happens when I'm tired) drinking a cherry coke and eating two brownies. So pretty much, day light savings time is ruining my life.

Since this post is so crappy & negative, I will post a recent picture of the most wonderful place on earth. Not really, it's just a grocery store in the city. One that I can't afford to shop at, so I took a picture instead. Wow. I totally made this post even crappier just then! Ahh, well. Enjoy the pic anyway! ;)

Friday, March 1, 2013

March you.

Even though it snowed and rained ice pellets today, I still took down all my winter-ness in and out of the house. its sort of a tradition for march 1st. Gone are all the snowmen and evergreens, the bright red berry wreath on my front door, and my silver & white ornaments sitting in apothecary jars. And that is fine with me, because in less than 4 weeks it will be half-way warm out and the trees will start blooming. My favorite time of year! I even got all crafty and painted the kid's table - which was much needed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a stinker.

Oh, this boy. I took my 2 littles to the doc to get caught up on some immunizations, with the promise of a milk shake if all went well. I mean, really, the promise was just for Bryce because what's worse than seeing a tiny babe crying over shots is seeing a 5 year old boy freaking out over shots. But, he was cool. No tears at all, which is a first for the clowers boys.

But the little one - man, he's funny. After carefully picking out his prize at the dr. office ( a plastic turtle) he was hell bent on walking out of that place on his own. Which, fine whatever, but once we got out to the parking lot, I needed either his hand or his body to pick up and he wouldn't comply with either option. Like, he threw a fit the size of Texas and people were staring. So I picked him up and strapped that crazy in his car seat, screams, tears, kicks, and all.

Next stop was for the milk shake. I figured Nash and I could share so I ordered one for Bryce and one for me/Nash. Except Nash wasn't having any of it. Now, i was driving so this was only going to work if he was willingly handing me the milkshake when i reached back for it while stopped at red lights. The little stinker wouldn't hand it over at all: every time I asked for it, he would say, NO!, and hold it farther away from me. And his little sweet face was so serious. Really, it was just adorable and hilarious. So, obviously, I just let him have as much as he wanted- which was all of it.

And then he and Bryce both fell asleep. And it was quiet for 30 minutes while I drove home, so I did the only thing every mom does who is basically alone: turn up the tunes and sing loud.

Monday, February 25, 2013

mobile blogging

I just recently moved into the 21st century with a smartphone. I sent my husband to get a go phone and he came back with an iPhone! I was pretty shocked...and for those who know me personally know why: I hate cell phones or just being on the phone period and I am constantly leaving it in an unknown location OR I forget to charge it. ...but who knew iPhones were so fun! I downloaded the blogger app and am trying it out. I had to take a milestone pic of Triston's first poster project at school. I've been waiting forever for the fun projects to start! he chose red eyed tree frogs. It turned super cute and we learned some pretty cool facts!

iPhone Dump 2019

In January, boys 7th grade took home conference championship Disney on Ice with Emma  Pretty meager winter, we...